Month: March 2018

Starbucks Unveils Design Contest with the Environment in Mind

Starbucks Inc., the international icon in coffee, announced the NextGen Cup Challenge on Tuesday in search of an environmentally conscious upgrade to the traditional paper cup. Starbucks puts the brightest minds to the test with a prize of $10 million and grants to fund the work of scientists and inventors.   The disposable cup industry is estimated at over $600 billion a year. Starbucks believes they represent at least one percent of this waste being sent to landfills. A press release from Starbucks asserted, “This is the first step in the development of a global end-to-end solution that would...

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Toys ‘R’ Us InToys ‘R’ Us Bankruptcy Unravels into Liquidation

Toys ‘R’ Us Inc., the famous toy retailer founded in 1948, announced Thursday it is liquidating the majority of U.S. stores after failing to find a buyer or reach a restructuring agreement with creditors. Employees and investors are shocked as the closure of a couple hundred stores has now multiplied to all 700 U.S. locations, barring a last-minute sell-off of the 200 highest performing stores with the Canadian branch of operations.   Six months ago, Toys ‘R’ Us CEO David Brandon laid out a plan to use Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure the nearly 5 billion in debt that...

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Facebook’s Data Breaches: Is the Storm Just Beginning?

Earlier this week following reports from The New York Times that social media platform Facebook had allowed a Trump analytics team to somehow infiltrate 50 million users data, the company’s stock began slipping into a freefall, bringing other social media stock from Twitter and Snapchat down with it. While Snap and Twitter were able to consequently assure stakeholders and distance themselves to regain footing in Wall Street, Facebook continues to be in hot-water.      Early reports estimate that the company lost nearly $60 billion in value due to the 6.7 percent decrease in share prices on Monday followed...

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Troubles Continue for Snapchat

It appears that Snap Inc, parent company of picture, video, and text messaging app Snapchat, can’t catch a break. Following a tumultuous 2017 which included the company going public, plummeting stock prices and product failures like the Spectacles sunglasses, Snap Inc actually reported better than expected earnings for last quarter, propelling share prices in February to the highest they have been since the company’s IPO. For a brief period, the future looked bright for Snapchat, and Wall Street seemed to agree.     Unfortunately for Snap, it now seems this optimism was too good to be true. On Wednesday,...

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Management and Data Metrics in a Globalized World

The business world in 2018 is one that is constantly evolving, moving faster, and increasingly globally connected. Yearly advancements in digital technology and in AI applications have become the norm, as companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible both in the home and in the workplace. For many of those in management and executive positions working in these ever growing technology and software sectors, the ‘nine-to-five’ job may still technically still exist, but in order to fully capitalize on as many opportunities as possible one must be ready to make important decisions...

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