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Exhibitions that you should see

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This month, The Art Room is hosting an exhibition called “Exhibition: Finding Your Inner Artist”. It will run from September 25 to October 30, 2018 at The Art Room in Bridgeport, CT.

The artists featured in this show have done something with art. Whether they are painters, sculptors, writers, or musicians, their work makes an impact on them and others. They all use some form of drawing, painting, or sculpture as their main medium, but what else they include in their work varies.

Some create music using instruments such as guitars, pianos, or drums; some write poems and stories; while some fashion or decorate things (sculpture). But no matter what genre they belong to, everyone has something unique about them.

All of these artists have one thing in common though – they know how to draw!

Drawing is a fundamental skill for anyone to have, and it can be practiced any number of ways. Some learn by copying pictures, whereas other people teach themselves through experimenting with different styles.

Top exhibitions of 2016

Many people have made lists of top art exhibits this year, but we decided to combine all these great shows into one list to save you some time! All of these artists’ work is worth your time and effort to experience directly. Check out our collection of top artistic achievements in America by visiting their websites, reading about them online, or attending one of their exhibits if possible.

These are not only incredible works of art, they all tell unique stories that connect with other stories in your life. Some offer messages that can be understood at different times for different reasons, while others may leave you thinking about what you believe in and how well you know yourself.

We recommend trying to visit during any season as each artist brings something new to the table. These pieces will always keep you engaged because there are so many things going on. They grow together over time, creating a narrative. Take some time to reflect on what you learn from each piece and add it to your own personal museum gallery.

Top exhibitions of 2015

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Many people enjoy going to museums for different reasons. Some go because they are curious about other cultures, art, or learning more about history. Others connect with an artwork or a specific artist and learn something new about them!

Some even find inspiration from what they see in the paintings and sculptures. The exhibits at this year’s exhibition were no exception to that. Here we will take a look at our top five most visited exhibitions this past spring and summer.

1. How To Make Art: Lessons In Creating And Destroying As Seen Through A Critical Lens

Location: National Museum of Contemporary Art (NMACA), Toronto Canada – May-June 2015

This exhibition was made just as its name suggests: An art enthusiast watches his or her favorite artists create their work and is then asked if they could do it too. This participant is then free to have fun destroying the piece, setting it ablaze, or feeding it into their own personal digestive system.

The audience member then has to decide whether to keep the pieces or not according to their values. All of these materials can be donated and paid for by the viewer so there is never any pressure to keep or throw out anything.

Overall, this exhibition inspired many participants to try their hand at creating their own works. People of all ages left feeling both creative and confident in their abilities.

The best museums in the world

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Most people agree that visiting a museum is an incredible way to spend your time. There are many different types of museums, with each one focused on exploring a specific topic or area.

Some focus more on art, others on natural history, while some have you reading books while studying about a certain era or event. A few even have you interacting with the items themselves! It does not matter what type of museum you go to, just pick one up and read their website to learn all about it.

There are several reasons why spending time at a museum is so great. First, they offer tours which give you insight into how the artists use materials and space to tell a story. Second, most contain a collection of artifacts or examples dedicated to telling the audience something about the place where the artwork was created. Third, almost every museum has interactive displays or technology like touch screens or apps where you can explore and find out more about the object.

Top museums in the U.S.

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Many people are familiar with some of America’s top art galleries, but what many don’t realize is that not all large cities have an adequate number of quality attractions within their boundaries.

Some may know about New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art or San Francisco’s de Young Museum, but there are actually eight other museum districts in major metropolitan areas across the country!

In fact, one could make an argument that these “museum neighborhoods” are more important to the health and success of a city than its traditional destination sites like the Louvre or the Prado.

These non-traditional museum venues play an integral role in the artistic growth and exploration of their region by offering programs such as hands-on arts experiences for young visitors, exhibits focused on underrepresented groups, and tours designed to connect local artists and cultures with those outside the area.

Furthermore, they bring new life to formerly run-down buildings that would otherwise be demolished to make way for expensive condo developments.

Top museums in France

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Museums in Paris are a wealth of knowledge. They offer endless inspiration, not only for art lovers but also to those who enjoy studying geography as you have to know where all the major attractions are before visiting them!

Some cities have too many tourists so they built large theme parks that feature rides or shows that are completely cost-effective (and sometimes free!) For example, the Louvre has an exhibition called “Masterpieces” which is quite popular with the public.

If you like modern art then the Orsay museum is ideal as it focuses almost entirely on works by Pablo Picasso. The Champs Elysées is home to both the Musée d’Orsay and the Grand Palais, two buildings that were designed at different times but share similar architectural features.

The Centre Georges Pompidou was opened to much fanfare back in 1977 and is considered one of the top five collections of modern art in the world. It boasts over 4 million visitors every year making it very successful.

There are several others across the country such as the Jeu de Paume in Paris, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, the Prado Museum in Spain, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York among others.

Top museums in Italy

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Many of Europe’s top art museums were built or renovated during the 19th century, when Europe was recovering from a period of artistic de-emphasis due to the Renaissance. During this time, artists such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and others produced works that inspired later generations.

Italy boasts some incredible museum collections, with many buildings designed to showcase specific styles or types of artwork. Some examples are The Prado Museum in Madrid, which features Spanish painting; The Louvre in Paris, which is rich in French art; and London’s Tate Modern, which showcases cutting edge designs and experimentation.

There are several reasons why Italian museums are so impressive. First, they often feature strong representation of a certain style or genre of art. For example, there are very few paintings by early modernists displayed at The Brera Art Gallery in Milan. Second, they sometimes focus on collecting one piece, instead of an extensive collection. This allows them to highlight individual pieces rather than wasted space on display!

However, most important is that many have excellent lighting. Certain colors and angles help bring out the true beauty of a work of art, and good lighting can make all the difference between looking great and looking dull.

Top museums in Germany

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Many of Europe’s top art galleries are free to visit, which is definitely not the case for most countries outside of Western Europe. However, there are still ways to enjoy great gallery experiences without spending money!

Most major museum collections have their own online exhibition platform where you can explore and read about all of the works in detail. Some even allow you to add them to your collection or make purchases from within the site.

This is especially helpful if you are interested in contemporary art as many modern artists produce their work in public view. The internet has made it possible to admire and study pieces freely, which is one of the main reasons why so much famous artwork exists today!

There are also some sites that connect visitors with local charities and organizations by donating funds or time to promote health, education, or humanitarian causes. By supporting these groups, you help ensure that they will keep producing quality content that helps others!

General art galleries offer insights into different styles, genres, and artistic movements, making it easy to learn more about painting, sculpture, or other mediums. You get all of this knowledge for nothing!

And although it may feel weird at first, I would recommend browsing through exhibitions anonymously. This way you don’t need to worry about looking like someone who knows what they are talking about, nor do you have to feel self-conscious because you didn’t know anyone else attending the show.