This article will discuss great workout routines without equipment. Since I have a bad back, I do not have much equipment to follow a workout routine.

However, if you need specific equipment, it’s helpful to understand how I follow a workout routine without equipment.

For this article’s purpose, I’ll mainly focus on running workouts, but I will talk briefly about weights too.

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Before I do, though, let me be clear. I do NOT recommend that you leave your home and run outside by yourself.

I also do NOT suggest that you do free-weight workouts. There are two reasons for this.

You could injure yourself. There is a good chance of that.

Not only that, but if you do, and it’s serious enough, you will end up in the ER, and that’s no good.

On the other hand, you can either:

(1) Follow the fitness advice I provide in this article. I will describe the workouts, and I will show you exactly how to follow a routine with minimal equipment.


(2) Find a local running group that meets at a park and just follows the program. You won’t need any equipment.

I’ll assume the reader is okay with option 1.

Moving along, I want to outline a few great options for running workouts. I have tried various them, but I have found them to be more helpful than the others.

The big winners:

  • Jogging
  • Running walking
  • Sprinting

The big losers:

  • Boxing
  • Biking

My standard base-running routine is:

  • Jogging

Distance: about 1 mile/hour for 30-60 minutes

  • 1-minute walking
  • 1-minute jog
  • Jog 1 minute
  • Repeat this 3-4 times/run
  • Repeat 3-4 times/walk
  • Jog 1 minute
  • Repeat 2-3 times/walk
  • Jog 1 minute
  • Repeat 4-5 times/walk
  • Repeat 2-3 times/jog

Since I like to increase my workouts’ intensity, I usually add 2-3 repeats of speed work (speed intervals). These workouts vary on the type of running surface, but I run on the treadmill (on the flat), and I run on a flat-ish trail.

I run a total of 2-4 times/run.

Then, I do a strength training workout (that’s very specific), and then I do my stretching routine.

Remember that if you choose to do this routine, you will still need to stretch after your workout. This is not an excuse, though, just an FYI.

On the following days, I usually do something else, but this is a great way to stay in shape while traveling.

On this list, you will find the best jogging and running workouts.

Running on a flat, grassy, dirt trail. Jogging along a flat, smooth, paved path. Also, you can run on a flat, paved, asphalt trail.

This is the best base-running workouts for every kind of running surface.

I do also take advantage of the fact that I run on an oval track in my neighborhood.

Jogging on an oval track is a great way to make your training much more efficient. This is usually what people refer to as “rec-jogging.”

You start by going 30 minutes at a pace of around 1.5 miles/hour. After 30 minutes, you gradually increase your pace so that you are at a pace of around 1.5-2 miles/hour.

When you reach your speed goal, you immediately slow down and return to your start pace.

You can also do a 30 minute, alternating pace run. In other words, the first 30 minutes are slow and easy, and the last 30 minutes are faster and harder.

Running Hecha durante el II Triatlón de Benalmádena.

This is the best way to run with your dog.

  • Walk 1 minute
  • Run 1 minute
  • Walk 1 minute
  • Run 1 minute
  • Repeat 4-5 times/run

This is a great way to cool down. Walk 1 minute.

  • Run 1 minute
  • Walk 1 minute
  • Run 1 minute
  • Repeat 4-5 times/walk

Walking is another trendy option to run-walk.

I’m going to say that I prefer walking and running (pacing) together in a way. If you have never tried this out, I highly recommend doing so.

The variation of pacing makes running-walking much more efficient. Also, I think it makes running much more fun.

  • Run 1 minute
  • Walk 1 minute
  • Run 1 minute
  • Walk 1 minute
  • Repeat 4-5 times/run

This is a very advanced training program.

Some people have found great success with this workout. But I’m not a fan of it.

When I decided to start running again, I didn’t really know what type of workout to do. I just knew that I wanted to run on a treadmill (since that’s where I used to train a lot before).

The biggest issue with this workout is that there’s no real skill-training involved. So if you are new to running, this probably isn’t for you. Also, you’re just running circles.

But I found a better way to run on a treadmill that’s way more fun.

Running walking

One of the biggest problems that I have with running on a treadmill is that I get bored.

It’s easy to get a bit addicted to it. I have read multiple books and watched countless videos to try to find something that’s fun.

So to run with your dog, you should definitely run-walk. You’re probably thinking:

That doesn’t sound like a workout!

But trust me, if you do run-walk, you will be much more likely to stick to a running program for a longer period of time.

  • Running walk back & forth.
  • Running 1-2 miles (or more)
  • Then walk 1-2 miles (or more)
  • I like to mix running and walking. My ideal workout would be:
  • Run 1 mile (or more)
  • Walk 1 mile (or more)

For example, you could run 1 mile, walk 1 mile. Repeat 4-5 times.

Choose the right timeRunning at Central Park

Whether you want to tone your muscles and lose weight or work on your cardio, there are many great ways to get your workout in without the usual equipment you’re probably used to.

Let’s talk about what you can do when you need to get in a quick workout, and you don’t have the time to go home and use a stair stepper.

When you are unsure of what to do for your workout, you should try and find some “good” options available. Most people enjoy a good walk for about 30 minutes, and that’s a great base for a great workout.

If you are new to exercise, it can be hard to get started exercising regularly, but you don’t have to! The following 3 exercises are all great for beginners, and they don’t take that long to complete.

Just make sure you are well rested to do them.


By now, you’ve probably heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This is an awesome way to exercise, and you can do it any time without having to set your alarm or do an entire session in one session.

HIIT can help increase your endurance while burning more fat and improving your overall cardio endurance. As you get more comfortable with the routine, you can add weight training and mix in low-intensity cardio, such as walking or swimming.

HIIT is the easiest way to get a good workout in. It’s also a great way to burn fat. It’s something I try to get in at least twice a week.

That said, it is not for the faint of heart! Make sure you get your heart rate up while still maintaining a low level of intensity.

If you push yourself too much, you’ll burn more calories than you intended, and that’s not ideal for weight loss.

When you have more time but not a ton of time, try mixing up the order of the different exercises you do. I like to start with some light weights, like 3lb hand weights.

This is great to start with and to get your muscles warm. I then get into cardio for about 10 minutes and alternate between high-intensity cardio like sprinting, intervals, or low-intensity cardio like walking or swimming.

This gets my muscles all warmed up, makes them work harder, and lets my lungs get used to the workout. Then I’m ready for some strength training.

The next two weeks, I’ll do this routine, and then the next time I do it, I’ll do it in the opposite order.

My other workout tip is to listen to your body. If you start to feel like you’re losing energy or your body is just not recovering from a workout, stop and go home.

It’s much better to finish your workout early than hurt yourself, particularly if you’re just starting.