This article will discuss how to apologize for not showing up.

What does it mean to say you’re sorry? For starters, it means taking responsibility for your actions. You didn’t show up, and you didn’t have the guts to say you couldn’t make it.
“I didn’t show up because I was too ashamed to face you.”

You didn’t show up because of a work meeting or a political campaign meeting. You didn’t show up because you were caught up in your own stuff.

The excuses that you make don’t mean anything. When you didn’t show up, you chose to go elsewhere.

Honesty is essential in a relationshipI was in the middle of a couple session in a town close to where I am from and everything looked so different than I remembered. You can’t go home again, I guess. My husband was with my and the couple I was shooting was ready for a break so I grabbed my husband, set the timer, and loved the results.

Instead of being honest and upfront with your partner, you chose to avoid discussing your behavior by making it seem like you got caught up in something else. You chose to avoid the conversation altogether, and that is a big no-no.

It might be easy to hide behind some lame excuse, or you might not want to deal with the fact that you didn’t show up. However, those excuses will only build up and get worse.

Nothing is more disappointing than opening up your relationship and feeling like your partner is getting their feelings hurt. By choosing not to say anything, you are already putting your partner on the defense.

Now, you are already in the negative column when it comes to this scenario.

What I am getting at is that you don’t want to be a brat. To expect that your partner should just accept your behavior and make the next move is crazy.

You would be surprised at how many men expect their partners just to do what they are asking. How long do you think it will take for them to realize that there isn’t just one person in the relationship?

I know you might not want to “stand your ground,” but you must make the first move to initiate a conversation about this issue.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you were really in a bind and needed some time to put out a fire or didn’t have the guts to do it in the first place, tell them you can’t make it. Again, tell them you didn’t have the time and be honest.

Take ownership of your actionsDon’t let go

If you lied, I would have to tell you that your current situation isn’t a great one.

If you lied, and they knew that you were in trouble, I would have to call you out on it. But you didn’t lie, so I will assume that you aren’t ready for the conversation yet.

It takes more than a few words to be a good communicator. One of the first steps you must take is to take ownership of your behavior. The whole idea of “I’m sorry” means, “I accept that I made a mistake.”

There is no excuse for not saying you are sorry.

Take a look at the following scenario: You have been going to the gym for about a month, and you haven’t lost a pound.

However, you haven’t lost any inches, so why are you not losing weight? I could make the same excuse, but I wouldn’t stand by it.

Instead, I would approach the situation like this: “I’m sorry that I haven’t lost any weight.”

Don’t say that you “don’t have time to exercise.” No matter how much time you take off, you still have to work out, and you must eat right to lose weight.

Stop making excuses

There is no shortcut, and you cannot say that you don’t have time for one thing and not the other. A fat person could take time off from the gym and eat whatever they wanted, but if they don’t hit the gym, they will gain weight.

To lose weight, you have to eat right and work out. You can’t say you don’t have the time to work out or that you are too tired to do it.

This would make you a liar, and you must always be honest. If your excuse is that you don’t have the time, then explain why you need more time and be specific.

What do you do if you and your partner do not have a place to talk? Then, it is time to give up the excuse that you can’t talk about your feelings with your partner.

I know it is hard to tell a guy to go away, but you have to be willing to do it if you want your relationship to work. It is wonderful to say that you are “tired of talking about your feelings.”

If you are going to keep using this excuse, you are playing a losing game. Take some time for yourself and seek help if you need it.

There are plenty of great relationship counselors that can help. Do not make excuses.

Be honest, and if you are asking a relationship counselor, be honest and tell them what you want and what you don’t.

Talk about your problemsThe Pier Children

The next time you get together with your partner, you should be talking to him about your issues. Take control of the conversation and tell him what you want.

You might even say something like: “Why are we always talking about my problems? What do you want to talk about?”

If he doesn’t give you the conversation, tell him that you will talk about your own issues. In fact, if you were to bring up a personal issue, say, “What do you want to talk about tonight?”

Don’t get into a fight with your partner. Be direct and put the ball in his court.

As a man, you need to let your partner know that if he can’t handle your honesty, you don’t want to be together. The issue is not with him; it is with you.

You cannot control what another person does or does not do, so learn to accept that. You need to tell him, “I know you love me, but I can’t accept you are cheating on me or lying to me.”

If you can’t accept his actions, then you need to let him go.