is youtube safe for my child

“Is YouTube Safe for My Child?” – What to Keep in Mind

Have you been asking, “Is YouTube safe for my child?” The answer is a bit more complex than you might expect. Click here for more.

The Current Artisan Weekly: 9/9/2018

Opinion: Reflections on Mac Miller Following the tragic, untimely death of L.A.-based rapper Mac Miller, the most prominent words of condolence have come from fellow hip hop insiders, a la Chance, Snoop, and a long list of other living legends. I myself am the exact...
Chinese censorship

Chinese Government Sets Rules for Media Depictions of Gay People

According to the Guardian, new regulations from the Chinese government have set limits on portrayals of what they consider to be negative sexual tendencies, including adultery and gay individuals. These guidelines ban such imagery from being used in television or...