Month: June 2018

A Lot to Process: Talking With Nav Kesher, Maverick Data Scientist

In a world of constantly evolving technology and extensive research into the capabilities of artificial intelligence, businesses have been steadily recognizing the importance of data.  “Data” seems to be a poorly defined term in the eyes of most consumers, . Look no further than major tech leaders fielding questions from journalists, or Congressmen regarding the exact details of how they absorb and share user data with other companies as well as with other users. There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to data. The umbrella of what data refers to and where it can be applied keeps growing...

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US Soccer: World Cup Woes Need to Motivate Moving Forward

In a stunning loss to Trinidad and Tobago, a country with less than one percent of the United States population, the U.S. was booted from the 2018 qualifications for the FIFA World Cup. Many Americans are feeling discouraged from watching the World Cup in general because of a ‘take our ball and go home’ mentality. I am an avid soccer fan and I think that the United States failing to qualify for the first time in almost 30 years acts as a wake up call that we can’t expect to compete with our team just phoning it in. Other...

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E3 Recap: Microsoft Steals the Show

I spent way too much time following this year’s E3 and was shocked by the outstanding performance of Microsoft and the Xbox One platform. The firm announced several new features in addition to blockbuster trailers like “Halo Infinity” that they expect will differentiate them from their competitors. Xbox One sales are sluggish with just over 39 million units sold to date and the Xbox One has fallen far behind Sony production of the Playstation 4. Sony has sold more than 76 million units of the Playstation 4 up to this point, almost doubling Microsoft. The massive differential between Sony...

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Is Hyperloop the Next Generation of High-Speed Travel?

Several high-tech engineering firms are racing to develop the hyperloop, a pod that transports passengers at speeds as high as 700 miles per hour. First thought up by Elon Musk in an hairbrained vision back in 2013, the prospect of a breakthrough in high-speed transportation is becoming more possible everyday. The hyperloop is an ingenious system of pressurized tubes that rocket a pod through an enclosed system, allowing for ground travel to finally begin catching up with the speeds of air travel. The possibilities are endless in the United States and abroad for a technology that could make getting...

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Introducing the Robot Chefs of the Future

A team of scientists and chefs have developed robots capable of preparing full meals to reduce the price tag of going out to eat and reducing the number of employees needed to run a restaurant. Spyce, a Boston-based startup pioneered by a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates, has developed several robots to man their grain bowl restaurant. As a lover of trying new (and sometimes not so great) places to eat, was so excited to hear about a way to reduce the prices of going out to eat. It is hard to enjoy a meal out when...

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