Ever wonder why it’s so expensive to go into business or major in anything other than STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields? It’s because those with money can afford to devote their time to only studying things that are practical and profitable!

That’s not to say there is anything wrong with learning how to do computer programming or physics, but why not also learn about history or literature or art?

These non-technical subjects may be considered “soft” by some, but they are crucial for developing self-knowledge and understanding of the world. They help you hone your communication skills and critical thinking abilities.

When politicians and businessmen talk about investing in education, they usually focus on tuition costs. Because universities have become increasingly dependent on revenue from lucrative academic programs like Business, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM), students are constantly being pressured to turn up in classrooms and teach these courses. This keeps educational budgets heavily skewed towards supporting such programs instead of giving students free access to other areas of study.

In this article, we will look at what it costs to pursue an undergraduate degree in one of the more popular liberal arts disciplines: Literature, History, Art, and Philosophy. We will include our own budget as well as those of professional graders and experts to see just how affordable it really is.

The cost of a degree in liberal arts

Even though tuition has been steadily rising for years, many people are still criticizing the expensive nature of attending college as it is today. It can be difficult to make an argument against higher education when you’re spending large sums of money every year. However, there are ways to get out-of-school educational loans more efficiently by looking at the costs of different types of degrees.

By comparing like with like, it becomes clear that some majors are much more expensive than others. For example, buying a business major’s hoodie or jeans is not going to set you back very much compared to purchasing a marketing degree’s shirt. Similarly, studying sociology will cost you less than studying psychology or criminal science.

This article will look into the average price of various bachelor’s degrees and how much student loan debt each one creates for their graduates. We’ll also compare some popular Bachelor’s Degree Programs so you can see which ones may be your best option.

Popular degree programs in liberal arts

how expensive is liberal arts

Recent graduates who are able to easily transition into other fields can sometimes find it difficult to land employment with their education. More and more employers do not value an art or music major, nor does requiring such a major add significant cost to attend college.

Liberal arts degrees have become increasingly expensive due to escalating tuition costs as well as increasing demand. Employers feel that these students do not develop practical skills beyond writing well and presenting self-reflective essays.

These majors cannot be directly translated into professional success because they lack academic subjects like mathematics, business, science, and technology. These areas are becoming ever more important for career success, making all but art and music useless credentials at most educational institutions.

Education is a very costly field, which only increases when additional fees such as student loans are factored in. All too often BAs struggle with finding work and staying employed due to the dwindling usefulness of their degree.

Potential job markets for a degree in liberal arts

how expensive is liberal arts

One of the biggest reasons why people drop out of college is because they do not know what to expect next. They are spending large amounts of money studying something that has no clear market value.

Dropping out can be disastrous when you run out of money, or worse, lose your home due to excessive debt. It is important to research how well an education in art, music, literature, or theater will prepare you for the workforce.

Certain degrees (such as those in business) may not require a significant amount of learning beyond basic math and literacy skills. However, other areas like communication studies teach you how to write and speak clearly, which are just as necessary to succeed.

These two areas alone are enough to make attending college worth it.

Sample degree programs in liberal arts

how expensive is liberal arts

Many people debate about whether an education in art, music or literature is worth it because they feel that all these departments cost too much money to be worthwhile. These departments have you paying tuition every year to learn how to create beautiful artistic pieces and to understand concepts like poetics and rhetoric!

Some even say that students who major in these areas are overpaying themselves by studying things that can be learned outside of school. But this argument completely ignores the importance of these subjects for creating understanding and empathy in your student.

These fields teach you about storytelling, poetry, history and sociology, just to name a few. They help develop reasoning skills and self-knowledge which are important foundations for success.

Liberal arts degrees typically focus on teaching students how to think critically about the world. By doing so, they give their graduates a leg up in personal development and career success.

Tips for selecting a school

how expensive is liberal arts

The cost of attending an expensive college depends mostly on two things: how much you pay to go there, and what kind of student you are.

The first thing is self-explanatory: the more you pay to attend a particular school, the higher the price tag will be. This includes tuition, fees, room and board, and other related expenses like transportation.

The second factor comes down to personal preferences in education. Some people prefer having larger classes with less individual attention, while others value the one-on-one interaction that teachers offer. These differences in teaching styles can make some schools seem more expensive than it really is.

Overall, though, the price of going to a university is escalating at a very rapid rate! The most expensive universities in this country are all increasingly pricey due to growing demands and competition.

Applying for financial aid

how expensive is liberal arts

When you’re an undergraduate student, attending college can feel like a never-ending process. There are so many things to do that it often gets overlooked how expensive education is!

Not only does higher education cost money, but different programs at universities have very different tuition costs as well. Some students may find social relationships helpful in their studies, while others benefit more from studying under solitude. Having access to good resources and learning about new topics help you learn and grow.

Financial aid is important to attend school without worries because schools offer scholarships and grants to students. It is not limited to paying all your tuition bills, there are many ways to get funding for what you want to study.

Popular majors in liberal arts

how expensive is liberal arts

Many students choose to major in popular majors like business, psychology, sociology, or political science because they seem practical. But this is not always the case! Students should be aware that studying these popular majors can cost a lot of money unless they are paid for directly through the department.

Liberal arts departments do not typically offer many scholarships or financial aid packages. If you are an out-of-town student looking to attend your favorite college by paying less than half price, this may not be the best option.

Regularly attending classes can easily add up, especially if you are taking several difficult courses at once. It is important to budget properly before coming into school so you do not spend more than what you have allowed.

Students who feel overwhelmed from all the additional responsibilities added onto their plate can find it hard to focus on academic work.

Popular career paths in liberal arts

how expensive is liberal arts

Being an artist, musician, or writer is a tough job that can be expensive to do well. If you don’t have much money, it can be even harder to make it as a professional artist, musician, or writer.

Starting at about $25,000 for every year of education (including student loans) you want to pursue these fields, there are many ways to develop your talent without spending a large amount of money.

In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to hone your artistic skills while using resources that cost no more than what you would typically spend on food.

We will also look into how to take music lessons beyond just listening to songs. These types of lessons will teach you how to play the instrument better by having you use real instruments.

What if you already know how to play the guitar? You can still get great advice from a teacher! By investing in good quality materials, you will learn something new.