The most recent addition to Metro Detroit’s art scene is M Gallery, located in Ferndale just west of 8 Mile Road. With its sleek interior design, large exhibition spaces, and wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, and jewelry, M Gallery has quickly become one of the city’s top venues for artistic expression.

While many artists are known for incorporating strong themes into their work, artist Paul Clements does not fit this description at all. His abstract paintings feature only shapes and lines with no discernible pattern or image.

In fact, his latest piece is simply three straight lines separated by a short distance. When asked about it, he calls them “lines that move.” These movements seem almost hypnotic as you try to determine which direction each line will take next.

These shifts in momentum pull your focus away from the canvas and onto whatever else area of the room they intersect with. They also create an effect similar to watching water flow down a riverbed after a rainfall. That fluid movement seems natural and unplanned, making it interesting to watch.

Overall, these effects make the viewer feel relaxed and able to spend time studying the artwork. This feeling is what makes art important — it stimulates other emotions and concepts. These ideas can be inspired by the picture, the surrounding context, or both simultaneously.

Artists such as Paul Clements use shape, color, and texture to convey these messages.

History of M Gallery Ferndale

m gallery ferndale

The Modern Art Museum of Ferndale is an institution that has grown over the past decade, hosting its first event in May 2010 with just a few hundred attendees. Since then, it has blossomed into one of the largest art museums in the area, attracting thousands of visitors every month.

The museum opened as “M” for Materials in March of 2011, when only five artists were invited to display their work. Now, more than two years later, there are nearly 100 pieces by 70 different artists!

Many of these artists have traveled far to share their creations, some even traveling across oceans or countries to do so. Some have even described this as their most important artwork, due to how popular they have become since being displayed at the museum.

More recently, the museum switched up its exhibition style, featuring artist talks, interactive displays, and even music set to inspire moods. These new additions have been very well received, leading to many conversations about the importance of art in our lives.

What makes the museum special isn’t only the content, but also the space where it gets to hang out. A large part of the appeal comes from the fact that the public can visit the museum without paying any money to see what questions they want answered.

Everyone is free to explore and talk about the works like you would find anywhere else, proving that art doesn’t need to be expensive to be valuable.

Popular artists at the M Gallery Ferndale

m gallery ferndale

Many of the artists that are showcased in The M Gallery Ferndale have large social media followings and their work is very recognizable. Most use materials and techniques that many people know, creating easy to identify artwork.

Some create bold pictures that stick with you for several reasons. A lot of them make beautiful patterns or designs which appeal to both beginner and advanced art fans. Others feature still life pieces where they display some of their favorite items or things they spent hours designing and putting together.

All of these features contribute to how engaging the paintings become. Artists must be skilled at capturing attention so it can turn into more interaction with the painting and then potential sales.

What services does the M Gallery Ferndale offer?

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The Museum offers many different educational experiences for all ages, including free events, drop-in activities, tours, and classes. They also have interactive exhibits and programs that focus on art, music, science, language, and more.

The museum has three main exhibition spaces — the Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, the Max Neuberger Music Room, and the Helen Hasselmeyer Children’s Gallery. Each space is focused on one area of interest while still incorporating pieces from other areas.

Outside, there are several green spaces where you can relax or play games. There are also changing displays and artwork related to these areas.

Cost of tickets to M Gallery Ferndale

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The art event you are reading about is not free! Tickets cost anywhere from $25 to over $100, depending on how much you want to see and attend.

Many museums offer early entry or discounts if you are a student or will be attending school events next week. At our venue, there is even an online pre-sale that begins two weeks before the event!

These days, with technology being used for everything, people have begun using their smartphone as a way to access and purchase things. Many vendors now accept PayPal as a method to pay which can make buying a ticket super easy.

PayPal is a secure website where you can store your credit card information. It also has various payment methods such as direct deposit, check writing, and gift cards available.

Good things about M Gallery Ferndale

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As mentioned earlier, you do not have to be an art fan to enjoy visiting M Gallery Ferndale. Many people visit this museum for its educational value. Almost every exhibit includes some sort of narrative or topic that relates to art, nature, science, humanities, etc. There are also several interactive exhibits at M Gallery Ferndale such as where guests can create their own piece of artwork or learn more about different materials used in making sculptures and paintings!

All tours require advance reservations which is good because there are only limited number of tickets available so it becomes very crowded during peak times like holidays and weekends. This gives visitors who would rather just watch the tour from outside an opportunity to peek inside and see all of the features and interact with the artists’s talk and questions.

Museum goers will find lots of natural decorations and artifacts placed throughout the galleries. Some examples include leaves, rocks, and flowers displayed on the walls, ceilings, and floors. These contribute greatly to the aesthetically pleasing look of the museum.

Bad things about M Gallery Ferndale

m gallery ferndale

Unfortunately, despite all of these positive changes, there are still some major drawbacks to owning this art collection. For one, most people do not know what to make of an expensive piece of artwork. People who have little to no artistic knowledge tend to feel overwhelmed by pieces that require more understanding.

For example, many people cannot tell the difference between well-known artists and average artists. Some people may even confuse easily recognizable figures or designs with normal ones. This is very common when looking at abstract works.

Another drawback is accessibility. Due to their size, some pieces take up large spaces in your home. This can be difficult if you want to place them close to other items. Also, many of these paintings were made years ago which means they needed a lot of space to preserve them.

Last, but certainly not least, is the cost! Many experts say that investing in art is great, but only if you are able to afford it. The costs for each painting range from extremely affordable to beyond imaginable.

When is the M Gallery Ferndale opening?

m gallery ferndale

The M Gallery will be hosting its grand re-opening event on Friday, September 5th at 6pm! This event will feature an open house style gathering where you can explore all of the gallery’s spaces as well as meet some of the artists who contributed to this exhibition.

The artist reception is free and everyone is welcome to attend! There will also be light snacks and drinks for purchase.

This event is being organized by the Friends of the Museum group which means it is completely free. All money raised during the event goes directly back into enhancing the collection in the museum.

Tickets will be available at the door so do not wait until the day of to see the space! We hope to see you there!

Click here to read more about the event online now.

Who should go to the M Gallery Ferndale?

The museum is designed for all audiences, with many options available to visitors. There are organized tours that focus on specific themes or areas of art, self-guided tours where you explore at your own pace, free entry every day, and paid events like live music or movie screenings.

The museum offers early admission before it opens to the public (at 9 AM) on weekdays and Saturdays. This gives people an opportunity to come when the museum is less crowded and enjoy the exhibits more thoroughly.

There is also a senior discount program which allows for up to two adults over age 55 to attend for $5 per person.