Month: November 2018

Review: ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’

As it turns out, modern audiences want lore, and they want it in spades. It seems fitting then that Warner Bros. would try to prolong the life of their cash cow Harry Potter franchise with a series of sort-of prequels that don’t exactly attempt to expand the world and lore of the HP world, but rather shed light on areas that fans might find interesting. More lore equals a larger, more dedicated fandom, right? In this case, not really. Disney tried to pull the same trick with Star Wars, and has nearly killed off the franchise in the process....

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Apple Fending Off Antitrust Claims in Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case Apple v. Pepper, an antitrust suit placed against the company by a small group of individuals described only as iPhone owners. The lawsuit claims that Apple has created a virtual monopoly around the selling of apps, since they are the largest distributor of apps and take a 30% cut of app sales. Apple’s opponents argue that this eliminates or greatly diminished the possibility for competition and deprives developers of profits they rightfully deserve. Apple argues that their platform offers the largest app audience in the world, and that as...

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What Makes a Good Christmas Movie?

If you know the answer to this question, please tell the execs over at Hallmark. I can’t quite take anymore of their [Word] Christmas [Word] movies. But all my complaining about that style of production-line cookie-cutter movies has also intensified this question in my brain. What exactly do I think is a good Christmas movie? A few titles comes to mind. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ ‘Die Hard,’ ‘White Christmas.’ And for each of these it’s impossible to overestimate the effect of nostalgia, but it goes well beyond that. These are all movies that can stand on their own. I...

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Amazon’s Fire TV Recast is a Bold Move in Streaming

We all know by now that the land of streaming is a jungle of vicious competition from which no one is safe, not even you, Netflix. But while many streaming services are focusing on becoming the exclusive provider of certain shows and networks, Amazon’s Fire TV Recast takes a different approach. Amazon’s Fire line is now an entire ecosystem, which now includes the Fire TV Stick 4K, designed to offer high-quality streaming on TVs that don’t already get the job done. And the Fire TV Recast is a more expensive and slightly less exciting addition to that ecosystem, but...

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Samsung Leads Race to Foldable Phones

At a recent press event, tech giant and smartphone manufacturer Samsung demonstrated a combination smartphone/tablet screen that folds to create two different screen sizes. The screen is named the Infinity Flex Display. Samsung has said that the screen will be used with a new smartphone model scheduled for release sometime in 2019.   Samsung is far from the only company that has been developing a foldable device screen, but they were the first to show a prototype of such a screen. And while it does offer two different options for screen size, the prototype device was also very thick...

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