This article will talk about how liberal Georgetown is by using examples and definitions. Then, it will discuss some statements made by students at the university to see if they match the definition of liberal or not.

The first thing we should note about this essay topic is that there are two different ways to define what makes an individual or group “liberal” or “conservative”. One way is social-political orientation, where someone is considered more liberal if they have more progressive politics and ideologies. The other way is moral orientation, where someone is considered more liberal if they hold more liberal values than conservative ones.

It is very possible for someone to be extremely political oriented but still possess very conservative morals. For example, someone who believes in lower taxes but also believes in supporting institutions like the military with money and resources. Or someone who supports capitalism but doesn’t believe people deserve universal health coverage. These individuals may call themselves conservatives, but their beliefs show that they are actually liberals.

At the same time, you can be politically right winged and morally moderate or even ethically questionable. Someone might be staunchly anti-choice while also encouraging drinking and smoking. They could argue that children should work hard in school instead of receiving free education, so learning becomes dependent on parents spending money on private tutors. All of these things are morally neutral or negatively inclined, but they are clearly not ideal for our society.

There are many conservative students

how liberal is georgetown university

At least one student at Georgetown has made it clear that he does not consider himself to be liberal. In fact, he did not even know what being liberal meant before coming to college!

The student in question went so far as to state that liberals do not have strong family values because they use drugs and drink alcohol. He also mentioned how people with money are considered more intelligent than those who are less wealthy.

These two statements clearly show his lack of knowledge about liberalism.

Furthermore, he said that women should enjoy submitting to men and sex is a form of torture for women since it makes them feel bad. All of these beliefs are very opposite from what most people identify as liberal.

There are many liberal professors

how liberal is georgetown university

Social justice is everywhere you look in academia. It seems like every professor has at least one major topic they focus their class time on, if not more. These topics tend to be about race relations, gender inequalities, social justice issues, etc.

These classes typically have students attending them from all different backgrounds, which makes it hard for there to be an “average” student. This diversity of people can sometimes make it difficult to know what kind of answers the teacher will ask you to give.

Some teachers may even ask questions that seem biased or controversial. In these cases, how well you prepare for the lecture can play a big part in how much bias you learn.

Another way some professors use in order to teach social justice is by having guest lecturers come to talk to his/her class. Because this is not necessarily connected with employment at the university, these speakers can be anyone — such as a famous author, activist, politician, or business leader.

By having these guests, the classroom experience changes completely, and the audience becomes very diverse. Not only does this variety of speaker create an interesting setting, but it also allows for new lessons to be learned.

There are many conservative professors

how liberal is georgetown university

Recent events at Georgetown prove that not every professor at this Jesuit university is politically liberal. In fact, there are quite a few conservatives teaching classes here!

In October 2017, Professor Daniel Miers hosted an event with speaker Carl Benjamin, also known as “Baked Alaska” or “Cake Boy.” During his talk, Miers asked whether supporting the death penalty for people who commit murder is morally acceptable.

Benjamin argued that it is not because murderers take away someone else’s life but their own. Therefore, they deserve to be punished even more severely. Many of these murders occur in places where the murderer knows no one will help them so they feel free to go out and hurt others, he said.

This inspired several questions about why we should care for strangers outside our community, and what would make us willing to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. It also raised concerns about how much money some murderers earn after committing heinous acts like killing and robbing people in their workplace or school.

There are many liberal students and conservatives students mix together

Many people think that all college students are politically active, but this is definitely not the case at most large universities like Georgetown.

At Georgetown, there are very few political groups of any kind. There is no conservative group on campus, for example. This means that it’s easy to feel isolated or even persecuted because you don’t agree with the other students around you.

Many students who go through college as neutral individuals often leave with their sense of self-identity destroyed.

It can be difficult to identify with things that you aren’t exposed to in your environment, especially when those things make you feel good about yourself. This can have an adverse effect on your academic performance, since you may need some support after being made to feel bad about yourself.

There are many leftist students

how liberal is georgetown university

At least one student at Georgetown has made it very clear to other people that they do not represent this school’s values.

On Tuesday, March 5th, Professor of Government Affairs for The Leadership Council John McAdams wrote an article titled “Why Are Conservatives So Angry About Free Speech?” in which he discussed how conservatives have become increasingly intolerant towards free speech due to its misuse by those with hateful ideologies.

He then mentioned a recent event at his own alma mater where conservative commentator Dave Rubin was prevented from speaking because his views were too offensive.

There are many right-wing students

how liberal is georgetown university

Many conservatives attend college to have fun, make friends, and learn how to defend their beliefs in a hostile environment. They may even find themselves having an argument or debate with other students about politics!

Some conservative students choose to actively participate in student groups by serving as presidents, members, or both. Others just show up to watch others argue for the sake of learning more about political ideologies.

Many people describe attending college as a time when they learned who their true friends were. In the case of conservative students at Georgetown, they made several important friendships that will last a lifetime.

Georgetown is a beautiful campus located in Washington D.

There are many Democratic students

how liberal is georgetown university

Many people associate college with young, liberal individuals who have little respect for authority and want to create a culture where only their beliefs matter. This is not the case at all at Georgetown!

Georgetown has some of the most politically conservative student groups in America. The school even boasts about it!

Many of these groups offer scholarships to attend the university so students can study there free of cost!

Other than coming from very wealthy families, no one knows what political ideology these students possess. They are able to remain neutral and avoid making an impact on them until they enter into the classroom.

Faculty and staff at Georgetown do a good job educating students about different ideologies but outside of the classroom there is very little exposure to this.

Overall, students at Georgetown are very sheltered and protected from differing opinions. This helps keep them in a limited mindset that everything that they read in the media is true and cannot be questioned.

There are many Republican students

how liberal is georgetown university

Many people think that attending an exclusive school like Georgetown makes you a more liberal person. This is not always the case though, because being educated to a high level means you know how to use logic in reasoning and understanding concepts, which are important parts of our society.

Education can make us more open-minded towards other cultures, but it will never change what political party we belong to. We’re born with certain beliefs and values that we hold true as humans, and education only adds to this.

It may sound cliché, but knowledge is power. If someone says something that goes against your morals or beliefs, find out why they say that thing and determine if their argument makes sense.

Georgetown is a great university that teaches its students about politics, history, and culture from all over the world. It also cultivates close community bonds that strengthen student spirits.

Facilities such as the Marriott Library allow for easy access to educational resources. The library even has a free computer program through Microsoft called OneDrive where you get 2GB per user, plus unlimited video streaming.

These things help students stay connected and learn. Being at a prestigious institution definitely gives you an edge over others who aren’t quite as well rounded.