Recent trends show that there is a dwindling number of liberal arts colleges across America. More than half of all American students attend college now, which means more students are attending universities with larger student bodies.

This is great if you’re a student who wants to meet many different people, but it may be hard for some students to find their community or fit at school when they look around and see only other students like themselves.

There has also been a growing trend towards “siloed education,” where separate departments work independently from each other, creating small communities within the same institution.

These isolated groups can sometimes prevent cross-talk and collaboration beyond your own department. This may not benefit you as an individual student, but could help you in your career after graduation since these collaborations can strengthen relationships between individuals and departments.

Liberal arts schools emphasize educating students through the study of several disciplines, making them unique. But how well this philosophy fits into the educational system today will depend on whether you choose to go into academia or business following gradation.

General courses such as humanities, social sciences, and natural science cover a wide range of topics, ensuring every student learns about something new. These classes typically focus on teaching concepts rather than material, making them good preparation for non-academic careers.

By learning about multiple areas of knowledge, students build fundamental understanding that can be applied to various fields.

University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) was established in Westwood in 1913 as part of the State College system. It became a fully-fledged university in 1964 with the passage of Senate Bill 893 which separated it from the rest of the state colleges.

Since then, UCLA has become one of America’s most well known universities. In addition to its impressive academic record, it is famous for its top ranked athletics programs and large number of student clubs and organizations.

It also boasts some incredible campus landmarks that have made it a popular destination for students and tourists alike. These include the Royce Foundation Library designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Roybal Center for Student Services designed by Cesar Pelli, two winners of the American Institute of Architects’ Architecture Award.

Furthermore, both buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and were inspired by organic shapes and structures found in nature.

University of California, San Diego

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is one of the most well-known universities in America. It is also considered to be a liberal arts university by its academic focus.

UCSD was established in 1949 as the College of General Studies at UC San Diego. In 1965 it became a full undergraduate college with the name UCSD. Since then, it has transitioned into an exclusively graduate school offering over 30 master’s degrees and over 50 doctoral programs.

The student body size of UCSD fluctuates slightly due to shifts in enrollment sizes. However, overall, more students choose to attend UCSD than any other public institution that offers similar levels of education.

There are three main reasons for this. First, UCSD is known around the country as being a very accessible campus with lots of things closeby. Second, many people know about UCSD because they heard or read about their various achievements. These include breaking world records in swimming, track and field, and softball, among others.

Third, the educational quality of each department at UCSD is widely respected. Each faculty member works hard to ensure that his/her department remains top-notified and interesting. This includes having strong research programs, creative ways of teaching, and open discussions about current events and issues.

Overall, these factors contribute to why so many different types of people choose to go to UCSD.

University of Colorado Boulder

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of Colorado, Boulder is one such school that boasts both strong academic programs as well as extensive opportunities for socialization. With over 12,000 students attending the university, there are many ways to connect with people here.

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver has been recognized by US News and World Report as one of America’s Best Schools for integrative medicine.

Students have access to several health facilities on campus through student groups like CU Wellness which offers free screenings and tests along with nutritional counseling services.

There is also an active wellness committee made up of different professionals who work together to promote healthy living. Some of these positions include serving on the food service board or working with the smoking cessation program.

University of Colorado, Denver

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of Colorado, Denver is one of the most well-known liberal arts universities in America. CU has very strong academic programs in many different fields such as art, business, education, humanities, music, nursing, science, social work, and theater to name a few.

The school boasts that over 60 percent of its undergraduate students are involved in some kind of student organization or leadership position. Over 80% of undergraduates participate at least monthly in an educational activity like reading a book, going to class, talking with professors, or doing research.

Many people know about the university through their field of study or professional career but less known is how much the community here works together outside of the classroom. More than half of all degree holders have active membership in various philanthropic organizations or special interest groups related to their field.

These groups help promote learning by bringing educators, professionals, and learners from all areas together for discussions and events. These connections also strengthen the college’s reputation both locally and nationally.

University of Oregon

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of Oregon is one of only two universities that offer both bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts as well as master’s degrees in business administration, making it a dual-degree institution. Both degree programs are considered to be professionally relevant and helpful for students looking to enter into the working world after college.

The university also offers PhD degrees in more than twenty academic departments, including anthropology, economics, English literature, French language and culture, history, journalism, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology, theater art, and women’s and gender studies.

All UO doctoral candidates must complete at least six years of study beyond their undergraduate degree before pursuing advanced research or professional doctorate levels. There are several ways to earn a Ph.D. here at the school, most notably through extended dissertation work or by qualifying for admission into the Faculty Scholars Program.

University of Southern California

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of Southern California (USC) was founded back in 1887 by Reverend Samuel Thomas Lusco, as Los Angeles College. It would not be until 1903 when it received its current name, USC.

In 1963, USC joined the top tier of universities by being accepted into what is now known as the Association of American Universities. This organization has only two other members that are not part of the AIA-ACPA family — one is a Chinese university and the other is an Indian university.

Since then, USC has been working hard to keep up with the rest of the prestigious schools in America.

By doing so, they have made themselves look more attractive to students who want a great education. They have also helped their school become well known beyond state lines.

Many people know USC for their sports teams like football or basketball but less known is how much the school offers a wide range of liberal arts courses. These include things such as psychology, art history, political science, and sociology.

University of Utah

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

The University of Utah is one of only two universities that offer both bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts as well as master’s degree programs in business administration, education, kinesiology, nursing, and social work.

The university was founded in 1891 by Baptist pastor George Sutherland. At the time it opened its doors to 48 students and five faculty members. It took until 1964 for the school to grow into what it is today with more than 19,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 219 accredited academic departments and centers.

Students at the University of Utah are exposed to many different fields and areas of study through various courses and experiences organized into three broad categories: humanities, natural sciences, and professional studies.

Many student organizations exist specifically to connect interested students with each other and their community. Some examples include the Muslim Student Association, the Gay Straight Alliance, and the Students Helping Others Society. These groups bring together people who have similar interests to form communities outside of classes.

In addition to educating students, the University of Utah also works to educate local residents about health issues and services related to mental wellness. For example, they run an annual Suicide Awareness Day event where community leaders talk about suicide prevention strategies and resources.

There is always something happening at the University of Utah whether it be a festival or event organized by a student organization or department. This gives everyone a way to enjoy the campus and meet new people while exploring the area.

Dartmouth College

how many public liberal arts colleges in the us

Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth was established as an agricultural school for farmers in 1787 by Ezra Stiles, first president of Yale University. It became exclusively undergraduate only in 1965.

Since then it has consistently been one of the top ten most popular universities in America. In fact, according to recent data gathered by Business Insider, Dartmouth is ranked the number one liberal arts college in America!

Dartmouth’s strength lies not just in its academic prestige but also in the strong sense of community that exists among students, faculty, and staff. This feeling of interconnectedness contributes greatly to student success.

Many people are familiar with the name “Hopeman” because he wrote the poem “Give Me Your Hand,” which is often recited at Dartmouth home football games. But few know about Hopeman’s grandson, John Green, who wrote some of today’s biggest best sellers such as Looking For Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars.

There is even a story told about how a professor helped change John Green’s life when he read his first draft of what would become The Fault In our Stars. You can find out more about this here.

All these stories tell us two things: First, Dartmouth offers a rich educational experience that goes beyond the classroom; second, the university encourages creativity, self-expression, and personal growth through social connections.