Month: September 2018

Comcast Buys Broadcast Network, Sky

U.S.-based entertainment and communications corporation Comcast has purchased European entertainment company Sky, for a reported purchase price of $39 billion. The other major contender in the bidding war for Sky was Disney. Both Disney and Comcast have spent the last few years determined to purchase as much of the entertainment world as they possibly can. Disney’s recent purchase of a controlling portion of 21st Century Fox left Comcast dangerously close to falling out of the race for control of the future of entertainment. Now, industry analysts are proposing that Comcast’s purchase of Sky keeps those interests safe, at least...

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‘Mandy’ Lets Nic Cage Off His Chain

Nicolas Cage is an integral part of 21st-century entertainment. His work prior to the new millennium was fascinating, to be sure, but the early 2000s in particular are a showcase of a desperate man acting his way out of crippling debt. His purchases of more than half a dozen exotic homes, an island, dinosaur fossils, and one of the most eclectic wardrobes in Hollywood have kept Cage in a constant pursuit of work, and thanks to his recognizability and superbly entertaining acting style, he’s been able to stay off the streets. The effect this has had on the entertainment...

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Somehow, the Comedy of Ernst Lubitsch Stays Fresh

Ernst Lubitsch was born unto an incredibly German name, in Germany, at the tail-end of the 19th century. He wound up being one of the most prolific and versatile directors of early Hollywood. He tends to be remembered for movies like ‘To Be or Not to Be’ and ‘Design For Living,’ and these do hold up as great works of cinema. But it was in an unremembered film of his titled ‘Heaven Can Wait’ that best proves his lasting relevance. It’s the story of a man, now dead, showing up to Hell to be taken in. He tells Satan...

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Opinion: It’s Time for Another ‘Hamilton’

2015 now seems a distant memory. To paraphrase comedian John Mulaney, any time prior to the 2016 election now feels, in retrospect, like one big, wild party with no responsibilities or consequences. Like other great works of art, ‘Hamilton’ was able to anticipate this coming state of national fragility. It was based around what sounded like a painfully cheesy pitch. Oh, it’s about Alexander Hamilton? And there’s rapping, alongside traditional musical theater showstoppers? Cool. There’s the famous video clip from Lin-Manuel Miranda, of his performance of an early version of the opening song from ‘Hamilton’ in the Obama White...

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Making Food Her Business: Camilla Tinoco’s Journey from Billing to Baking

I don’t have to say much about the universality of food. We all love eating, and as of the last 15 years or so, we’ve all fallen in love with watching people make good food. Chefs have stepped into the spotlight, spurring the rise of ‘foodie’ culture, which is now synonymous with Instagramming every meal prior to eating, and following the moves of top cooks through different restaurants and projects. And for as many recipes and cooking guides we tend to look up online when we’re feeling ambitious, we rarely follow-through and fulfill the promise of actually getting good...

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