Month: January 2018

Posthumous Prince Music On the Way

On Friday, those representing the estate of late pop legend Prince announced that previously unreleased material was being prepared to be released. It is rumored that when Prince died in April of 2016, he left behind hundreds of nearly or partially-finished tracks that had never been heard by the public. Speaking with Variety, Prince’s estate advisor Troy Carter was quoted as stating, “I heard some music the other night that was pretty mind-blowing and we’re getting some stuff mixed right now.” While the proclamation of the news sent a shockwave of excitement through Prince fans worldwide, Carter was unable...

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Making it in the Music Scene in 2018

Successful musicians in the new millennium aren’t just multitaskers by coincidence – they are multitaskers out of necessity. Seldom has an industry been so unorganized yet potentially lucrative, so subjective yet competitive as is the music business. Technical producing skills that were once reserved for music engineers using large analog equipment have now been taken up by the musicians themselves as recording software like ProTools and Logic progressively have become cheaper and more effective. Falling album sales since the 90s have made record labels more hesitant to invest money towards heavily advertising signed artists, consequently putting more of the...

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“Zeppelin I” Approaches 50 Years

This week 49 years ago, a ragtag foursome hailing of the outskirts of London released their first album, Led Zeppelin, in the UK with limited expectations.  Completely unknown to anyone in the US, Led Zeppelin chose its name based on an early critic review in which the author ripped the band apart, claiming they would go as far as a “lead zeppelin.”   Obviously this early review, along with negative reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine, proved to be completely unaligned with youth sentiment across the globe.  Thus far Led Zeppelin has been certified 8x platinum, selling...

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Sticking to the Script: Composing Film Scores with Kanako Hashiyama

A seasoned film and performance composer on the international stage, Kanako Hashiyama knows how to translate emotion with audiences of all cultures through the power of music. Through her ability to create versatile and engaging textures, Kanako has struck a chord in the ears of listeners from China to the United States.  We had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of this accomplished composer, asking Kanako about her past achievements and techniques in the studio. ——– Does your approach to composing change whether you are composing for a live arrangement like the Tsukista Project versus an...

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Nick Saban’s Magic Rolls On

There were moments during Monday night’s College Football National Championship in which Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, for once, looked frustratingly human.  With the Georgia Bulldogs leading 13-0 at halftime and Alabama looking sluggish at best, it appeared that maybe the magic of Saban’s tenure as head coach had finally worn off. Then Saban did it again in historic fashion, by pulling one of the gutsiest, and seemingly craziest coaching moves in the history of the sport.  Coming back onto the field after halftime Saban boldly decided to replace seasoned quarterback Jalen Hurts, who holds a 25-2 record as...

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