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Interview with Brenda Wachel, Rising Director and Script Supervisor Who Worked Under Steven Spielberg

We interviewed director and script supervisor Brenda Wachel. Click here for more.

A quick snap on set with 14 year old rapper artist 'Swag Simer'. While taking some . behind the scenes photos, we decided to stop and snap a picture of this Maserati in front of a huge mansion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. IG: @VisualsByRoyalZ

How To Become Popular And Rich

In truth, if you are willing to compromise on some important principles, you might be able to pull it off. But don't do that. Avoid it at all costs. I'll explain how, and I'll also explain how mass marketing's modern philosophy is a perfect way to do it. Learn how to...
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How Hobbies Help In Social Life

Whether you're a single man or a married man, hobbies have great social significance in your daily life. People who enjoy hobbies have an excellent lifestyle which is found among creative people. A hobby is a pastime activity involving being physically active. It is...