I’ll start by saying that I don’t really see the appeal. He’s very handsome, and sure, that’s pretty much 90% of what you need to be a successful actor in Hollywood, but anything beyond that is debatable for me.

The handsome-actor-turned-director is a common turn in the entertainment industry. We had Clooney try to get in the game with flops like ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,’ and John Krasinski’s Dad-porn waste of time, ‘A Quiet Place.’ So ‘A Star is Born’ is no surprise, nor is the tiring slew of press coverage that somehow convinces readers that Cooper is sooo much more than an actor these days, that he’s just been waiting in the wings to show off his tremendous genius.

And my malaise is not helped along by the fact that Lady Gaga has spent her post-music career trying to be seen as an ‘artiste’ rather than as just another manufactured pop star.

‘A Star is Born’ is fine. That’s the truth of it. I’m more worried by the fact that no one seems to care that it’s yet another remake, another reminder that Hollywood is morally opposed to new ideas and new talent. So maybe we should change the film’s title to something more accurate: ‘A Star is Born and 15 Years Later We Still Have to Watch Them Churn Out Bullshit.’