There are many ways to organize your pictures, but one of the most popular is called collection. This is when you make an album for each season, or for every event that year, and put all of your summer photos in one album, all of your fall ones in another, and so on.

You get really into depth with this organization method! You can also create sub-albums within each main album, which helps reduce scrolling through long albums. For example, if your parent’s wedding was in May and yours was in October, then there would be an Album 2 (Main Album) for your parents’ wedding, and inside of that would be an Album 1 (Sub-main Album) for yours.

This way, your users do not have to scroll very far to find what they are looking for! And anyone can easily add/remove pictures from these organized collections. It works best if you use free online picture management apps like Flickr, Google Photos, or Facebook’s new platform. These allow for seamless upload and download of images, as well as easy navigation.

Given how popular photo gallery layouts are, it is pretty easy to pick up some computer skills and customize them for others.

K Gallery location

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Located in Downtown Rochester, New York is one of the coolest art galleries I’ve ever visited! The Klein Art Gallery opened its doors to the public back in 2000 and has since then hosted many different exhibitions and events.

The gallery was started by artist Kenny Klein who wanted to create an exhibition space that was accessible to anyone with an interest in art.

Since it opened, the gallery has focused mostly on exhibiting works and expressions from up-and-coming artists as well as hosting music festivals and other gatherings.

One of my favorite things about this place is how interactive their exhibits are. They don’t just show you what they want you to see – there are questions and answers attached to some pieces which give you more information.

Overall, I really loved my experience at the Klein Art Gallery and would definitely recommend it for any person looking to explore the arts or learn something new.

K Gallery sells what?

While some people may consider shopping at online stores like Amazon or eBay to be “shopping online,” it is actually not. These sites offer your products via sellers that they have vetted as trustworthy, so you are buying from a third party instead of directly from the brand.

Online selling was in its infancy back when these sites were first created – before companies had the opportunity to advertise widely across social media channels and websites. Now that everything is digital, however, there is no need for this middle man. You can reach out to brands yourself or by doing business with professional online vendors.

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K Gallery opening date

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The long-awaited grand reopening of K Gallery will take place this Saturday, September 17th! Doors open at 10 AM for an informal meet and greet with artists and vendors.

The event is free to attend and all are welcome to visit and peruse the exhibits! There will also be special announcements made during the event so stay tuned for more details.

We hope you can make it down to celebrate our return! We look forward to seeing you there.

For those who cannot attend or would like to see the exhibit before the official opening, we have organized preview events on both Tuesday, September 20th and Thursday, September 22nd. More information about these events will be posted here soon.

Once again, thank you for your support in making K Gallery a success! Stay connected by following us on Instagram @kgallerybuffalo and Facebook at You can also find us online at

K Gallery discounts

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Are you looking to save some money while shopping online? Then check out our discount website! You can find lots of items, from fashion to gadgets to home products. is your all-in-one source for online shopping! Not only do they offer frequent sales, but you get free shipping!

Their site is made to make it easy to find your favorite brands and products. You will not have to search through different sites or accounts to find what you want – everything is organized by category and color way.

There are also interactive features such as “I’m buying this and I would like to gift it” and “Add to cart.” On top of that, you earn points towards future purchases when you shop!” Read more about their site here.

K Gallery website

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As one of the largest art galleries in Western New York, Kallery is known for its vast collection as well as unique exhibition styles. They organize their shows into three different categories: Featured Artists (or “Emerging” artists), Group Shows (different artist collaborations) and Exhibitionists (one-off exhibitions).

Their Emerging Artist Show has been running since 2011 and features up to five new artists per show with each artist displaying two pieces. This gives each artist a chance to spread their artistic personality while also promoting their work!

For their most recent Exhibitonist Show, they invited six local artists to showcase their works at KGallery. Each artist was given a budget to purchase or make any type of artwork that they wanted to include in their exhibit. All six were able to find something they loved and incorporated it into their display!

It was lovely to see all these different types of artwork come together under one roof and be appreciated by attendees.

K Gallery Instagram

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Over the past few years, fashion has gone through quite the evolution. Gone are the days when people would dress in clothing that was totally outside of the norm or silhouettes that seem completely forgotten. We now have popular trends such as flannel shirts, relaxed jeans, and oversized sweatshirts to name a few.

While these trends may not be seen very often, they are definitely making a comeback. People who like this new style will have to get their hands on some old clothes since most won’t know what kind of look is next big thing.

This isn’t too surprising given we live in an era where technology plays a huge part in our lives. With every device capable of connecting to the internet, it becomes easy to share information, advertisements, and even pictures and videos.

K Gallery Facebook

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As we continue to see, social media is an integral part of our society today. There are so many different types of sites that people create accounts for to enjoy and get benefits from them.

One such site is KGalleryBuffalo. You can check out their website here!

On this site, you will find a variety of jewelry that has been designed by artist Katja Graschke. These pieces are not your average earrings or necklaces. They are referred to as kinetic rings and bracelets.

These pieces use special materials and components to function. When you put one on, it has to be worn with a set time frame and event. This piece would work great at any activity since it does not require too much preparation.

Katja designs these pieces in various metals and styles. She also includes her own artistic touches like rhinestones and illustrations.

Will K Gallery Buffalo be opening new stores?

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As more and more people adopt social media as their main source of news, they begin to question if large corporations are keeping up with the times by offering products that are more socially conscious. More and more brands are dropping harmful products or replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Many big companies have already made changes to how they market themselves, but there is one company who has really started making waves for changing how they advertise and sell products – yoga studio chain GYB!

In May 2019, it was announced that New York-based yogawear fashion brand K Gallery would be expanding into 10 additional locations across America!

K will still keep its classic lucy bodysuits and long sleeve t shirts, however, these new locations will also stock special themed collections such as ‘Tree Collection’ which features all natural materials like hemp, organic cotton and bamboo.

These new designs will not only look great, but will also say something about promoting health and wellness through fitness.