There’s a myth in our society that if one has only one talent in his/her life, he/she will achieve success easily in the field. That’s not true. It’s just an imagination.

But there are a lot of chances of becoming a successful film director. Let’s discuss them.

A person with ambition for the art

If you have a passion for writing, draw, sing, dance, or act, to name a few, don’t have any limitations of age, health, financial status, or career stage, you can write, draw, sing, dance, act and even direct a film or a commercial.

Acting, singing, dancing, or directing films or television shows will not be an easy task, of course, but the dream is never impossible.

Anyone can do a cameo role in a TV serial, make a short film and come out of it with his/her certificate. That’s an easy job and can be done with confidence.

But becoming a successful film director is a tough job.

As a film director, the person cannot make a film for pleasure. The film must be made for entertainment purposes.

It must also be brought out on a digital platform.

It can be a fiction or a non-fiction film, or even a hybrid or biopic.

It is even difficult to direct television serial, and that’s why they don’t ask for a documentary certificate from the censor board or certify it as fiction.

There are chances of being a good actor, but that’s just half of it. To be a good director, one must be ready to learn the craft of directing.

It takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to become a good film director.

It takes years to become a good director and a lot of commitment as well.

What are the most difficult parts of working as a film director?Film lights

To become a good film director, we need to think beyond our dreams and accept that no person is an actor or director in the true sense.

Even if he can become a good actor and film director, he/she will never be a real actor or a real director in his/her real life.

We cannot be good actors in real life, no matter how well we perform, and that’s the whole reason for the word ‘act’ as well.

And just because of this reason, no one can be a good director.

What’s the reason behind this real-life disconnect?man wearing white shirt taking photo

If you look inside your heart, you will find that there’s only one quality required to be a successful film director.

One needs a great and unique talent.

One needs to be a master at his/her art.

Even a baby has to be taught how to suckle. It’s not only his/her destiny. It’s also God’s will.

Everyone needs a foundation. Someone who has a brilliant talent, passion, and love for his/her art.

He/she needs to follow his/her dreams and hope for the best.

On the way to his/her goal, many difficulties, obstacles, and hardships will be there, but he/she will never stop.

Then, all obstacles will be worked out by him/her with his/her effort, persistence, and talent.

That’s how you can become a film director.

But to become a good film director, you need to be the best director inside yourself.

Many good directors are good in their real life, too, but they were successful in their film careers.

Good/master director’s defining attributes

So, we have discussed the most important prerequisite of becoming a successful film director.

But what are the attributes required by a good film director?

As said, the attributes required for a good film director are the following.

  • Great vision
  • A natural talent

The right combination of these attributes, and unique talent, can make you a great film director.

Let’s look at a few such qualities that are vital to becoming a great film director.

VisionGravação de Vídeo na província do Huambo.

A good director should have a great vision of cinema.

If the film looks like a still frame, and the actors and the other people in the film look like a still frame, then it is a cheap film, not worth watching.

The perfect way to look at a film is to see the frame from outside as if you are looking at a huge art piece, a painting.

Great vision is what makes an average film great and a bad film useless.

Ideas are born when you really experience the surroundings and see things from a different perspective.

A lot of writers lack vision because they have not faced any difficult situations in their real lives.

It’s easy to write a good screenplay, but writing a great film script is an art.

For example, film critic Pauline Kael said about Jerry Lewis’s films, that all his films are terrible.

She made a mistake by saying this.

To become a great filmmaker, you must make a lot of mistakes.

It would help if you looked stupid while making your films. Otherwise, your films will be terrible, not worth watching.

In fact, it’s only when you make a lot of mistakes that you will be able to create something new and unique.

A director has to face the public and handle and entertain them.

People will lose their patience if he/she looks unprofessional or incompetent.