In this article, we will be talking about how liberal Georgia is. We will also talk about some of the things that show how conservative it can sometimes seem. This includes not only policies, but also politics like voting for Democrats or Republicans.

So let’s get started!

Does Georgia have an elected governor? Absolutely! And he or she changes every year!

Does Georgia have an elected state legislature? You bet! They even hold elections every other year!

Does Georgia have an organized party system? Oh yes! There are currently five major parties in Georgia.

Now, all of these mentioned positions are very important to keep up with if you want to influence local government policy and electoral chances.

But there’s one more position that most people don’t think about when it comes to political office in Georgia: mayor. After all, who wants to live in a city where nobody gets along?

Luckily, we have data to help us determine just how much liberals make up in the state of Georgia.

The election of Hillary Clinton

how liberal is georgia

As I mentioned earlier, there are two main political ideologies in America- liberal and conservative. While it is very easy to define what each ideology stands for, determining how much one belongs to either category is a little more difficult.

That is because not only do people change their beliefs as they grow up, but also because different individuals have different definitions of what an ideological term means. In fact, even within individual’s own opinions, they can sometimes be close to or opposite themselves.

For example, many conservatives believe that social welfare programs such as food stamps, free college tuition, and health care are too generous. However, we know that Donald Trump made his name by offering low income Americans such services so he is definitely not representing the Republican Party when it comes to that!

Similarly, some liberals may use the word ‘conservative’ to describe someone else’s views but mean something completely different by it. For instance, some leftists say that anyone who does not agree with all of their policies is just like Hitler.

So, how well do you know your party? If you had to guess which ones were closer to being defined as liberal and which ones were defined as conservative, then you would probably pick wrong every time. This shows how hard it can be to tell if someone is socialist, communist, or fascist!

Political scientists and scholars refer to this as the fuzzy nature of politics.

The election of Mitt Romney

how liberal is georgia

As already mentioned, President Obama won in 2012 because he was able to turn out his base- Democratic voters- while also appealing to moderate Republicans and independents. He spent most of the campaign trying to win over conservative votes that were left empty at the polls.

In contrast, Governor Romney focused almost exclusively on winning over liberal Democrats and independent voters. This is evident by how little money he raised from large donors and how few endorsements he had coming out early on.

He even refused the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention until it was too late!

This made it easy for President Obama to focus his energy on mobilizing his own supporters instead of worrying about whether or not Mr. Romney would be an adequate leader. It also gave him time to hone his message before the general election.

Governor Romney never seemed like he belonged in the White House and this was apparent when watching his speeches and interviews. This poor image of the candidate only hurt him more with undecided and pro-Obama voters.

It is very difficult to appeal to liberals if you do not seem like you want to achieve big things and are not self confident in your beliefs. So, Senator Sanders didn’t face much resistance when he backed away from the nominating process and let someone else take control.

While this may have been frustrating for many people who wanted to see some action, it proved valuable for the future of the party.

The election of Barack Obama

how liberal is georgia

When you look at how liberal or conservative a state is determined by two main factors, past voting behavior and political showings. Past voters are gathered into three categories depending on if they voted for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or no candidate in the 2016 presidential elections. And voter turnout plays a big role in whether an area votes more like it did in years past, by electing either one party over the other, or staying with the same party.

The first factor looks at whether people in the past have been very democratic-leaning (vote for Democrats) or republican-leaning (vote for Republicans). If this is the case then we can say that the region is politically polarized. Political polarization occurs when there is a strong urge to flock to either side of the aisle, thus creating an ever widening gap between the most extreme parts of each party.

This is not typically a good thing because it creates less compromise and action being taken off the table. Political parties will sometimes find middle ground on issues, but only when both sides agree!

Regionally, however, there are some areas where voters tend towards one side or the other. Some regions may be more democratized than Republicanized, while others could be more republicanized than democratized. This does not mean that individuals within those areas are not passionate about their beliefs, but rather that the party as a whole is lukewarm towards them at best.

Georgia is a liberal state

how liberal is georgia

This does not mean that California, New York, or Massachusetts are any less than when they were last mentioned. It means that in today’s America, there are more liberals than ever before.

In fact, according to Gallup, nearly half of all Americans now identify as either very liberal or liberal. That’s up from around one-third just two decades ago!

And while it may sound crazy, you actually have to go out of your way to find conservatives in America these days.

It took us until 2014 to see our second straight year with no member of Congress scoring above 40% for being conservative. (The average was 41%) And even then only four members did so. Three of those came from heavily Democratic districts where voters might associate them with big business. The fourth was Rep. Dave Reichert who barely won his district back in 2012 and has been considered relatively moderate since he first ran here in 2002.

Not coincidentally, polls show most people outside of rural areas east of the Mississippi River feel like liberal ideas work better for helping people and the economy.

So if we look at how many Republicans and Democrats run their local campaigns, it seems clear which side of the aisle wins more often.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what politicians in different parts of the country say about themselves in our Political Courage Test.

Georgia is a Republican state

how liberal is georgia

This clearly isn’t the case anymore, as you can see from all of the articles I have mentioned in this article! If anything, it seems like liberal politicians are in the minority in Georgia these days.

It was only five years ago that Governor Nathan Deal (Republican) was elected into office. Since then he has been accused of doing too much for his constituents while at the same time being surrounded by an expensive staff. He is also known to make headlines with controversial statements about politics and public life.

Most recently, he said that people who vote for Democrats show “poor moral character” because they use welfare programs such as Food Stamps and Medicaid.

He made this statement during a televised debate where he was asked whether or not Social Security was a good idea. Luckily, most media reports agree that his comment received mixed reactions but overall negative feedback.

However, some social conservatives were outraged by his comments and even called for him to be fired. Many believe that his remarks go against what it means to be a true conservative and that he does not care about helping others.

Overall though, his approval rating remains relatively low. In fact, a survey found that only one out of every two Georgians approve of how he did his job as governor.

This shows that although there may be many liberals running around trying to get votes, very few actually succeed in changing the political landscape in the state.

There are more liberals in Georgia

how liberal is georgia

In America, there is no unified political party that controls both houses of Congress and the White House. Only two such “two-party systems” exist: The Republicans and the Democrats.

The Republican Party has historically been considered to be the conservative party, while the Democratic Party has been seen as the liberal party.

However, this picture is becoming increasingly blurry for most Americans. Over the past few decades, the GOP has veered far right, taking positions that are very close to those of the Conservative Party in other countries. At the same time, the Democrat Party has shifted left, adopting stances that are completely opposite from what they were like 30 years ago.

This article will talk about how liberalism is currently dominating in Georgia, and how that situation can easily change in future elections. It also will discuss some surprising statistics about American liberalism.

There are more Republicans in Georgia

how liberal is georgia

A lot of people talk about how “liberal” California is, but I believe there’s another state that gets overlooked when talking about which ones are more liberal. That state is Georgia!

I don’t know why people seem to forget this, but back before Trump got elected President, every single one of our Senate seats was held by a Democrat. And not just any Democrat, but a progressive populist Democrat who ran on things like Medicare for All, free college tuition, and tax hikes on rich people.

So it made sense that most of these Senators were left-leaning. But now we have someone with very little experience outside of business owning the presidency.

And even though he has appointed many conservatives to key positions in his administration, he doesn’t really agree with them at all. For example, look no further than his choice for national security adviser.

The Washington Post reported last week that General HR McMaster does not share Trump’s views on Russia and Vladimir Putin. He also reportedly called some of Trump’s comments racist. Both of those things are definitely bad, so it’s great to see him gone!

But what happens after Trump leaves office? Because let’s be real, if he somehow manages to pull off a second term, then America will probably need somebody to run this country effectively.

McMaster already told reporters that he would stay through December 2020 because of his commitment to “effective leadership.

There are more conservatives in Georgia

how liberal is georgia

Liberals often cite California as an example of their state, but there is a difference between having lots of liberals in one area and it being considered a liberal area.

In fact, most of California is quite conservative! Only 5% of Californians identify as very liberal or as a strong Democrat. Another 17% call themselves moderate, while 27% say they are conservative and 35% describe themselves as neither political affiliation nor voter identification.

This means that only about half of all California residents consider themselves either very left-leaning or Democratic. On the other hand, only 1% identify as extremely right-wing and 2% as Republican.

So clearly, not everyone in California considers itself a part of the Left Coast. In fact, almost two thirds (63%) disagree with the statement “California is a good model for how to run a government”, making it the most populous state in America that disagrees with this claim.