Author: Sherife Lindi

The Working Mind of a Screenwriter: A Conversation with Conor Walsh

The art of screenwriting is often enigmatic; inspiration can come from anywhere, and there are countless paths writers can take to master their craft. Behind every great film we find a childhood memory, hometown, or recurring observation that inspired the original script. We recently interviewed award-winning screenwriter Conor Walsh to learn what drives his passion for the visual storytelling medium. Hailing from Manchester, UK, Walsh’s work has been recognized internationally, including Cannes Film Festival (2016), LA’s Sunset Film Festival (2013), and Williamsburg Intl. Film Festival (2013). He also worked with Bedlam Studios, an organization behind the production of 2011...

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Fixing The Future By Connecting It; a conversation with Sourav Sahay

The future is almost certainly going to be a connected one, with everything from phones, to cars, to refrigerators constantly sharing information in order to optimize their performance. We had an opportunity to chat with writer and programmer Sourav Sahay about his upcoming book IoT: From Basics to Advanced Concepts. Sourav has previously taught coding and written a college level book on C++. He’s also done extensive work with numerous states’ justice departments, in order to help make their bail systems more fair and efficient. We had a chat about his extensive knowledge on the subject of IoT, and...

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From Singapore to Hollywood; get to know Avimen Bala, and the impact he’s making on the film scene

Don’t even get me started on Donald Trump. He may have won the presidency, but he hasn’t won me over at all. One of the reasons for my dissent towards the current administration is that Trump, despite all his talk for a great America, doesn’t realize that some of the greatest talent in America actually comes from outside our borders. To find an example, look no further than Avimen Bala, a talented filmmaker by way of Singapore. Though he’s only 25, Avi has credits on numerous films, in capacities ranging from choreographer to co-director to editor. I got in...

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