This article will discuss the best jobs for work-life balance and share some best work-life balance jobs in different categories.

If you are into writing, perhaps you could take up writing freelance for online publications. This will help you to earn some additional income that will increase your paycheck.

For example, I write for Forbes. So I started by writing for one of their contributor newsletters for free for a year.

Since then, I’ve been getting paid on a freelance basis for writing. This has been tremendously helpful for my career.

So, you can start by writing for free if you do not have money, and in time, you will start to monetize your efforts.

If you are into business, entrepreneurship, or good at sales, then the ability to be present at the job is crucial. You need to have the ability to be focused and continue doing tasks even if you have a phone call on the go or you have to take a break.

Obviously, it is the ability to be present, but this is true for many other work-life balance jobs.

Air traffic control

Flexible hours. It gives you control and makes you not go crazy.

It’s awesome to take long hours on duty and then wake up to write about something that has nothing to do with air traffic control.

TeachingMan in suit jacket standing beside projector screen

Flexible hours, great for people with families. You can teach part-time.

Or work part-time, and teach part-time.


It’s all about great hours and great money.


You don’t have to work those long hours or many days. You can work two shifts per day.

You have time to do your personal stuff too. You also can have weekend days off.

Office manager

A super flexible job that you can do anywhere.


If you need a flexible job to support your family, then look for a lawyer. It’s better than working at a cafe or waiting tables.


You get to work out of your home. You can work out of your home and even work from home.

If your wife wants a divorce, you can write your bestselling memoirs while she kicks out on the living room floor.


It’s hard to work these days. You don’t have to work very long hours.

You get your tooth fixed when you want to, at a time of your own choosing. You will get paid well too.

Music teacher

Music is beautiful. You can work at home and play music for your kids.

You don’t have to drive around town for hours and hours.

Clergy/priestMan raising his right arm

Tons of flexibility. You can work as long as you want.

You don’t need a priest’s license to do so. You can do this work remotely.

Apartment manager

You can live in the city or the country. You don’t need a master’s degree to do it.

You need to work with computers.

Graphic designer/illustrator

Lots of freedom, creativity, and opportunity.

Message therapist

By improving the well-being of their clients, massage therapists can use the skills learned in vocational school to relieve their clients of pain, stiffness, and muscle aches. Message therapy is a well-paying field as well.

With the ability to either work for yourself freelance or professionally taking appointments by working at a spa or hotel, you can truly create your times of availability.


Opticians are medical professionals who ensure that their patients can maintain eye health by choosing the right eyeglasses and corrective lenses.

This presents the pay that comes with those in a similar field while also offering the flexibility and stress level of others in the retail industry. Similar to those in specialized fields of medicine and private practice, hours are almost always part-time.

Tour guideSerious diverse couple searching way on map

Using the skills and knowledge you have of a particular location, attraction or college can translate into a career as a tour guide. Tour guides escort guests around a particular location, explaining the significance and history of various aspects of the place and providing answers and guidance when needed.

Schedules as a tour guide ultimately depend on the industry you choose. Archeological and animal reserves depend a lot on the season; colleges have peak times during the summer, while other industries operate year-round.

Sales engineer

As a sales engineer, your job is to acquire enough knowledge of complex products and services to sell to companies shopping for their needs. This is a sales job, more complex and put in overdrive.

However, while it does come with the hours typical of other sales positions, you need to have an education in Engineering to get this high-paying job. Being a sales job, you can set your own hours, but the number of hours put in correlates to your make.


A diverse set of different elements defines the right job for work-life balance. So, remember, the right job for work-life balance is a combination of your skills and experience.

If you are interested in the best jobs for work-life balance; you can get in touch with the experts who will discuss with you in more detail the different aspects that make up the perfect job for work-life balance.