We are all human beings who have feelings and emotions. Even the calmest person in the world can get angry at someone one day.

Anger is an absolutely natural emotion that we can’t get rid of, but we are able to control it. When you don’t control your anger, it controls you, draining your mental and physical energy.

Whether the fits of rage are common in your daily life or you only get angry once in a while, there are a few techniques to try that will help you to feel calm instantly. 

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1. Count

If you feel like your anger is brimming and you might say and do something horrible, start counting. Walk away from the person that makes you feel angry and count till 20, 50, or 100, then backward. Do it aloud or to yourself.

Focus on numbers and make counting the only problem you should cope with at that moment. Even if you feel furious, counting will help you shift your focus and reduce the stress hormones in your body.

2. Get Up and Walk Away

If you experience super-sized anger that makes you lose control and start cursing, yelling, or throwing things across the office/room, just get up and walk away. Stop these actions before they lead to serious consequences. Even if you wholeheartedly hate that person, walk away.

staying calm

It’s often hard to do as you might think that the person would call you weak. When you stop a fight and calm down, you’re not weak. On the contrary, only a strong person can make themselves calm down. Go for a stroll in the park or head to the gym. Both options are healthy ways to calm down.

3. Listen to Guided Meditation

There are many helpful tips on how to cope with anger and the major tip is usually meditation. While meditation is an excellent way to live a calm and peaceful life, you might have huge trouble meditating when angry. This might make you feel even angrier at your inability to meditate.

What’s the way out? Listen to a meditation guide instead of meditating yourself. There are many guides on YouTube, just find the one with a calm and pleasant voice and listen to it in your earphones. You’ll feel relaxed and could even take a short nap that will help you feel refreshed and calm.

How to Calm Down When Angry at Someone

4. Practice Sympathy and Forgiveness

If the person you’re angry with did something bad, chances are you now want to take vengeance on them. Besides causing you tons of problems, revenge will slowly ruin your both physical and mental health.

Practice sympathy and forgiveness, instead. People are prone to mistakes. If that person committed a mistake that made you feel furious, all you should do is show sympathy toward them. Forgive them. Forgiveness has an amazing power to heal. If you got angry for no reason, forgive yourself.

5. Practice Breathing

Reduce your body tension by relaxing your posture through breathing. It’s crucial because when the body is calm and relaxed, the mind feels calm and relaxed as well. Start your breathing practice by sitting in a comfortable position and clasping your hands behind the head or back.

Take a good deep breath and try to hold it for as long as possible (at least 5 seconds) before you slowly exhale. Focus on your breathing. Pay attention to your jaw and hands. Are they clenched? Allow your hands and jaw to relax. Stretch your hands while taking deep breaths.

There are many breathing techniques to try, but in most cases, taking a few simple breaths might be all you need to calm down when angry.

If it doesn’t help, try this easy method: deeply breathe in through your nose, focusing on this entire process and counting to 5. Breathe out slowly while counting to 10. Do a few reps until you feel calm and relaxed.

6. Talk to Yourself

When you get angry at someone for no obvious reason, it’s time to openly talk to yourself. Let’s say your coworker is nice to you and everyone in the office and you never have any conflicts with them. However, you get angry every time you see them.

While jealousy might be to blame, it’s not okay to feel angry. Conduct a thorough analysis. Be honest with yourself. Deal with your emotions. Learn how to control your anger and become friends with your coworker. After all, they did nothing wrong.

7. Write it Down

Keeping negative feelings and emotions, including anger, to yourself is bad for your well-being. Sure, you can talk to your parent or friend, but you might end up spreading pessimism and spoiling their mood.

How to Calm Down When Angry at Someone

Rather than talk to someone, grab a piece of paper or your journal and write down all the details about your anger and the situation that triggered it. Not only will this method help you calm down, but it’ll also help you to find out the root cause of your anger. Therefore, you can eliminate it from your life.

8. Smile

That’s probably the last thing you want to do when you’re angry, yet even a fake smile can make you feel calmer. Scientists claim that smiling aids in releasing the neurotransmitter serotonin, which stimulates the production of positive emotions of well-being and happiness.

You can also tell jokes and laugh and use them as your temporary way to calm down. Ensure you determine and get rid of the root cause of your anger, though. After all, you don’t want to conceal your anger but to fight it.

9. Listen to Music

The easiest but not healthiest way to tame your anger is listening to music. Although it can help you calm down, you’re more likely to overthink your problem after a short while.

Music has amazing health benefits and it’s effective when you want to run away from your reality and problems. Once you calm down, make sure you analyze your anger and find an effective way to get rid of it.

When you’re angry at someone, it’s not their fault. It’s your fault because you let your anger control you. Learn how to take full control of it and handle stressful situations calmly.