If you’ve been into fitness for a while, you probably have a good sense of what to do in a gym. But what if you’ve never been to a gym before, or if you’re an intermediate or advanced-level person?

How do you start, and how do you get started?

My latest research, presented at the British Nutrition Foundation conference, showed numerous different ways to start. What makes a good starter workout is a workout that challenges you in various ways, making sure you use different parts of your body.

That is, doing different exercises or doing different sets and reps.

There are several starting options for beginners. First, you could do the same as you would for a beginner.

There is an even greater benefit in doing something different. This could be doing something similar to the same thing but doing them faster or slower.

Alternatively, you could also do something different, such as using heavier weights or performing all different exercises for 30 minutes.

Other starting options could include working out on a fasted state. That means exercising while not having had any food in your stomach, which will generally increase the levels of your hormones such as testosterone, dopamine, and cortisol.

This will help prepare you for the intensive training you will be doing in your workout.

Any combination of the above will be perfect for a beginner. All you have to remember is to go in with an open mind and flexibility in your exercise choices.

This will allow you to achieve your fitness goals without fear of failure.

How do beginner workouts work?woman exercising indoors

Before you begin an exercise routine, make sure to assess your current fitness level and body composition. This is done by weighing yourself and looking at the condition of your skin.

This is important, as not all clothing is designed for different body types.

The first exercise you should use is a basic routine. These routines will be the most efficient way to get in a good workout.

The general gist is that you will do exercises for four sets of four repetitions. Usually, there are two variations to these routines.

You can either perform eight different exercises for four sets of four or eight different exercises for three sets of three repetitions. Once you’ve completed the routine, rest for a minute, and then you can repeat the entire thing.

If you’ve never been to a gym before, then the simplest routine is to do only one exercise for one set, two sets of eight repetitions.

These routines are the ideal starter workout for beginners.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced-level person, the same routine could be tweaked to fit your requirements. For example, it could be doing different sets and reps, doing an extra set or two for an advanced trainer, or just using heavier weights or doing all different exercises for 30 minutes.

Adding these differences and adaptability to the routine will make it more effective and put you on track for overall better fitness and physique. This is a routine that you could do to work up a sweat or as part of a cardiovascular workout.

Some people even start their training by completing a mobility routine, which will prepare you for every exercise they do and allow you to perform the movement better.

Ways to get started

As stated before, there are numerous different ways to start, but the main thing to remember is that you don’t need to stick to only one starting option. A personal trainer can help you get the most effective workout and incorporate all the exercises to suit your fitness goals.

Another way to get your fitness started is to make use of the internet. Sites such as YouTube and Instagram are ideal places to find video workouts, including hip-hop routines and dumbbell workout variations.

You can even hire a personal trainer to guide you through some workouts.

Use social media and online resources to find out about a local gym that provides affordable and personal training sessions. Also, using the internet will get you to discover your new favorite foods.

By educating yourself about certain foods and food additives, you can make the most of your workout routine.

Bodybuilding workouts for beginnersRest

If you are a beginner and want to work on your physique but don’t have the budget to hire a personal trainer, then using bodybuilding-inspired workouts will be the most beneficial.

This is the best way to go if you want to see results quickly. This type of workout routine will be very effective and could set you on your way to creating your dream body.

Here are a few bodybuilding-inspired workouts that you can try.

Dumbbell walks with Tabata intervals

This routine is great for beginners as it will use only basic weight lifting movements.

You will need to start with two dumbbells for a warm-up of 10 minutes and then continue for 10 minutes of core work, followed by eight sets of two.

Your 30-minute cardio workout

This routine is for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on an exercise plan.

The most effective cardio is done on a treadmill, where you will have to go as fast as you can for a 30-minute routine. Use a heart-rate monitor to measure your heart rate.

Bodyweight tricep extensions

The idea behind these tricep extensions is to push yourself to your limit. Using bodyweight, you will need to start in a pushup position with your feet on the ground and your hands on the floor.

From this position, extend your arms above your head for a few seconds. Do this for 30 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds.

This is repeated for three sets, increasing the time by 10 seconds every set.

Dumbbell hip thrustswoman seriously performing gym exercise

This routine is designed to work your lower body, as you will need to use your feet as a lever to lift your legs off the ground.

The goal here is to make it easier for you to do the movement by bending your knees slightly and using your feet to control it.

Pelvic thrusts

This workout is designed for women who want to build their core strength. You will be lifting your legs from the floor to a 90-degree angle.

Each exercise starts with a resting position; then, you will need to slowly push your feet off the floor as you raise yourself into a semi-squatting position.

You will then slowly lower your body back down to the floor once you reach the bottom of your push-up position.