We’ve all been there. There’s a party coming up soon and you promised that you’d go. It’s too late to back out now.

But it also happens to be the kind of party where the hosts have asked all the guests to bring a small dish or an appetizer.

And maybe you don’t happen to be a very good cook. The idea of putting together an appetizer for your friends can be intimidating.

But there’s no reason to panic. All it takes is a fun, simple idea and a little bit of planning.

Here are a few ideas for food to bring to a party. These finger food ideas are easy, fast, and are likely to impress your friends. 


Crudite is one of the easiest finger food ideas for a party. Best of all, it’s a healthy snacking option that will work just fine for everyone at the party, even vegetarians and vegans and those with other dietary restrictions.

finger food ideas

You can choose which vegetables or nuts you’d like to include in the platter, as well as whether or not to cook the veggies first or just place them on the plate raw.

A few classic crudités staples include celery, baby carrots, asparagus, almonds, and baby bell peppers.

For some added flavor, place some mayonnaise or sriracha dip in the middle of the platter.

Make-Your-Own Wraps

This customizable dish allows everyone at the party to choose what they want in their wrap while also giving you a break from needing to assemble the wraps ahead of time.

Simply arrange a dozen or so small corn tortillas on a plate. They include several different ingredients such as diced tomatoes, lettuce, sliced carrots, baked chicken, or raw onions.   

Cheesy Bread

Cheesy bread is one of the easiest dishes on our list and also one of the tastiest.

Start by buying a loaf of fresh-baked bread from your preferred grocery store or local bakery. A French baguette usually works best, although sourdough is also a good fit.

Slice the bread into manageable pieces and place them on a baking tray.

Food to Bring to a Party Finger Foods

Sprinkle the bread slices with a shredded cheese of your choice and garlic powder.

Place the tray in the oven and set it to 250 degrees.

Set a timer for about ten minutes but make sure to check on the bread every few minutes.

Snack Mix

Sure, snack mix can be purchased at the store, but it can be highly processed and very high in sodium.

If you have some time, consider making your own snack mix at home ahead of time instead of just buying a bag at the grocery store.

Slice a bagel into small, thin slices and leave them out to dry for a few hours. Then, gather some pretzels, nuts, and snack crackers of your choice.

Most important, mix them all together and season them with a spice blend of your own choosing.

Cheese Spread and Crackers

A cheese and crackers plate is a common party food. To make it a little more interesting, follow the above recipe for a tasty cheese spread.

The spread uses a cheese or cheese blend of your choice, along with a dry white wine, unsalted butter, herbs, and fresh garlic.

Food to Bring to a Party Finger Foods

For a slightly healthier option, choose a variety of whole grain crackers to arrange around your cheese dip.

Topped Apple Slices

These apple cartwheels are a healthy, fresh, and tasty option that you should wait to prepare until a few hours before the party.

This recipe can work with any species of apple you like. Just slice the apples and mix the topping together.

The topping can include peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, and raisings.

You may also want to include some diced nuts in the mix for some added protein and crunch.

Keep the plate covered with saran wrap or foil until you arrive at the party. Then, unveil your fancy finger food to your friends and family.

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs are an incredibly simple finger food that you can bring to a party for a fun appetizer that’s also healthy.

First of all, you’ll need about two dozen wooden skewers, which you should rinse under cold water before getting started.

finger foods

The exact fruit you use is up to you. But a few fruits that work well as part of a fruit kabob include strawberries, kiwi, honeydew, cantaloupe, red seedless grapes, and blueberries.  

Seasoned Asparagus with Dip

Asparagus on its own is a healthy snack and very flavorful as well.

As a play on a classic crudite platter, focus on cooking asparagus in boiling water until they’re just tender and mix together a few interesting dipping choices.

The recipe linked above includes instructions for how to make an Asian dressing from chilis and brown sugar, garlic mayonnaise from garlic, mayo, and olive oil, and parmesan butter from powdered cheese, lemon, and butter.

Tortilla Chips and Guacamole

Everyone loves guacamole. And making some of your own can show everyone that you’re a better cook than your friends first thought.

Ideas for Food to Bring to a Party Finger Foods

If you’re making the guacamole the day of the party, be sure to purchase avocados that are soft to the touch and therefore ripe for guac.

Other standard ingredients include diced red onion, cilantro, salt, tomato, hot sauce, and jalapeno pepper.

Just as important as the guacamole itself is buying fresh tortilla chips that will complement the flavors of the guac.

For something different, try blue corn tortilla chips. And for the option of added heat, bring a bottle of hot sauce along to the party and set it next to the plate.


There are plenty of easy ideas for appetizers and finger foods to bring to a party. If none of our suggestions fit your particular taste, we hope that they’ll serve as inspiration for you to create your own finger foods.

When done right, finger foods for a party can help bring people together and start up some fun conversations for everyone to enjoy.

So take it easy and enjoy the party!