This article will discuss Friday night ideas with my boyfriend and last Friday’s ideas that he insisted I do.

It will be all about spending quality time together, it will be low-key and low pressure, and you’ll love the outcome because it’ll be simple, fresh, and enjoyable! Let’s get started with this week’s new topics.

Celebrate all of the less fortunate in your life this holiday season

What you do is have an advent calendar filled with cookies that have a different activity each day like baking or painting. Make an advent calendar for your kids and encourage them to spend time doing activities for charity.

Or, if you have a dog, do an advent calendar for your dog to get their exercise. Just use whatever you can think of to get your family out of the house doing some activity!

Go out for a dance party this weekend and dance like you mean itHonestly, this shot was really difficult to take because we did it in the middle of the street and it involved me having to lie down in the middle of a street during a traffic stop. It took multiple takes because I almost got run over several times!

If you have a room with a DJ and your party buddies, throw on some dance music and get crazy with it. That’s something we all need in our lives.

I just did that myself last night, and it was the BEST.

Make your own holiday decorations this weekend with a few other people

Get a group of girlfriends together and go all out decorating the house, maybe even go shopping. Don’t be afraid to let the imagination run wild and be weird!

You’ll be surprised at how awesome the result is.

Join a book club

Don’t forget the biggest book club of all–the one you’re in! What book club wouldn’t love spending a Saturday night with you and your friends going to the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie?

Go ahead, do it, and plan a family night too. The book club is a perfect way to stay connected and spend quality time together!

Read together.

Spend some quality time with your significant other and make a date night of it. Grab a bottle of wine, find a comfy spot, and read a book together!

Go out on a date and have a great time

A date night is one of the easiest things to do to stay connected with your significant other and enjoy each other’s company! What’s not to love?

All you need is a good movie, good food and a good time.

Make homemade pizzas and watch a movie with dinner.

Or see a movie and eat at one of your favorite restaurants and make a fun new fun experience for everyone.

Do something for your body this weekend

Go to the gym, take a run, take a yoga class or go for a long walk. Anything to get your body moving.

Nothing beats that feeling of working out and coming back from it feeling rejuvenated.

Get the kiddos off to Sunday schooltwo women lying on hammock

Going to church is one of the saddest parts of going home from the weekend. For whatever reason, my kids can’t seem to grasp the concept that Sunday afternoons are all about chilling. (Which is a convenient thing, since we all need some quiet time on the weekends.)

Hopefully, their Sunday school teachers are so amused that we’re pulling up with an ice chest full of movies and snacks for them.

Go for brunch

Again, it’s too far away for us to have the night to ourselves. But if we don’t have to be anywhere until later in the afternoon or early evening and want to eat some delicious brunch, there are many great places in Dallas, and we’ll be in the city to eat.

Any of the spots we mention in our Top 100 Restaurants list are great options. They are more expensive than going out to dinner and won’t give us as much time together.

Sunday afternoon

Having kids always limit our shopping/outings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun time and go out to eat.

It’s not always possible for us to drive them somewhere or take public transportation (the food court area at the Galleria is too far for us to take the kids by ourselves), so Plano or Richardson or Fort Worth is always a good choice.

We can also grab a coffee in one of those cities.

We love Dallas, but there are some things that we don’t have in our budget, so we don’t go out much. A lot of times, we end up running errands on Sunday.

For us, not going out makes everything easier. We can catch up on our favorite shows and feel connected.

But sometimes, a little change is good, and it doesn’t always cost that much to let our hair down. Especially when we’ve been at the office and working long hours, a little self-care, especially from mom, is a really great thing.

Local fair or festivalYoung women at a music festival

The romance behind taking a spin through one of these can’t be underestimated.

Bask in the atmosphere of fall sights and smells, amusement rides, goofy games, caramel apples and cotton candy, cheesy music, and lots of lovable photo apps!

Root for the home team

Check out a local sporting event. Whether it’s a major or minor league game, you won’t be able to beat the atmosphere.

With endless amounts of cheering, cold beverages, and greasy food, it’s no wonder this is such a good time.

Add some matching face paint, and you’ve got on a heck of a cute thing to do on the weekend with your boyfriend!