Month: May 2018

Dance and Film: An Everlasting Marriage

Last weekend I had the pleasure of rewatching Footloose with my girlfriend (and don’t worry, it was the classic 1984 version). I had seen the movie a couple times when I was younger, but this time around the fusion of music, dance and carefully selected camera angles struck me as particularly mind-blowing. The seamless editing of the film highlights the most dynamic movements of Kevin Bacon and his co-starsat just the right moment, and in perfect sync with the nuances of the soundtrack. Perhaps it’s due to my hobby as a novice filmmaker, or my longtime passion for playing...

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Scientists Discover and Accidentally Improve Plastic-Eating Enzyme

An international team of scientists discovered the first plastic-eating enzyme, a naturally-evolved bacterium capable of breaking down plastic bottles, in a Japanese dump in mid-2016. A Japanese bug secretes this organism that is one of the only natural consumers of PET(polyethylene terephthalate), a plastic used to produce soft drink bottles. PET plastics currently account for 20 percent of total global plastic production and current recycling efforts only The international team of scientists conducted experiments on the bacterium from a Japanese bug; the enzyme was placed under the Diamond Light Source near Oxford, UK, a X-Ray 10 billion times stronger...

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Thousands of People in Sweden Embed Microchips Under Skin

Over 3,000 Swedish people are embracing the “biohacking” movement on an extremely personal level. Users are experimenting with implanted microchips which further integrate wearable technology that aims to simplify and interconnect their life. Participants in Sweden can use the microchips to enter their homes, businesses, gyms, and more by using the embedded technology instead of carrying key cards. The rise of biohacking, the modification of the human body with technology, is constantly growing in popularity as more people are converted to wearable tech. Wearable technology includes products such as the FitBit and Apple Watch, which inevitably inform and entice...

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Crafting Immersive Storytelling: an interview with Laura Franco

The film industry in Los Angeles, and Hollywood specifically, is like a form of creative mecca/nightclub. Imagine hundreds if not thousands waiting in line, from screenwriters to actors to directors, all having worked relentlessly in perfecting their craft up to that point. Getting in can be difficult, as the bouncer is notoriously stubborn, but the opportunity for exposure and collaboration increases exponentially once inside. One such creative talent who has navigated the line into this tight-knit club is filmmaker Laura Franco. In addition to being recognized for her solo work as a writer and director by the Academy of...

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More Than Just a Session Player

For those Americans who went to college, freshman year is the first time they experience a taste of prolonged freedom away from their families and set off on the path to full-fledged adulthood (and possibly, ill-advised drinking escapades). The depth of education, the social mecca that is the dormitory, and of course, college sporting events are all commonly discussed ingredients of a freshman experience. For myself (and probably a lot of fellow freshies), freshman year was also marked by something rather unique to the time period – the ability to, for the first time, stream endless hours of television...

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