A liberal arts degree is not just about learning how to read, write, and do math well, it’s also about educating you as a person. You’ll learn about different cultures, philosophies, religions, and economic systems. This is valuable knowledge that will always be helpful in life.

Most people who earn an advanced degree (such as a bachelor’s or master’s) are the most productive employees they’ve ever had. They’re more likely to stay employed than individuals with only a high school diploma. And research shows that employers prefer workers who have at least one college degree over those without any formal education.

There are many reasons why having an advanced degree adds significant value to your career and personal life. It’s very common for professionals to feel that their own skills range from “good” to “mediocre.” An advanced degree can help you recognize when your performance falls into this category and give you the motivation to improve them.

It may sound crazy, but there are lots of jobs that don’t require much beyond a high school diploma. If you want to keep up with the trends in workplace technology, you’ll need to upgrade your training. Or if you’d like to advance in your field, you’ll need to find ways to hone your skill set.

Liberal arts degrees focus less on specific fields and more on understanding other ideas and approaches.

A degree in the liberal arts is a great base for a variety of career paths

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

The term “liberal art” was first used to describe fields such as literature, music, or painting that focus more on creativity than practical applications. With the rise of technology and communication tools like social media, however, it has become harder to define what makes a field a “liberal art.”

Since most college graduates have at least one degree in either business administration, psychology, communications, or marketing, these fields are no longer considered liberal arts. They are instead categorized as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

With this new definition, it becomes increasingly difficult to argue why a bachelor’s degree in English, history, philosophy, sociology, or anthropology should be paid half as much as those with only a general education.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in marketing

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

Marketing is an ever-evolving field that involves different skills, such as advertising, writing, graphic design, and research. Companies are aware that having a solid base of marketing knowledge comes with strong fundamentals, so they’re looking to add new recruits with these skill sets.

A degree in the liberal arts can be just what you need to prepare for this! While most people associate the term “liberal arts” only with art and literature, it actually refers to any subject that teaches you how to analyze things and learn from experiences both good and bad.

These include areas like psychology, sociology, anthropology, business, creative writing, and more. Because companies look for candidates who can relate to others and are able to communicate well, a degree in the liberal arts could show them you have those qualities.

Additionally, many employers consider educational backgrounds important when hiring. By showing off your academic achievements, you prove that you took your education seriously and learned something beyond the classroom setting.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in advertising

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

Advertising is one of the most popular career paths for recent graduates. Companies look to advertisers to tell their stories through creative marketing strategies and advertisements.

Liberal arts degrees focus more on educating students about different topics, not just literature, history, or math, but also philosophy, economics, political science, and other areas. These are called “liberal” studies because they emphasize learning about how to apply reasoning to understand concepts and beliefs, rather than testing if your knowledge is right or wrong.

With all these points covered, employers look at education as a valuable asset. Many large companies recruit from universities that offer lots of educational programs, so being able to speak about what you learned today in class is important.

This is why having a degree in the liberal arts can be such a powerful tool for employment.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in management

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

As we discussed, the term “liberal art” doesn’t really mean anything beyond being non-technical. But some experts believe that this is what sets these fields apart from other academic disciplines.

Specifically, they think people with degrees in the humanities are more likely to succeed in leadership roles because of their communication skills.

According to career expert Susan Elecicher, cofounder of CareerCast.com, people with humanities backgrounds are particularly well equipped when it comes to verbal discourse. This makes them good speakers who can persuade others about the value of products and services.

Furthermore, according as she told Business Insider, people with humanities degrees are also better listeners. They understand how relationships form and function, which helps in managerial settings, where you’ll have to deal with various individuals.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in marketing

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

With the explosion of technology, there are always new ways to convey messages to people. Whether it is through social media postings or advertisements, marketers use all sorts of tools to gain an edge over their competition.

Being able to describe things clearly and effectively is important for marketer who want to keep up with the trends.

A degree in the liberal arts can be very helpful in achieving this!

Liberal arts degrees focus more on teaching students how to think about concepts and knowledge rather than specific fields or disciplines.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in advertising

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

Advertising is one of the most popular career paths for recent graduates. Jobs in this field require a lot of creativity, so being able to recognize good designs and marketing strategies is an important skill.

Many employers look at educational backgrounds when hiring new employees. Therefore, if you want to be involved in advertising, your best bet is to add some more courses to your repertoire.

A degree in the humanities or social sciences can help you achieve this. For example, adding course credits for Marketing, Business Administration, or Communications will all strengthen your ability to promote products!

Take time to reflect on what areas are interesting to you and learn about them.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in writing

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

Recent studies show that nearly half of all employers look at candidates’ portfolios to determine if they are worthy of an interview or offer. These portfolios can include anything form personal essays to cover letters to LinkedIn profiles to blogs.

In fact, one third of all hiring decisions are made on looking at online content such as social media posts, videos, and presentations. The average company looks at around 10-15 documents per candidate before making their decision.

So what kind of skills and experiences do most employers want to see?

They want to read written material that is clear and concise, uses appropriate grammar and vocabulary, and contains logical reasoning. And they want to see that you invested time into producing your work by paying attention to detail and designing it so it was easy to follow.

A lot of employers also look for examples of your creativity and ingenuity in solving problems. This could be creating new strategies to achieve business goals, coming up with ways to improve processes, or finding creative applications for technology.

It’s important to note though that not every position requires these sorts of skills and achievements. Some positions simply ask about your potential and how well you fit within the team. So even if you don’t necessarily have formal training in writing, other jobs still reward those who are able to demonstrate these traits.

A degree in the liberal arts will help you get a job in marketing campaigns

how much is a liberal arts degree worth

Marketing is one of the most important functions any business has, how well you market yourself or your product determines success or failure for your company.

Businesses look at past performance when deciding whether to hire someone with no experience, so having a solid education in the field is helpful.

This includes studying marketing strategies such as SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, advertising, public relations, etc.

A degree in the liberal arts can be directly applied to marketing fields since many employers look more into an individual’s educational background than their specific major.

For example, people with degrees in English, history, communications, or sociology are all integral parts of successful marketing campaigns.

Liberal arts degrees do not require much time investment outside of classes, making it more accessible to students that may need additional scholarship money.