In truth, if you are willing to compromise on some important principles, you might be able to pull it off. But don’t do that.

Avoid it at all costs.

I’ll explain how, and I’ll also explain how mass marketing’s modern philosophy is a perfect way to do it.

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Now, to become popular and rich, you don’t need to work or earn a living. You don’t have to run a business or keep a regular job.

Because, in today’s culture, popularity is achieved by using marketing.

And by marketing, I mean social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You don’t need to be somebody important to be popular. You need to be smart, creative, and energetic.

This is true, but also how you’ve been since childhood, I imagine.

But to become popular, you need to become better at giving away your time, or your attention, or both.

It would help if you were better at promoting yourself and promoting ideas you believe in.

You need to develop marketing strategies and tactics. You need to become a part of a new generation of movers and shakers.

It will help if you become an influencer.

But here’s the problem: The people who influence the world aren’t worth anything to anyone: the celebrities, the academics, the activists.

They will never earn anything from their own efforts because their success is entirely dependent on other people’s efforts.

Which is how the world works.

Success means you put people first

In the old days, success was largely about what you did, not about how well you did it.

I mean, sure, the more you’re good at something, the more likely you are to achieve success, but not because you’re so good.

You have to be willing to put others first, even at the cost of your own desires and ambitions. That’s how you succeed and become popular.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most people don’t put others first, but the real trick is learning how to do it.

The secret to successMercedes 300 SL and a seldom Rolls Royce during the Dolder Classics in Zürich dated 11th August 2019

You see, to become popular, you need to learn new psychology. One I call “selfishness.”

Because selfishness is the only thing that can actually get you to success, a success which, in turn, will bring you even more success.

The thing about this self-interested, me-focused psychology is that it can also help the people around you achieve success.

Now, there are two ways of achieving this selfishness.

You can think of selfishness as a demand on others to meet your needs.

Or, you can think of selfishness as allowing others to meet your needs.

And the key point is this: It doesn’t have to be just you who will benefit.

If you are successful at your work, your family will see your success.

Or, if your children succeed at something or even your parents, then it is much more likely that you will do better as a result.

That’s a good thing. That’s good for you and your family.

However, it’s not always a good thing for the people around you.

Because that can be a high cost.

Because those people, who might have done something without you, are now forced to do something with you.

And when they’re forced to do something, they often make mistakes.

And as a result, the people you are trying to help won’t become successful.

But if you put your own needs and desires above theirs, and let them handle them, then they will usually cope and succeed, while you enjoy the benefits, because you know that, in the end, it’s your success they are working towards.

In other words, being selfish is about being the person you want to be around.

It’s about being selfish about people you care about.

It’s about being selfish about those who are not only around you but who need you.

Selfishness is an adaptive personality trait

Another thing I know is that some people are more successful than others.

And that’s because they have one thing in common.

They have a high degree of empathy.

The problem is that you can’t give everyone what they need.

Empathy is a little like empathy: it’s a feeling, but it’s not something you can work with.

You can’t make everyone feel the same way you do.

But the good news is, you can learn to do this. You can develop empathy.

You can develop it, so it is a sort of natural gift. A sort of signature quality, which you can rely on.

You can make sure that, when you really need to be empathetic, you don’t lose your ability to be selfish.

To become a successful person, then, you need to give others what they need.

And if you do that, they’ll grow to need you even more, and then, when you need it, they will be there for you because they know that, in the end, it’s your success that is most important to them.

You will then be successful and popular, too.

The mindset of successblue and white high rise building

The secret of selfishness is that it’s an adaptive personality trait.

There’s no way around that.

A selfish mindset will benefit you. But a self-centered mindset will not necessarily benefit you.

You might think that the successful, popular, and famous people you see in the news, magazines, or even the Facebook feeds of your friends all have selfish mindsets.

And you might think that they are all driven by selfish motives.

But you would be wrong.

The truth is that many of the people we see as successful and popular — are also highly selfless.

They don’t think in terms of “me” and “them.”

They think of themselves, and they think of others as they really are.

And when you understand this, you can gain a tremendous amount of insight into how successful people think and behave.

And, by using it, you can better manage your own mindset so that it is less selfish and more selfless.

Your life is your own

The “selfish” mentality is that if you adopt that mindset, you can never fully understand how the other person sees the world and how that person feels.

Because, when you consider things this way, things become so much clearer.

The selfish mindset seems to me like a trap.

To some extent, we all live in a trap—a trap of our own making.

But if we use the information you will learn from this article and Buddhism’s wisdom; we can get out of the trap.

But we have to be willing to ask the right questions and learn from our own mistakes.

The life of the selfish person is a difficult one.