A virtual gallery is an easy way to showcase student work! You can create a free account at VAssist, then pick any of their template types to start designing your own.

With VA Assist, you get 5 GB of storage space for using your account. That’s enough room to save around 100 images!

You can also upload music files and documents with your account as well. There are even ways to earn money through the app by creating or editing videos or doing graphic design projects!

VA Assist has many features that can help you promote your artistic talent, so it is worth exploring.

Make the virtual gallery visible to your visitors

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

Now that you have designed your new virtual gallery, it’s time to test it! You can either create an account at any website and use that as your hosting site or you can simply use one of the free web hosts like Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services.

Most sites offer very easy-to-use interfaces for setting up an online portfolio. If they don’t, there are many ways to achieve this (for example, using HTML templates or third party services such as Canva to design your cover page).

Your browser is the best tool for testing out your new portfolio. Most browsers now allow users to add pages to their bookmarks via something called “bookmark folders.

Choose a theme for your virtual gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

Choosing a thematic approach is an effective way to create a virtual art exhibition space. The choice of theme will directly influence the types of media you include in the exhibit.

Themes that focus on showcasing student work are great because students can easily contribute their own materials or even edit and re-edit a piece under yourself as a mentor. This gives them more agency over how their artwork is seen and experienced.

Thematic approaches also give you more freedom to explore different styles, mediums, and concepts. There’s no rule saying you have to use markers and paper towels to make a painting! You could instead do watercolors or oils or anything else totally unrelated to school settings and studies.

There are many online tools that allow you to add rich interactive features to your virtual gallery. You may want to consider using some of these to enhance the experience of viewing the works. For example, you could add background music, captions, and/or voiceovers. All of these things matter slightly to how engaged and inspired people feel when they view your creations.

InfoGrid is one such tool that allows you to not only showcase student work, but also connect it with other classes, genres, and themes.

Decide how to display your work

Choosing an online platform for displaying student work is another way to showcase students’ talent. There are many ways to do this, so choose what feels best for you and your school!

You can create an account on various sites that allow users to upload and share pictures and videos. Or you can use free websites or apps that let you create virtual galleries.

There are several benefits of using a website as a virtual gallery. You get all the features of the site, such as background colors and decorations, which look good and help focus on the artwork rather than the website itself.

Some sites also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services, which improve your website’s ranking in search results. This is particularly important if your goal is to increase exposure for your teaching career.

We recommend using Google Plus as your social media platform because it is free and an excellent tool for showcasing student work. You can easily organize and edit your profile settings, and people can comment under “Posts” instead of individual profiles.

Create a website or blog based on this topic

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

A virtual gallery is an easy way to showcase student work! Creating a web-based space where you can upload pictures of students’ projects, talk about their academic areas, and include some questions related to their field is a great way to inspire more creativity in them.

By having a space that encourages collaboration, they are able to share their ideas with other people and get input for new concepts. This helps them form relationships with classmates and teachers at their school that may help them later in life.

Virtual galleries can be designed to look beautiful as well. Students can add decorations like backgrounds and emphasize certain features such as bold colors or interesting patterns.

Some apps make it simple to create a virtual gallery.

Purchase or create images for your gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

The next step in establishing your virtual art gallery is choosing your image sources. You can purchase or create new images, find free stock photos or you can take pictures yourself and edit them!

There are many ways to go about creating an exhibition-worthy photo album. By using various source materials, you will be able to add variety to your collection and strengthen your artistic skills at the same time!

Purchaseing photographs is a great way to start building your library. There are several online resources that offer affordable photobooks and/or royalty-free images.

These sites feature all types of photographic styles, from nature photography to still life to close up portraits. It does not matter whether you are looking to enhance your own artwork or want to make beautiful decorations, these sites have it covered.

Another option is to visit local museums, universities or other areas of interest to gather some inspiring material. Moved by a particular painting or sculpture? Take lots of pictures outside to get some nice natural landscapes and then choose one as your final illustration.

Alternatively, if you enjoy taking pictures yourself, look into different modes to achieve interesting compositions.

Write a blog post based on this topic

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

A virtual gallery is an easy way to show off your artistic talents without having to physically display your work or find a space to showcase it. You can create a virtual gallery using Photoshop, YouTube, or any other tool you have access to.

Virtual galleries are very popular these days as more and more students start exploring their creative side. Many art schools now require student artists to put up at least one piece of artwork online so that people may view it and learn more about their style.

It’s great for students to be able to spread their artistic talent, but also helpful for them to understand how different styles are built. By looking at other artist’s work, they will know what touches them and what doesn’t.

There are many ways to use a virtual gallery to showcase your artistic skills.

Link your website or blog to your social media profiles

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

It’s easy to set up a virtual gallery on your computer, but it takes some time to do it correctly.

First, you will need to link your website or blog to one of your social media accounts so that people can access the space through there. This way your audience doesn’t have to go back to your site to view all of your work!

You can use Photoshop, a third-party app, or another software program to create the album. Don’t worry about going too in depth with the design at this stage as you can easily edit things later.

After that, you will want to pick an appropriate place for people to view your student artwork. There are many ways to do this, such as creating a tumblr account, flickr group, or imgur channel.

Give these a week or two before adding anyone to avoid making closed groups just because someone didn’t feel comfortable sharing their artwork yet.

Distribute your blog post to your social media profiles

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

After you create your virtual gallery, you will need to distribute it across all of your social media accounts! This can be done through various apps and software that connect with each account.

For example, if you have a Facebook business page, then you would upload the gallery there. If you use Pinterest to share educational resources, you could include a link to the gallery in a pin or you could start creating board posts for the school year using this as an opportunity to show off some student work!

If you use Instagram, you could add pictures of the students’ work and include a descriptive caption about the piece. You could also do the same thing on Snapchat by including student accounts and adding their artwork as stories.

There are so many ways to promote this article and our virtual art galleries beyond just sharing on social media! You could write a blog post or talk about it at teacher meetings, at school events, and even put a link to the gallery on printed materials like assignments and test items.