Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious person, or someone seeking inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle, documentaries can be a great source of both information and motivation. In recent years, they’ve become a popular medium for exploring challenging subjects in-depth, inviting audiences to think, to discuss, and most importantly, to change. This blog post will delve into the fascinating world of healthy living documentaries. We’re not just focusing on fitness or diet; these feature films explore mindset, environment, diet, exercise, and the holistic view of what it means to truly live healthily. Dive in, perchance to learn something new and become inspired to make positive changes in your life.

Over Knives’: Discussing how the documentary exposes the effects of processed foods and benefits of a plant-based diet, and sharing reviews.

best healthy living documentaries

‘Over Knives’ delves into the damaging effects of processed foods on our bodies, urging viewers to consider a plant-based diet. The documentary exposes a stark contrast between disease-ridden societies addicted to processed foods and those thriving on plant-based diets.

According to critics, ‘Over Knives’ isn’t just informative — it’s transformative. The documentary’s detailed scientific evidence, paired with moving personal testimonies, connects deeply with the audience and inspires many to reevaluate their diets.

However, some critics believe it pushes an extreme stance too far, pointing out that not everyone can or should transition to an entirely plant-based diet.

Regardless of debates, ‘Over Knives’ undeniably succeeds in spotlighting the ill effects of processed foods and has sparked critical conversations about diet and health.

Sick and Nearly Dead’: Detailing the journey of the main character’s battle with illness and obesity by switching to a juice diet and promoting health education.

best healthy living documentaries

The documentary ‘Sick and Nearly Dead’ follows the intimate journey of the main character, who was grappling with severe obesity and an impending health crisis. This film details his remarkable attempt to regain control and reinvent his life by adopting a nutrient-dense, juice-only diet.

The transformation he undergoes is nothing short of awe-inspiring – the health improvements; the melting away of excess weight; the revival of his zest for life.

A core focus of the documentary is health education, prompting viewers to question their own dietary habits and their relationship with food. It shines a light on the critical importance of nutrition and the profound impact it can have on our bodies and our lives.

‘Hence, ‘Sick and Nearly Dead’ is not just a documentary – it serves as a wake-up call, a fervent plea inviting everyone to prioritize health and wellness.

Inc.’: Explaining how the film shows the food industry’s impacts on health, environment and economy.

best healthy living documentaries

‘Inc.’ takes a deep dive into the complex world of the food industry, presenting a stark depiction of its profound impacts on health, environment, and economy.

Utilizing factual narratives and compelling testimonies, the film sheds light on our current agricultural practices. It uncovers links between diet-related diseases and processed foods, exposing a health crisis fuelled by corporate profit-making.

It doesn’t stop at health. ‘Inc.’ further outlines the environmental effects of industrial farming practices, highlighting the rampant waste and pollution that threatens our planet.

Lastly, it addresses economic factors, illustrating how these corporations monopolize the marketplace, affecting local economies and small-scale farmers.

In conclusion, ‘Inc.’ provides a powerful examination of the food industry’s detrimental influences on various facets of our lives. It prompts us to reconsider our choices, in favor of more sustainable and healthy alternatives.

Up’: Highlighting the harmful effects of sugar on health and society through this documentary.

best healthy living documentaries

‘Up’ takes viewers on an enlightening journey, exposing the bitter truth about sugar. This compelling documentary vividly illustrates the devastating effects of sugar on our health, society and the growing obesity epidemic.

Taking a hard stance against sugar consumption, ‘Up’ elucidates how hidden sugar in our everyday diet contributes significantly to numerous health-related problems. From obesity to heart disease and diabetes, the film underscores the gravity of the situation.

Additionally, the documentary doesn’t shy away from unraveling the shocking influence of the sugar industry. It sheds light on the manipulative marketing strategies used by the industry to persuade consumers, especially targeting children.

‘Up’ urges you to confront the harsh reality and encourages better dietary choices. By revealing the hidden sugar industry secrets, ‘Up’ serves as a catalyst for change in our attitudes towards sugar consumption.

If you’re interested in promoting a healthier, sugar-free lifestyle, this documentary is an eye-opener.

Game Changers’: Sharing how this documentary explores the impact of a plant-based diet on athletic performance.

best healthy living documentaries

“The Game Changers” is a masterpiece that fundamentally alters your perception of dietary matters, specifically about plant-based diets.

This documentary embeds itself in the world of athletics, exploring how a vegetarian diet influences athletic performance, a concept contrary to the prevalent belief system. The documentary showcases plant-powered athletes who prove that great strength and peak performance can be achieved without meat-based protein sources.

The interviews with experts in the field, supplemented by compelling factual evidence, raises the argument a notch higher – helping viewers consider the truth behind the potential of plant-based diets.

The Game Changers, in its essence, reshapes the narrative around food, fitness, and the demand for protein in sports. It is an eye-opener that inspires reevaluation of your dietary choices and their impact on not only physical fitness but also overall wellbeing.

Size Me’: Discussing the drastic changes in the filmmaker’s body after consuming only fast food for a month to illustrate the dangers of unhealthy eating.

best healthy living documentaries

‘Size Me’ is an eye-opening exploration into the realm of fast food and it’s devastating effects on our health. After participating in an experiment where he exclusively consumed fast food for an entire month, the filmmaker saw drastic changes in his body. This wasn’t a simple case of weight gain – it was far graver.

His cholesterol skyrocketed, he became lethargic, his liver was damaged, and his well-being plummeted – all in just 30 days. It goes to show how deeply our dietary choices affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

‘Size Me’ serves as a stark visual reminder, convincingly illustrating the inherent dangers of a fast food diet. The film ends with the filmmaker returning to a balanced diet, but the impact of his journey continues to resonate, encouraging us to reevaluate our own eating habits.

Defense of Food’: Focusing on the main advices of the film such as “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”.

best healthy living documentaries

In Defense of Food, an eye-opening documentary, aims to demystify the complexities of food science and nutrition labels, urging a return to simpler, healthier eating habits.

Its key advice, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” underlines the importance of consuming real, wholesome food rather than processed items. Additionally, this mantra advocates for moderation and a predominantly plant-based diet.

More than a mere dietary guideline, it encourages a greater appreciation for the value and enjoyment of food. Besides, it emphasizes on mindful eating instead of mindless consumption, urging us to pay attention to the quality and quantity of what we take in.

Offering an innovative take on health and wellness, Defense of Food invites us all to reclaim our kitchens and our well-being.

Sugar Film’: Describing how the film showcases the impact of a high-sugar diet on a healthy body.

best healthy living documentaries

In the intriguing documentary ‘Sugar Film,’ viewers gain valuable insight into the damaging impact of a high-sugar diet on a healthy body. The film’s protagonist, Damon Gameau, embarks on an experiment wherein he consumes the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar daily, mirroring the average Australian intake.

Despite choosing ‘healthy’ foods to meet his sugar quota, surprising body changes soon materialize. Gameau’s shocking physical and mental transformation delivers a stark warning against underestimating the destructive potential of sugar, even in foods marketed as ‘healthy.’

This compelling exploration leaves viewers with an alarming realization of sugar’s omnipresence in our diets and its often-underrated impact on our overall health. ‘Sugar Film’ successfully feeds into the discourse surrounding mindful nutrition, urging us to question our dietary habits and make healthier choices.