Month: May 2017

New device might be the key to perpetual drinking water

A Chilean engineer might have just created a device that could provide millions with access to a never-ending supply of clean drinking water The device is called FreshWater and basically resembles a plywood drinking fountain. However, instead of drawing water from a reservoir, it actually uses an air flow to create its own small rain clouds that can then produce pure and drinkable water. The device was created by inventor Hector Pino, who was inspired to find a new way to produce drinking water by his daughter’s illness. She suffered from a rare condition that made her kidneys particularly...

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A Writers Guild strike is looking more and more likely

The Writers Guild of America has recently reached an impasse with major studios, and have until May 1 to figure things out. The main issues on the table are higher minimum wages and improved health care access. Many will probably remember the original writers strike that hit in 2007-2008, which was instigated largely be online content rights. It put a massive damper on a year’s worth of television, most notably reducing the first season of breaking bad to seven episodes. Much of the push for a new strike comes from the growing trend in Hollywood to reduce the number...

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Welcome to Current Artisan

Hi, welcome to our site. First off, let’s say a few things about who we are. Current Artisan is a site aimed at covering the latest and greatest talents producing innovative work for prolific brands across numerous industries. From musicians, to filmmakers, to fashion designers, nothing and no one is off the table, so long as they’re making something incredible with their craft. Right now our website is off to a soft launch, but expect great things from our incredibly talented staff. WHO ARE WE? Catherine Amartin My name is Catherine Amartin, and I’m an experienced artist and production designer. I created Current Artisan, because I spent far too long watching my colleagues move from project to project, functioning more like common contractors, than experienced craft-persons. The mission statement of our site is to talk to people honestly about what they do, and understand what motivates them to pursue their life’s passion.  I believe that by giving people the attention they truly deserve, we can revolutionize the way craftspeople do their job, allowing them to know their struggles won’t go unsung. Sherife Lindi My name is Sherife, and even though I was born in Lebanon, I recently came to America to study journalism, and further my passion for writing about art. I’m very excited to have been brought on by Catherine as the head-writer for Current Artisan. Currently, my...

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