The term “liberal” has different meanings across America, but one thing is constant — liberals tend to be more socially liberal than conservatives.

That is, most liberals are pro-choice, they favor legalizing marijuana, and they believe that people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies (including choosing not to have sex or use contraceptives).

In contrast, many conservative politicians are moralists who believe that people should abide by set standards in terms of what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not.

Some conservative politicians will make an effort to appear tolerant and open-minded — but this only means that they will tell you that it is okay to choose between two things that seem about the same to them.

For example, some conservative politicians might say that abortion is morally wrong, but that doesn’t stop them from supporting funding for international family planning clinics or promoting free birth control at their annual charity event.

The state is considering a tax increase

how liberal is virginia

This past week, Governor Ralph Northam signed into law what he called “The Fair Shot Act” or more commonly known as the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill. While this may sound like another gender discrimination legislation, this one goes even further than that!

This new bill will raise the salary threshold at which employers are considered to be in violation of equal pay laws from being paid 80% – 90% of their opposite sex colleagues’ wages to any wage that is not substantially less than theirs.

It also raises the minimum employee number needed to prove unequal compensation to two instead of just one person. If these changes are put into effect, it would make it much easier to prove workplace inequity and ensure adequate legal action is taken.

However, there is an important caveat here – the employer must agree to participate in the investigation before anyone takes action. In other words, they cannot simply dismiss the accusations because they don’t want to spend money on lawyers.

Given how common wage inequality is in America and how little actually gets done about it, I think we can all agree that this sounds like a good idea.

Virginia has recently legalized marijuana

how liberal is virginia

In November 2017, voters in Colorado voted to legalize recreational use of cannabis, making it one of eight states that have fully legal weed. Since then, many other States have also approved medical or adult-use pot.

However, before we can really say that America is now a totally liberal nation when it comes to drugs, there’s one state that still bans them altogether. This state is our own home base for this article!

Virginia is still very much a conservative state when it comes to politics and drug policy. They are some of the most lenient legislators in terms of legalizing hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, but they do not allow people to grow their own marijuana plants either as individuals or businesses.

This article will look at the history of cannabis legalization in Virginia, why people continue to be opposed to it, and what politicians are doing about it these days.

Virginia has a Democratic governor

how liberal is virginia

While Democrats have controlled both the Senate and House of Representatives in our state’s history, it was not until after World War II that they held every seat in all three branches of government. Since then, however, we have seen an incredible amount of success for the party in electoral politics.

Governor Ralph Northam is probably one of the most liberal politicians in America. He even received national attention when he declared his support for the impeachment and removal of President Trump back in February.

Northam made this statement at a conference hosted by Democracy Works! Just last week, he appointed Jacob Frey to be mayor of Minneapolis, making him the first openly gay person elected into city leadership there.

These are just two examples of how political liberals dominate positions across the country. And although Republicans still hold majorities in the General Assembly, voters sent a strong message to legislators earlier this year when they rejected giving Governor McAuliffe’s proposed budget (which includes tax cuts) the same weight as the current budget.

This article will focus on some ways that everyday people can get involved and promote liberalism in their area.

Virginia is close to Washington D.C.

how liberal is virginia

People often refer to Virginia as being “relatively liberal” because it is closer in proximity to Washington, D.C. than any other state. This perception of liberalism comes mostly from media coverage and political advertisements.

These ads usually feature politicians talking about how their party is the “better choice for students, job opportunities, and healthcare.” The term “choice” seems to insinuate that one option is better than another.

This implication is false. It assumes that one option is inherently better than the others. Only things that are good can be choices. A worthy candidate cannot be chosen if they do not exist.

Virginia is close to the rest of the country

While some people may consider themselves liberal, or even socialist, in nature, that isn’t necessarily the case. Liberals are simply people who value equality over inequality.

In other words, they believe all individuals have an equal right to live life as wealthy as anyone else. They also believe all individuals have an equal right to health care, education, and opportunity free from discrimination.

Liberals frequently voice their support for social programs such as healthcare, educational funding, and job opportunities for everyone. All of these things contribute to creating a healthier community for its members.

Furthermore, liberals promote environmental protection and sustainability because they recognize the importance of our natural resources like air, water, and land. We must preserve them for future generations.

Finally, liberals strive for open communication and understanding which can only help us form strong relationships.

Virginia is close to the rest of the states

how liberal is virginia

Liberals love to bash America as a land of rich people, but that isn’t always true! In fact, most Americans live in or near major cities, which are expensive.

This means that most people living outside of these metropolitan areas have little-to-no income beyond what they bring home every day.

Furthermore, city dwellers often use public transportation to get around so they don’t own a car. It is very common for someone who lives far from a metro area to not know anyone with a vehicle.

This can be tough when you want to go somewhere, because you don’t have your own transportational tool. Luckily, the internet is full of ways to get paid to take public transit.

Virginia is a popular destination for tourists

how liberal is virginia

People come to Virginia from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful natural scenery, sports teams that win big games, and rich history.

Many people also come here because they want to live in a city with many opportunities close by. Or maybe they are looking to start their own business or go into the health field.

Virginia has something for everyone!

If you are looking to spend your money at places that emphasize service and education, then consider moving to Virginia. There are plenty of high quality schools here. And if you are interested in learning more about different cultures, there are many cities with lots of diversity.

For example, Chesapeake has been ranked as one of America’s most ethnically diverse large municipalities. It was even mentioned on our list of The 20 Funniest Town Names Because Seriously.

Virginia is a popular destination for retirees

how liberal is virginia

Many people live their lives in retirement planning to relax and enjoy what they have, which can sometimes be limited due to financial constraints. Fortunately, however, there are many great things you can do as a retired person in Virginia. You can visit museums, attend sports events, and explore new areas around your home or houseboat.

There’s an old saying that “the best thing about living in a small town is that it’s close to big cities,” but with technology this isn’t true quite so much anymore. With every device able to connect to the internet, traveling just doesn’t feel like a hassle any more.

It’s easy to start exploring out of state after spending some time here in America! There are plenty of ways to stay connected while not requiring too much money unless you want international calling or wireless access. Some states offer activity discounts or even free calls and texts if you are a local resident.

Many towns across Virginia have active senior citizen groups that get together once a week for activities or social gatherings. Find one near you and join in! It’s a great way to make friends and keep busy.