Current Artisan gives a voice to the creators that often go unheard. Our interests span entertainment, art, and science & technology. What’s most important, is finding the person at the heart of each story, working tirelessly to make their creative dreams a reality.

Who Are We?

Erica Tuttle

Erica Tuttle is an experienced writer and artist. After a period of time as an editor at the short-lived Fixativer, she decided to fully utilize her talents by creating her own site. Now, as editor-in-chief of Current Artisan, her mission is to talk to people honestly about what they do and understand what motivates them to pursue their life’s passion. She believes that by giving people the attention they truly deserve, she can revolutionize the way craftspeople do their job and ensure that their struggles won’t go unsung.

Sherife Lindi

Sherife may be short, but give him a keyboard and the necessary five cups of coffee, and he becomes a writing machine. In his five years of experience, he’s covered tech, entertainment, and social issues. Ever since his days writing for his high school newspaper, he’s had a particular knack for interviewing innovators and digging to heart of what they do. He’s also a hardcore Game of Thrones geek with a hard drive’s worth of fan fiction.

Catherine Lazetto

Catherine LazettoCatherine is both the resident tech expert, and the resident techie. She recently graduated from California State University, where she majored in computer science, and minored in music. She likes writing about people who make the world a better place, and getting a chance to force someone to listen to her new favorite playlist.

Current Artisan is committed to providing an in-depth look at the intersection between the arts and everyday life. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to examine their own lives through the lens of artistic work. Our detailed articles make use of expert analysis and insights to give you varied perspectives on the beauty to be found in many different aspects of the contemporary world.