Today, there are more than 450 liberal arts colleges across America with nearly 20 million alumni! That’s over 20% of all college graduates that have studied at a liberal arts institution.

There are many reasons why these institutions thrive and grow strong communities. One reason is because they promote an education that cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and self-expression. These qualities help students achieve their academic goals while also helping them find jobs after graduation.

Another important part of what makes a liberal art college special is its commitment to serving as an inclusive community where every student feels accepted and encouraged to explore different ideas and disciplines. This sense of belonging helps students succeed academically and feel comfortable being themselves outside of the classroom.

This article will talk about some famous liberal arts schools in the United States. You may know some of these campuses or maybe you don’t. Either way, we can always learn something new! What I learned from doing my research for this article was how much diversity exists at each school even though some people think all liberal arts universities only accept rich kids.

UC San Diego

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

UC San Diego is one of the few liberal arts colleges that are still around today. This is due to two main reasons. First, they focus very much on community engagement and service learning. Second, they place an emphasis on educating students beyond just knowledge, but also how to live as a moral person.

Liberal arts schools like UCSD promote self-reflection and critical thinking which helps you become more intelligent, but also help you develop other qualities suchas empathy, tolerance, and compassion. These are all important qualityssuch as members of society need to have if we want to expect them of ourselves.

Furthermore, educational institutions should be designed with socialization in mind. Students at UCSD not only learn about different cultures, they get to experience them first hand through student groups and academic departments dedicated to this purpose.

There is a reason why many universities choose to reward their alumni by giving them scholarships or special privileges such as free food in the dining halls. It promotes campus loyalty which is valuable for repeat business.

UC Irvine

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

UC Irvine is one of only two universities that do not offer at least one bachelor’s degree in every liberal arts field. That means they don’t have a business, humanities, or science major!

UCI does, however, offer several master’s degrees in different fields such as education, nursing, and human resources. These are typically considered more professional levels than a bachelor’s degree.

There is also an online Master’s Degree program available from Harvard in media literacy for students who can’t find other ways to improve their knowledge about propaganda.

Cornell University

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell is one of the largest universities in the United States and has been around for more than 200 years.

Cornell boasts that it teaches its students how to think as independent thinkers, which is an important skill when you’re studying anything other than vocational courses.

By learning about different disciplines such as art, literature, music, and social studies, your horizons are broadened and you can apply what you learn to various areas of life.

Furthermore, many employers consider being able to draw upon diverse sources and knowledge sets a valuable asset for professionals.

What makes Cornell even better is that all undergraduates at the university receive not only a top-quality education, but also free tuition along with several thousand dollars per year in scholarships so they do not need to pay expensive college bills.

There are two main campuses at Cornell, the East Campus and West Campus. The East Campus is home to most of the academic departments whereas the West campus is mostly made up of student organizations and facilities.

Dartmouth College

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

Located just outside of Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth is one of the most well-known liberal arts colleges in America.

Dartmouth was founded as a school for young men in 1797 by Eleazar Wheeler, an educator who believed that students should be educated to become moral leaders. He also wanted his pupils to learn how to speak and write clearly so they could achieve success in their lives.

In 1832, Richard Timothy Dwight IV became the college’s fifth president. During his tenure, he expanded the curriculum to include courses like English literature, philosophy, mathematics, science, and art.

Since then, more than half of all bachelor’s degrees awarded at Dartmouth have been in the fields of art or humanities. These include majors such as history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, theater, and women’s studies.

Columbia University

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

Founded in 1754 as King’s College, Columbia quickly became one of America’s most prestigious institutions. Nowadays, however, it has a very different image.

Columbia is famous not just for its academic prestige, but also for being an extremely expensive school. Most students are forced to take out large loans to pay for tuition and living expenses.

Many people complain that attending this university is more about spending money than getting an education. Others say that going to college here is no longer worth the cost because you will get nothing more than a nice degree.

There is some truth to these claims. More than half of all undergraduate students at Columbia receive either a bachelor’s or master’s degree within six years (this number is higher than the national average).

However, this still means that many students spend a lot of time studying things that they do not necessarily care about. It also encourages schools with less competitive admission standards to increase their prices so heavily that only the rich can afford them.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying too much attention to how much your classmates are paid while in college. This article will talk about three types of colleges, along with whether or not they exist at Columbia.

New York University

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

Located just outside of Manhattan, NYU is known for being an academic powerhouse with top-notch programs in many different fields. The school boasts over 80 undergraduate majors as well as 30 graduate programs.

Many students choose to spend their time at NYU exploring all that there is to learn by taking part in one or more of the following studies: art, business, communications, English, foreign languages, humanities, music, political science, psychology, theater, and visual arts.

All these areas are considered liberal arts because they teach you about other subjects while also preparing you for career opportunities in the non-profit, entertainment, health, scientific, professional, and technology sectors.

Stanford University

Stanford is one of the most well-known liberal arts colleges in America. It is also arguably the most prestigious. Not only does it have top ranked academic programs, but its prestige extends far beyond that as well.

Stanford has always been known for its academics. They are very clear about what they want their students to learn while at school and how they want them to relate to others. This emphasis on learning seems to create loyal followers who spend time studying hard with passionate people.

Another important part of Stanford’s reputation comes from its alumni base. Most of these alums keep up contact with each other and work together to promote the college.

Overall, there are quite a few reasons why Stanford should be considered an elite institution. Even though it is not necessarily rich like some wealthy schools, it is still a great place to study.

Harvard University

how many liberal arts colleges are in the us

Harvard is often considered to be at the very top of all liberal arts colleges, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are only two other universities in the United States that bear the title “Liberal Arts College” according to The Princeton Review.

One of those institutions is actually not an actual college at all but rather a graduate school. Harvard University Graduate School of Education (GSE) doesn’t offer any undergraduate degree programs, which makes it more appropriate to call it a professional university than a liberal art one.

Another example of this is Stanford University, where students can choose from among many different majors such as business, education, fine arts or psychology. However, none of these fields require a bachelor’s degree for entry-level employment. This means most people who major in business will need a master’s degree before they can advance their careers.

By including both strong academic foundations and practical skills, like at Stanford, liberal arts degrees prepare you to handle almost anything beyond just studying books.