This article will discuss how to become rich under 25 in a country with the world’s highest economic inequality.

“No one ever became poor by giving up wealth.” – Akbar Ibn-e-Abbas

I have spent my entire life living with the social class of “the rich” and being the son of a “middle-class businessman.” I also spent 3 years as a Harvard student, with an abundance of both money and knowledge.

I have been in a position where I have had the opportunity to become wealthy over a short period of time. However, that does not mean that I have made or am making the decision to become rich under 25.

What you should do is different from what you should not doElegant man in an empty street

I do not want you to become wealthy under 25 and then expect the rest of your life to be filled with ease. You have to make choices for yourself.

You must decide whether you would like to control your destiny or not. The reality is that you cannot do everything yourself, but you must learn how to learn from others.

At the end of the day, wealth is subjective. Your wealth is not about the car you drive or the size of your house.

Your wealth is the way you think.

I remember when I was working for myself, I got obsessed with making it rain. I wanted a giant “rain machine” that would produce a high-volume amount of money every day.

But after a while, I realized that this is not wealth. It’s a particular outcome that is not very useful. If you want to create wealth, then become obsessed with one thing, and master it.

That’s all.

You must face the reality of life

When I was in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to sit with the Chairman of Zardari Group, Mr. Saeed Zaman. I was impressed by his upbringing.

At that time, Mr. Zaman had 4 boys who each were doing everything to make him proud. I had a great conversation with him, where he shared an interesting fact with me.

His 4 sons were learning English and their mother asked them a series of questions regarding the language they were learning.

  • Why did you start learning English?
  • How much do you learn?
  • Who teaches you?
  • What do you learn?

His youngest son replied that his father did not want him to learn English because “He always had a bad impression of the language.”

To this, Mr. Zaman responded, “No! He is wrong.

English is the second-most-popular language in the world after Chinese. We don’t have a language like Chinese, but English is a beneficial and popular language.”

Today, it is tough for me to forget that story because it made me reflect on my decisions. Most of the decisions I made back then were not “rational” but emotional.

They were based on my personality and the level of my confidence at the time. I spent my time obsessing over things that did not matter to me in the long run.

However, it made me realize that things are important to me and things that are not important to me. If I keep making the wrong decisions, I will certainly lose my wealth.

There is no easy way to becoming richman in black jacket sitting beside woman in blue jacket

Many people believe that they need to change a specific thing in their lives to become wealthy. However, this is not possible. Your wealth will not just appear by changing a decision.

If you have followed my work, you know that I am a big fan of anti-materialistic people. Many “wealthy” people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett make statements like this.

They realize that money is not a necessary asset and actually find value in not having money. Similarly, if you look for value in the things you do, your wealth will also be high.

When I was in the early twenties, I got obsessed with the idea of not having money. To achieve this goal, I decided to read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book resonated with me because it told a compelling story. If you have a nice house, then many people will want to live with you, and they might even marry you.

This is not the goal of success. To be wealthy, you need to focus on learning how to be happy rather than money.

Many of the wealthiest people are billionaires who never want to go on a vacation.

Losing your wealth is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Wise people in history like Einstein, Mozart, and Leonardo Da Vinci lost a great deal of their wealth due to foolish decisions. Without a doubt, losing your wealth is the worst thing that can happen to you.

However, the best way to find out how to become wealthy is not to spend your time obsessing over things that do not matter. The best way to achieve wealth is to spend your time in front of a blank canvas, painting an abstract masterpiece, instead of painting houses that are required to be done to make you “successful.”

If you want to create something great, you must spend your time on what matters to you.

If you can’t dream big, do simple things betterWoman in a toy store

“Nothing, no matter how big or how small, is to be left undone. The time to do it is now.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

I read that quote years ago, and it still resonates with me today. If you have heard that quote before, then it is likely that you agree with the sentiment.

I have been spending most of my life running after things that I thought would make me rich. Most of them have never materialized. However, my book “From Sleeping on the Sofa to Winning Millions of Dollars” has become the best-selling self-development book on Amazon.

Why? Because I was reading through it when I was in the early twenties when I was a broke college graduate with $30 in my bank account.

Even though I was running around trying to do things that did not matter to me, I still found time to read the book.

If you want to create great things, then you must have a goal. I wrote about 10 years ago that a real goal is a difference between great success and failure.

The goal of great achievement is not a goal. It is a dream. You must have dreams.

I mean big dreams, impossible ideas. And that is how you make them come true.

The most powerful men and women in the world are visionaries. They see things that others cannot even dream of.