A lot of people think that going into business requires an advanced degree, such as one in marketing or management. This is not always the case though, because anyone can run their own restaurant!

Going into any career field that involves interacting with others requires at least some knowledge of psychology. For example, how to motivate someone else and influence them to do what you want them to do.

Businesses are made up of individuals who work together towards a common goal. If they don’t feel like they can trust each other, it will be hard for them to contribute their effort to ensure the success of the company.

There are many ways to apply psychology in business, but your best bet would be to pick one area that seems interesting to you and learn more about it.

Reading through different books and studying concepts related to this area could help you decide if this is something you would like to pursue.

Six to eight years

An increasingly popular route for students is an arts degree or a liberal arts degree. These are typically not focused in any one area, but rather emphasize understanding of humanities (literature, art, music, etc.), social sciences (political science, psychology, sociology), and natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics).

These degrees often require six to eight years to be completed. Students may focus more on reading books as opposed to taking tests, so there’s less pressure to perform. Also, many employers consider non-scientific backgrounds valuable, since they value knowledge around values, cultures, and communication.

Liberal arts degrees can also be more expensive than other routes like bachelor’s degrees.

Nine to eleven years

liberal arts degree how many years

The degree level of liberal arts is typically categorized into three different areas depending on which department you look at it in, but all are considered important for success in life. These include humanities, social sciences, and natural science or quantitative studies.

Humanities includes subjects like English, history, and psychology. Each of these disciplines teaches us about the study of other things, including literature, sociology, and mental health.

Social Sciences cover topics such as economics, political science, geography, and more. We learn about how to manage resources from economic theory to politics and government.

Natural Science areas focus on math, physics, and biology. This is really only helpful if you want to be a scientist though, because most people who major in one of these have no clue what they’re studying! 🙂

Overall, students that majored in the liberal arts tend to fare better than those with only a bachelor’s degree in either technology or business. They are more likely to succeed in their careers and lives beyond college.

Twelve to fourteen years

liberal arts degree how many years

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can choose to pursue either an MBA or a master’s in business administration (MBA). An MBAM is considered as middle management and aspiring CEOs may consider this route.

A master’s of science in business administration is similar to having a BA with an extra year under their belt. This way, you’ll have one more chance at investing into professional development before being promoted into leadership positions.

Both programs require about two to three years, but some institutions offer them directly after students graduate high school while others require students to take additional courses. Either way, it’s a solid investment that will benefit you for your career!

Generalists who enjoy learning many different areas are good candidates for these degrees. Both programs provide training in organizational theory, finance, marketing, communication, etc.

Fifteen to seventeen years

liberal arts degree how many years

After graduating with either an English, history or political science degree, you can choose from several different career paths that are related to these fields. These include teaching elementary school, middle school, or high school, working in publishing, journalism, marketing, or advertising, and many other possibilities!

Teaching is one of the most popular degrees students look into after graduation. Teachers are needed at every level – beginning with pre-kindergarten to advanced college courses.

Some positions require a bachelor’s degree while others only require a master’s or professional degree, so it is important to know what each position requires before deciding where to study.

Education is something that everyone should consider as a career path, whether it be academically or socially oriented.

Eighteen to twenty years

liberal arts degree how many years

After graduating with either an art, music, theatre or communication degree, how many years do you have left before you can be considered fully employed? This is determined by two things; your field and level of education.

In the media industry, entry-level positions are for people who have at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism. And while some companies may not require a college diploma as proof of talent, having one definitely raises your market value.

So what kind of jobs can someone with just a high school diploma get? The best way to describe it is “otherwise occupied.” For example, if you’re already doing something related to cinema (like filming or producing), then getting a higher degree wouldn’t really help you advance beyond that stage.

But if you’re looking to move up within the movie business, owning a Bachelor’s degree will give you a better chance of being chosen over other applicants without one. It also doesn’t hurt to consider it a good investment since most students spend lots of money studying and traveling when they’re not working.

There are several ways to gain employment after graduation aside from going straight into the job hunt. Some employers don’t expect employees to be careerists so much as individuals with skills that match their own. These types of positions aren’t necessarily well paid but they’ll put more effort into helping you develop your talents.

Twenty-one to twenty-four years

liberal arts degree how many years

The degree level of Bachelor’s is either a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. A bachelor’s degree is usually attained after four years of study, so anyone with at least two years under their belt can consider themselves advanced in studies!

A second master’s degree will take one to two additional years depending on what field you are studying in. For example, if your initial major was business then you would need to find another area that fits your skills better and study for a second masters there.

A doctoral (or PhD) degree takes three to five more years dependent on which field you choose. This depends on whether you are doing research or not and whether it is practical training or about expanding knowledge.

There are many different fields people have doctorates in, like education, medicine, arts and humanities, etc. So even if you don’t want to be an artist, teacher or physician, you can still achieve this degree.

Twenty-five to twenty-seven years

liberal arts degree how many years

After graduating with either an art or humanities degree, most students are still in school for at least another year depending on whether they choose to go into teaching or not. Most schools require you to be a student for two additional years after graduation to teach high school classes!

This is due to state educational laws that regulate how many years you can work as a teacher before being fully certified.

Most people who enter teaching do so because they want to make a difference through education. Being able to inspire young people to read, mathematics, and science is very powerful and worth it, even if only slightly.

Teachers also gain experience outside of the classroom such as working with children, managing others, and leadership. All of these skills are important to succeed as a professional person or officer of business or government.

Twenty-eight to thirty years

liberal arts degree how many years

After graduating with either an art or humanities degree, most career paths require at least two years out for graduate school. This is so that you have time to take courses needed to advance your career (for example, social media marketing requires a lot of marketing) and also to find employment after graduation.

Most employers look more favorably upon recent graduates than those who hold older degrees. The earlier in life you are experienced in working, the harder it can be to come onto the workforce platform without professional work experience.

Graduate schools offer various programs such as master’s degrees and Ph.D.’s, so choosing which one is right for you depends mostly on what you want to pursue.

For example, if you want to become a writer, then probably going into journalism/mass communication would be best since they teach you how to write convincingly. If you wanted to teaching, then becoming a professor is the way to go.