We all know by now that the land of streaming is a jungle of vicious competition from which no one is safe, not even you, Netflix. But while many streaming services are focusing on becoming the exclusive provider of certain shows and networks, Amazon’s Fire TV Recast takes a different approach.

Amazon’s Fire line is now an entire ecosystem, which now includes the Fire TV Stick 4K, designed to offer high-quality streaming on TVs that don’t already get the job done. And the Fire TV Recast is a more expensive and slightly less exciting addition to that ecosystem, but it still represents a crucial move for the benefit of Amazon streaming as a whole.

The Recast gives access to major networks like CBS, ABC, and Fox, but with the option to watch from just about anywhere, not just where you have a cable connection and full home theater setup. It also provides the option to record shows to DVR.

Instead of locking down the individual shows offered by each network, Amazon is offering subscriptions to those networks and shows via Prime streaming. It’s an attempt to make Amazon Prime streaming a one-stop shop for almost any show you could ever want. And of course the Recast brings with it integration with the popular Alexa assistant, who can control the system via voice commands.