Author: Catherine Amartin

Victor Singer Chats About Rocking The Drums Around The Globe

Since coming to the United States to study at the Berklee College of Music, Victor Singer has played across the country, touring with bands like the grammy-winning rock act Blues Traveler, and giving solo performances for world-famous musicians like John 5 and Thomas Lang. I caught up with Victor, to chat about his music, and his experiences across the world. Can you remember the first song you ever mastered on the drums? Probably “Killing In The Name Of”, by Rage Against The Machine. It was not perfect, of course, but I remember that was one of the first I...

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Emergency Global Seed Vault Deemed Safe After Flooding

One of Humanity’s fail-safe measures for the future is the Global Seed Vault, a storage room on the frozen island of Spitsbergen. This island is located in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, in the high Arctic. The vault was created in 2007 through collaboration with nonprofits and the Norwegian government to store genetic variants of staple food crops. They are saved here to be distributed in the event of an agricultural calamity/plant species extinction. Svalbard was designated as the location not only because it is remote and protected, but because soil permafrost provides a constant source of refrigeration, requiring...

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Behind the Lens of Rock Photographer Melanie Escombe

The birth of rock’n’roll during the mid-20th century forever revolutionized the way we think about music, building the foundation for nearly all the modern pop hits we appreciate. However, as the genre’s pioneers continue to enter their older years, a new generation of artists will be essential to keep the youthful spirit of rock alive and healthy.   One of those artists is Melanie Escombe, a live music photographer from London, England. She has made a career out of documenting some of the world’s biggest acts. Recently, she moved to one of America’s rock’n’roll epicenters: Los Angeles, where her work...

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