The Saatchi Gallery is one of England’s largest public collections, with over 120 exhibitions taking place every year. It boasts an incredible amount of international attention due to its unique concept as well as its spectacular exhibition spaces.

The gallery was opened in 2001 under director Charles Saatchi and has since become known for displaying unconventional art that generates interest and discussion. Recent exhibits have focused on issues suchas climate change or gender equality, making it a valuable resource for learning about current affairs.

As part of his position at the gallery, Charles also curates temporary exhibitions which are usually made up of works he has selected himself or been invited by another organisation to put together. These shows are always themed around a specific topic and feature work from both established artists and up-and-coming talent.

There is no set rule when it comes to exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery, but most people agree that you should really aim to showcase your artistic talent and be able to talk intelligently about what you create.

Apply for a grant

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

For most people, exhibiting in a museum like the Saatchi is an opportunity to show off their artistic talent or what they learned during the exhibition process.

For some artists, it is also a way to earn money by selling artworks or having exhibitions set up by the artist themselves.

There are several ways to apply for a grant to exhibit at the Saatchi but only one requires you to have a paid membership to ArtUK. This article will talk about that method!”

Artists can submit applications every year so there is no need to rush if youare not ready yet. It takes around two weeks to receive confirmation from Art UK whether your application has been successful or not, so keep checking back with us!”

If your artwork does not relate to the theme of the current season then you do not necessarily have to wait until next year to put your work out there.

Buy your space

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

Since you will need to buy a ticket for the show, make sure it is worth it! The Saatchi Gallery does not offer price protection policies or refunds so do your research and compare prices between buying directly from the gallery and through an online vendor or store that sells their tickets.

The most expensive way to exhibit at the gallery is via An Exhibition Space (AESS). These are very expensive and can cost over $1000 per month depending on how many people you want to invite to view your work! This would include utilities like electricity, internet access, etc.

Alternatively, you can choose to exhibit in one of the three exhibition spaces which are all accessible to the public ($99-249 per month). The best option is definitely the Best Showcase – this gives you your own specific wall where you can showcase up to two pieces.

There are also group shows where you as an artist get to invite other artists to be part of your event. These usually have a set budget and time frame for each participant and these funds are protected.

Design your space

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

The next thing to do is to find an appropriate place for you to exhibit! There are many ways to showcase your work, so choose what feels most comfortable to you.

You can use tables or walls as frame decorations. You may want to invest in some basic art supplies such as markers, paint brushes, and plastic trays to make your look more professional.

If you’re too busy to create your own display, you can also visit local boutiques, stores, or museums and learn how they displayed their products. You don’t need to be trained in design to do this!

Your potential audience will definitely admire you if you take the time to put effort into exhibiting yourself, even if it’s just for your personal growth.

Decorate your space

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

The show will ask you to decorate your own space, so make sure that is done properly! They’ll give you some guidelines but don’t feel like you have to stick to them.

They want to see how you design your space, what colors you use, whether or not there are patterns, and if anything is too busy or over-the-top. If something touches on politics or society in any way they won’t accept it as a display.

Choose your artwork

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

Choosing your work is an important part of exhibiting at the gallery. You do not have to show in the museum every month, but it is good to know what styles and genres are well-received so that you can choose ones that are popular or fashionable.

The best way to learn how to exhibit at the gallery is by looking around their exhibition space – there are always announcements about new exhibits, as well as interviews with artists who talk about their process. They may also have online tutorials for potential exhibitors!

If you’d like to take things one step further, we have some helpful tips here for getting started as a visual artist.

Create your display

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

When you’re planning to exhibit, there are several key things that determine how successful your exhibition will be. The first of these is creating your display or showing.

You can create your show using any medium – canvas, paper, computer software, etc. You do not have to use paint to depict art! Many artists used materials such as scrap pieces of metal, wood, or plastic to add depth to their paintings.

Whatever you choose, make sure it represents what you want to say and showcase your artistic talent. Don’t pick something because it’s pretty; pick something that means something to you.

Your audience doesn’t care about the decorations surrounding your artwork – they only see the painting so keep the rest simple. Avoid hanging your work up in the middle of other displays as this may distract from yours.

Once you’ve picked your media, framed or unframed does not matter much unless you feel more comfortable with one over the other.

Price your exhibition

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

Staying within budget is an excellent way to showcase your talent and express yourself! The Saatchi Gallery holds their Exhibition Weekend every year in February, which is how most people begin investing into exhibiting as an artist.

The cost of this event includes two tickets for the opening night (February 6th) and three days to view all of the exhibitions ($25 per day). Some artists even receive free entry due to being affiliated with another field or company that sponsors the event. This can add up quickly if you are trying to promote your art practice!

There are many ways to lower the price of your ticketed exhibition. You do not have to sell anything to reduce the costs of attending the show – there are various strategies that can be done.

Promote your exhibition

how do i exhibit at the saatchi gallery

Now that you have decided to exhibit, you will need to promote it! Whilst some galleries offer free entry for attending an opening reception or show, this is not the case for most.

Mostly, this cost is covered by the gallery when they advertise your exhibition. This can be done via their social media pages, fliers posted around the area, word of mouth, etc. They may also cover the costs of shipping and setting up your work.

Many small businesses will help pay these fees for you, especially if you give them a percentage of the profits from your artwork. An easy way to find such business support is through online forums and groups related to art or marketing.