If you’re reading this, then chances are you already use an app like Google Keep, Evernote, or One Note to organize and record notes and bits of information.

Many people have adapted the concept of using apps like these for personal organization and note-taking. Now, there is a new take on it: creating online note-sharing sites that let users create groups and share notes and resources with each other.

These sharing websites function similarly to how social media sites like Facebook work; users can join the community and contribute content while also accessing all of the others’ content.

But instead of it being limited to just friends, anyone can add individuals or organizations as peers on the site. This way, even strangers can now access and contribute knowledge to each other!

This article will talk more in depth about one such website: Quizlet. You may know them already because they were recently featured on The Listicle Podcast.

I will discuss some reasons why their product is so powerful and unique, as well as some things you can do to benefit from using the service. But first, let us look at some examples of how the web has changed scientific research.

New tools

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

Recent developments have made it possible to do scientific research that was not feasible just a few years ago. Online resources like Google Docs, YouTube, and other software designed for creating documents allows you to create an account, upload your materials, and then edit them anywhere with internet access.

This is great because you are no longer limited to using only official academic facilities to publish your work or use of university libraries to access old books. You can now easily share your findings and discuss concepts with others across the world!

There are many ways to get inspiration and help in doing science as well. By sharing your experiments, conclusions, and thoughts online, you give people opportunities to comment, critique, and contribute to what you are trying to find next. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram offer easy ways to gather pictures and ideas that can be used to inspire yours!

Running into problems while experimenting or understanding a concept? There are plenty of free websites and apps that can help.

Digital libraries

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

Recent developments in academic research include digital library systems. A digital library is an online resource where you can access all of the content free of cost!

Most educational institutions have a computer science department that has access to such software so students may be able to use this as an additional source for studying concepts like programming, technology, and literacy.

These digital resources are very organized; they feature keyword search features and easy navigation. Some even allow you to create your own book accounts so you do not need to pay monthly fees for using their paid services.

Overall, these resources are great ways to learn new things about computers.

Research processes

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

To truly understand how the internet has changed scientific research, you have to think about what kind of research we do not have anymore. We no longer rely heavily on traveling to distant libraries or spending money on expensive subscription services to find out new information.

With the availability of free online sources like Google Images and YouTube, as well as smartphone apps that can perform certain tasks, people now have access to vast amounts of knowledge.

This is very different from years past when only larger institutions had access to such resources. Now anyone with an internet connection can learn something new every day!

By using these tools, you will never run out of things to know- it’s limitless. And while some may complain about the speed at which information is spread across these sites, there are ways to slow down how quickly you search for answers.

And once you find the answer you were looking for, you can save it anywhere so you don’t have to go back to your notebook to write down the info. All of this helps us researchers focus more on doing our jobs rather than finding the next bit of knowledge.

New subjects

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

Recent developments at the company have included new features that focus more on teaching students new skills or introducing them to different topics. These are often referred to as “new topic” courses, “skill development” courses, or even “lifestyle courses�” because they emphasize the importance of learning through educational resources that help you improve your lifestyle (for example, how to bake with cookies).

At this time last year, there were only eight such courses available in the app. Now there are over one hundred! This is incredible to see since the initial goal was to create an easy way to save money by educating people on how to learn new things.

The number two reason why users stop using the app is due to lack of motivation to study. With the availability of so many great education apps and services, it seems like everyone has their own way of studying that works for them. By having lots of variety, these apps give you the incentive to use them to learn something new.

New discoveries

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

Recent developments in scientific research are made possible by technology- this includes things like X-rays, MRI scans, DNA testing, and more. Technology has now become integral to doing science!

Research is expensive, which is one of the major reasons that most people can’t pursue it as a career. Funding for research comes mostly from government sources and private foundations, both national and international.

These foundations play an important role because they allow you to focus on your area of interest, rather than having to find funding for every topic. They also help promote and grow your field, as they pay to have experts work on projects related to yours.

Many students spend hours at a time looking up concepts and theories in their areas of study through websites such as Anki or Flashcards.

Less bias

how did the internet transform scientific research quizlet

In earlier years, research depended heavily on having rich individuals contribute to it. The more money an individual had, the greater influence they could have on a study. As you can probably guess, studies that focus on improving how well your own personal finances work are not very helpful.

With the internet, this is no longer the case! You can now find any information you want, anywhere you want it. This changes everything for scientific researchers as well.

No longer do they need to rely on expensive labs or professors who will let them use their resources to conduct experiments. They can easily go online and search for anything they want to test or learn about.

This way, they do not have to depend on anyone else for help conducting their experiment/research. They can simply log onto Google or YouTube and start filming or recording whatever they want!

There was a time when people would not share their experiences with others unless they were paid to do so. With the availability of the internet, this has changed dramatically.

Anyone with interesting knowledge can spread it around through social media, blogs, and websites. People love free stuff almost as much as we do here at FunToGive, so giving away what you know is a great way to win some fans and followers.