Liberals have made great strides in our country, but we still have a long way to go before we can say that America is completely liberal. Just because someone’s political stance seems very liberal doesn’t mean they are not conservative at their core!

Many people who call themselves liberals actually live off of government welfare programs and contribute nothing else to society. These individuals would be categorized as conservatives outside of how much money they make!

Other examples of this include people who claim to love everyone while actively protesting against things like having an armed police force or teaching children about anatomy.

Not only do these types of people not support such initiatives, they often openly criticize them. People who identify as liberals usually talk a good game, but when it comes down to putting their beliefs into action, well…they don’t quite work.

Liberalism is a wonderful concept, but if you want to see true progress for this planet and its inhabitants then you must also be willing to make sacrifices. We need to reduce pollution, conserve resources, and stop supporting companies that produce harmful products. All of these actions will help ensure future generations have a better life than ours.

Fortunately, we live in a time where such changes are happening faster than ever before. Creating awareness and educating others is one of the most important things that every individual can do to help create the change that we all desire.

Yale University and the Democratic Party

how liberal is yale

Liberals have consistently accused conservatives of being bigots for their staunch defense of capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, and the United States as an exceptional nation. But what if we look at the other side?

Conservatives often accuse liberals of harboring strong Marxist or communist ideologies in their beliefs. Some even go so far as to say that liberalism is inherently socialist or communism.

These theories assume that socialism and Communism are equivalent terms with similar meanings. Both refer to economic systems where the state owns all property and citizens receive government benefits according to their social status.

Some socialists believe that this system will eventually lead to a dictatorship run by powerful elites, but others think it can’t get there because people will revolt.

Many communists also believe that capitalist societies will one day collapse due to rampant inequality. They cite examples like the wealthy owning most of the wealth while the poor struggle to survive every day as proof of this theory.

However, not everyone agrees about what defines a Socialist or Communist country. Some experts define Socialism as any form of democratic governance, whereas Communists call themselves that very name. Others describe them both as governments that nationalize industries and/or property under the control of the State.

Any of these definitions make it difficult to tell whether someone is truly a Socialist or Communist unless they proclaim it openly. This makes it hard to know who actually holds those ideological labels.

History of the Democratic Party

how liberal is yale

The Democrats have always been a liberal party. They were simply called liberals back in the days when Teddy Roosevelt was president!

The word “liberal” comes from the Latin word liber, which means “free.” Originally, liberalism referred to someone who lived a free life, or had freedom in them. In fact, the term “liberty” is derived directly from the word liberal!

Over time, as societies develop, so do people’s ideas about what it takes to be free. For example, during the Enlightenment era, Europeans came up with several different ideas about how best to make sure everyone has freedom. Some thought that individuals should be allowed to speak any kind of nonsense, and others that only people with rich parents can afford to go to school, etc., are true ways to ensure freedom for all. These philosophies gathered together into one idea: governments should keep power down, put forth policies that benefit the average person, and trust that people will choose the right things for themselves.

That philosophy made its way across the Atlantic Ocean, and today we know it as liberalism! Since our nation’s founding, the Democrat Party has been dominated by ideals of liberty, equality, and democracy.

So just because the name changes doesn’t mean anything significant has changed about the ideology of the party. But still, it’s an interesting look at how one word can shift perception of an entire political group.

Political views of Yale students

how liberal is yale

Recent surveys have asked college students to select one of several statements and see which ones best describe their beliefs. One such survey, conducted in May by Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, asks respondents whether they agree with each statement about “social justice,” a term that is not defined but typically refers to policies like affirmative action and open borders.

Another recent poll was done last year for The New York Times and PBS by YouGov and found that only 17% of Americans are considered politically moderate. Seventeen percent! If you’re reading this article now, I would say that most people consider yourself at least somewhat liberal.

But what does it mean to be a political conservative? According to another popular definition, someone who believes in small government, lower taxes, and moral values is considered right-of-center. But some argue that those things are actually left-leaning because big business has too much influence over our politicians.

And while many perceive liberals as more compassionate than conservatives, some experts claim that quality of life simply doesn’t exist beyond your socioeconomic status.

Popular Yale universities

how liberal is yale

One of the most well-known institutions that comes out of New Haven, Connecticut is Yale University. Known for its strong academic program and beautiful campus, Yale has become a beacon for students all over the world.

Yale was founded in 1754 by Eleazer Wheeler Whitney as an undergraduate institution with only six students. It wasn’t until 1841 when the first graduate school was established making it one of the youngest degree granting schools in North America.

Since then, Yale has continued to grow and expand. Over the past two centuries, more than 60 percent of graduating seniors have received either a bachelor’s or master’s degree from the university. There are currently around 28,000 undergraduates enrolled at Yale.

However, not every student attending Yale feels like they are part of the “in crowd.” Many people feel alienated and isolated due to the rich culture that exists at Yale.

Some examples include: professors who use jargon and slang exclusively, heavy drinking cultures, and wealthy underclassmen ostracizing lower income students from resources such as dining halls. These types of behaviors create an atmosphere where only the very rich or elite are accepted.

Another example is athletics. Since sports play such an important role at Yale, there is a large amount of money spent on them. Students may find themselves excluded if they aren’t involved in these games because of wealth.

See all of Hillary Clinton’s scandals

how liberal is yale

Many people have made their case that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton should be voted out of her position due to her unethical behavior while in office, but one of the most damning accusations is arguably her involvement with what has been called “the Clinton Foundation.”

The term “Clinton Foundation” can mean several different things to different people depending upon who you ask and when. But no matter which definition you choose, it always seems to imply that Hillary or someone close to her gave away large sums of money to help promote The Clinton Family Fund.

This article will use the first definition — the ones that say the foundation gives away money to aid The Clinton Family Fund. This will include examples such as donating money to charity after being paid for speaking at an event, doing sponsored events, or giving donations to fund charities that benefit from the publicity.

It is important to note that not only does this give away money directly to promote The Clinton Family Fund, but it also uses these benefits to advertise the Clinton Family Fund as well.

What is she hiding?

In an era where social justice has become the new norm at universities across America, few have done as much to promote it as Yale. With its reputation as one of the most politically liberal institutions in America, it seems like every student body president only cares about creating more diversity programs.

This past May, Yale held their annual Greek festival, which celebrates all things Greek. This year’s event was particularly notable because it featured three separate “social justice projects.” These are events that aim to increase racial equality by offering free food or educational opportunities for people of color.

The first project gave students tickets to see The Greatest Showman, a movie about P.T. Barnum who built his career off of promoting false beliefs and self-promotion. Many critics say The Greatest Showman glorifies racism and colonialism, but no one complains when it makes money.

The second project allowed attendees to participate in a game called Truth or Dare. They were asked questions related to race and then they had to state whether each answer was true or false. It was very difficult to play this truth-or-dare without saying something racist or blatantly wrong.

The third project asked participants to pick what kind of music they wanted to listen to and if there any rules attached, suchas you can’t be rude to the other person while listening.

Is she really honest?

how liberal is yale

In an effort to be as liberal as possible, many people will go so far as to say that Ivy League schools like Yale are no longer prestigious. That is not true! Yaling down in prestige is how some students perceive themselves.

Yale may have lost its luster of being a more socially-oriented school with bigger communities, but it has never been about popularity. It was founded to educate intelligent young men from around the world by offering them a great education. And it still does this to this day.

The social aspect of college today seems to be all about creating friendly groups and sharing experiences, which can be fun, but it’s different than what Yale originally intended.

If you want to know if someone is truly honorable and trustworthy, look into their past. Does anyone ever talk bad about them? Do they make mistakes, but get away with them because they seem to genuinely care about others and do good things when nobody is looking? If you find “honesty” in those traits, then he or she is probably okay.

Does she deserve to be president?

how liberal is yale

We can now add another item to the long list of things people say about Hillary Clinton- she does not respect democratic norms. She has broken almost every moral principle that exists in our society, and it is important to recognize this as an extremely significant factor in her political career.

Yale University is a prestigious academic institution with strong ethical standards. As such, they have a code of conduct for students, faculty, and staff which include prohibitions against discrimination, harassment, threats, or violence. Violation of these policies are treated just like any other form of misconduct and face sanctions ranging from warnings to expulsion.

Because of this, there is an online resource where anyone can look up whether or not a public official violates one of the school’s codes of ethics. All you have to do is put their name in as “candidate” and hit search. You will then see if the university says that candidate violated its policy by searching for information about student loans or if they found evidence of corruption. If so, you will also find out what actions were taken against them and why.

This website only works because individuals outside of the academia community contribute content to make sure all candidates are given equal exposure. It seems clear that someone who wants to be President should at least know how unethical politicians behave, and how to avoid being involved in illegal activities. Unfortunately, we cannot assume that everyone wants to keep themselves clean; therefore, we must take action.