Party games for couples are a fun way to jazz up relationships, bring people together, or just break the ice and have some fun with friends.

Whether you’re going to throw a party for couples or just for you and your significant other, the following fun games for couples to play at a party will add some amazing moments to your relationship.

1. What Do You Meme?

One of our favorite games for adults is What Do You Meme?, an amazing card game that will be sure to make your significant other and all of the other couples laugh out loud!

It’s such a great game – you simply match up a caption with a meme, and try and get your caption chosen as the winner! You can play this game individually or as separate couples teams, making it a ton of fun for everyone involved!

If you end up really liking the game, they are constantly coming out with expansion packs, making it also new and evolving.

2. Ice Cream Race

This party game is for several couples. Start by blindfolding the guys and asking them to stand on the left side of the room. Then, ask the girls to line up on the right side of the room. Prepare ice cream in a dessert bowl.

The task is for the girls to take a spoonful of ice cream and feed it to their men by carrying the spoon in their teeth. No hands are allowed.

The first couple that eats their bowl of ice cream wins. If you don’t have ice cream, use any other meal or drink instead.

3. Find Your Partner in a Bag

This party game is also for several couples. Ask men to go to another room and have the women stay in this room. Place a big paper bag over every man’s and woman’s head and ask the men to return.

The task is to find a partner without uttering a word or touching the body. They need to feel each other and give a sign. The couple who fails to find each other loses.

fun games for couples to play at parties

4. Tie That Red Ribbon

Grab some red ribbon or yarn and cut it up into different lengths – you should have at least 20 uneven pieces, depending on the number of couples taking part in the game. Hide those pieces around the house and ask couples to find as many pieces as they can.

Once they find a few pieces, they should tie each piece together to make a single long piece of ribbon or yarn.

The couple who will manage to get the longest piece of ribbon or yarn will win. The game duration is about 30 minutes or more if the house is big and you’ve decided to hide more than 20 pieces.

5. Build a pyramid of coins

Grab some coins, rice grains, and a few glasses to play a fun couple game. Place the rice grains into the glasses and give one glass to each couple. The couples should also receive an assortment of coins.

Ask each couple to build a tower using those coins on the rice surface. The couple who creates the highest pyramid will win. The game duration is roughly two minutes.

fun games for couples to play at parties

6. Guess the couple

For this game, you’ll need a pen, Scotch tape, and paper labels. Write down several names of celebrity couples on the labels and stick each one on the woman’s or man’s back.

That woman or man will ask their significant other some simple questions about a celebrity couple written on their back to guess who they are. The significant other should answer the questions with ‘no’ or ‘yes.’ It’s important to ask your partner the questions so that they could really guess.

The couple who correctly guesses first wins!

7. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is another classic party game, and it works especially well for couples to play at a house party!

It is very similar to What Do You Meme, instead of captioning memes, you’re generally filling in the blank in an obnoxious, hilarious sentence.

When it comes down to it, this is one of the best party games of all time, and it works even better with couples, especially if you know your partner’s sense of humanity. We highly recommend it!

8. Love Is …

This game can be for one couple or a few couples. Take 25 index cards and write down 25 romantic or love-related words on each, such as chocolate, kiss, roses, candlelight, passion, lips, make-out, etc.

Grab another 25 index cards and write down non-romantic or silly words on each, such as motor oil, scissors, college, nose hair, ironing board, microwave oven, etc.

Take two mason jars, and place each pile of index cards in them separately. Draw one card from every jar, and ask your partner to do the same. The task is to come up with a love poem based on two words you have.

Read your poems aloud and have lots of laughs.

fun games for couples to play at parties

9.  Tricky Game

Find someone to conduct this game. While standing in a row and facing each other, the couples should follow the instructions the host provides, but in the opposite way.

For instance, when you hear the instruction “jump,” you can either stand or sit instead. The couple that does what the host says loses. The winner of the game is a couple that doesn’t follow any of the given instructions.

The Tricky Game can be played with your partner, but you can come up with a lovely punishment if your partner loses.

10. Truth and Lies

One of the most popular games that couples play at parties, Truth and Lies, deserves its place on this list. Give couples pens and some pieces of white paper.

One partner from each couple should write at least 6 truths and 6 lies. The other partner should set the lies apart from the truths. If the partner fails to do it, then the couple should leave the game. Other couples keep playing the game until only 2 couples left.

In the final round, these two couples should do the same but orally and during a short period of time. (You can set an exact time yourself). The winner is the couple who will manage to identify the truths and the lies correctly.

11. Find the candy in the flour

This messy game will bring tons of fun to your party. Bury a small candy in a bowl of flour and place it on the table.

The task is to find that candy by blowing the flour or digging into it and taking it. Hands should be behind the back. If you don’t feel like creating a mess, use rice instead of flour.

12. Pop the balloon

Give a few balloons to each couple. The task is to pop the balloon by pressing it against the back of the partner. No one is allowed to touch the balloon with their hands. The winner is the couple who will pop more balloons in 5 minutes.

fun games for couples

Closing Words

While there are hundreds of fun games for couples, these are sure to make your party stand out. All these games are versatile so you can adapt each if needed.

And since many of them don’t require anything more than common household items, you can play them just about any time, at any party.

Games were created for people to have fun, but we cannot deny that it also allows other time for bonding and building better relationships. In playing games, couples develop teamwork and learn to work with each other’s mindset in completing a certain challenge.

Brainstorming is developed, and you will get to know just how competitive your partner is and how willing they are to take an extra mile to get things done. Sounds serious, but it’s true – all these can be applied to an intense game.

Likewise, you can get to know your partner better by being observant of what they do and with their decisions during the whole ordeal. It’s a fun way to boost your relationship, especially when things are starting to get boring because you’re running out of ideas to spice things up.

Playing with other couples will also give you a chance to see how other people handle their own relationships. What ticks them off, and what keeps them going?

Once you see that, you can try reevaluating your relationship and apply anything positive you can to improve your current connection with your partner. Thus, don’t feel bad about truth or lie games as this will only bring out the person they are.