Month: August 2018

Esports Shooting Raises Concerns for the Future of Competitive Gaming

The recent mass shooting at a ‘Madden 19’ esports competition at a Jacksonville, Florida bar left three people dead and eleven more wounded. The most glaring issue in the wake of the shooting is the general lack of security for the event. Organizers apparently assumed strict security measures were not required for the small event. Now, the entire esports industry is reviewing its methods and how to better protect competitors and huge numbers of fans. Ticket sales for esports in 2017 came in at an estimated $184 million, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. These public events have become increasingly popular among...

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Review: Mitski Tackles Heavy-Hitting Worries in ‘Be The Cowboy’

Indie rocker Mitski’s newest release, ‘Be The Cowboy,’ features her typical scope of tender ballads and easygoing pop tracks. But if her last album, ‘Puberty 2,’ spoke to a prevailing sense of youth and emotional immaturity, ‘Cowboy’ discusses the post-puberty time, a time of aging, anxiety, and feeling much, much older. Tracks like ‘Two Slow Dancers’ and ‘Old Friend’ include repeated references to age, both actual and perceived age, and the nostalgic appeal of thinking back to school dances and the relative simplicity of middle-school romance. ‘Me and My Husband’ looks forward to an idyllic future, one that just...

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Melania Headed to Africa

Melania Trump has recently been on a press tour in support of Her ‘Be Best’ campaign, which is meant to serve as an anti-bullying effort with a special focus on combating bullying on the internet. On the same day as one of her events in Maryland, her office announced to the press that Melania would be taking a trip to Africa, without the President. Journalists have noted that the announcement came on the same day that President Trump engaged in one of his signature Twitter ranting sprees, criticizing many government officials and condemning the ongoing probe into collusion with...

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Cryptocurrencies Baffle Experts, Leave Casual Investors Behind

At this time just last year, cryptocurrencies were all the rage. Bitcoin was the only one to become a household name, but a huge number of alternative currencies were cropping up all over. Blockchain investing got its start and attracted established business-people who sunk serious investments into such companies, hoping to capitalize on rapid growth. The boom also attracted more casual investors, mostly young adults with a little bit of disposable income, all wanting to mimic the kinds of success stories they’d heard on news channels or from coworkers. Now, many of those investors are suffering serious losses. An...

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Fortnite Expands for All Android Users, Ups Prize Money

Epic Games’ smash hit multiplayer video game Fortnite was recently released on mobile Android devices after previously only being available on Samsung phones. Until recently, Fortnite was only available for play via traditional consoles. The game has experienced massive success both in the U.S. and abroad. It is based around a simple premise: you and other players work to build a fort and defend it from a variety of monsters. Due to popular demand, Epic Games announced that they would release a mobile version of the shooter for smartphones. Initially, Fortnite Mobile was offered to all Apple IOS users...

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