Creating a virtual gallery is an excellent way to showcase student work. You can do this virtually anywhere, using any device or software! There are many ways to create a virtual gallery. In this article, we will go over several easy ways to do that.

Running out of space in your classroom? Or just wanting more room for learning? Then creating a virtual art studio is perfect for you! Students can access their artwork through their phone, computer, or tablet at anytime! They get to add decorations, colors, and styles to their pieces as they like.

This article will talk about some easy ways to create a virtual art studio. We will also look into some pro tips for running a successful virtual art class including how to manage students’ accounts, what types of apps make the best virtual galleries, and more.

Make the virtual gallery visible to visitors

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

Even though you will not actually have an exhibition, it is still important to let people see your work! You can easily create a virtual art gallery where you upload all of your student work or pick some specific projects to showcase.

This way, users do not need access to your social media accounts to view your work. They can simply visit your website to check out what you’ve got going on as an artist!

By creating a virtual art gallery, you give everyone free access to look at your artistic talents. It does not cost anything to show off your skills, which is one of the biggest benefits of being an artist.

Decide what content will be in the gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

It is very important to know what you want your virtual art gallery to include. This can be general guidelines, such as telling people’s stories or showcasing student work, or it can be more specific, like teaching students of color how to use Photoshop.

Whatever you choose to add, make sure that it contributes positively to our community! Creating an exhibition doesn’t exist only for teachers but instead should be open to anyone who wants to share their artistic expression.

If there are no rules, then anything goes! That isn’t a bad thing, however. You would need to be careful not to limit yourself too much because you may miss out on interesting ideas.

We have a lot of resources here at SchoolToolbox.

Prepare images for display in the gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

The next step is to prepare your images for use in the virtual art gallery. You will need to edit, crop, and/or resize these photographs so that they look good when displayed as thumbnails and then when displayed at their full size.

When editing photos, there are many free photo-editing apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Many of these have basic features like cropping, rotating, and color changing, but some allow you to do more advanced things such as adding effects or textures.

There are several ways to manage your image files. Most people use a software program called an album manager to organize all of their pictures. These run on almost any device; you can create albums directly within the app or using a computer connected through internet access.

Some other common softwares used for organizing and finding images are Picasa, Google Photos, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Create a theme for the gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

Now that you have your computer software, you can start creating your virtual art gallery! The first thing you will need to do is create a theme or style for the exhibition. This will determine how the settings apply to the interface and what types of media you are able to include.

You can use this as an opportunity to become more creative in terms of decorations and features. Try designing your own using the settings as a blueprint.

There are many styles you can choose from, so pick one you feel comfortable with and develop yours from there. Some people organize their galleries by color schemes, shapes, etc. You should look into these designs and see what looks best for you!

Another option is to just put up pictures you like and edit them to make it seem like a picture album. Either way, the rest of the community can learn some artistic tips from yours.

Start the virtual gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

The next step in displaying student work is creating your own virtual art gallery! You can do this easily using Adobe Photoshop or other editing software.

In these days of technology, most artists use it for designing their covers and logos. Many people have made very popular blogs with the aid of software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Now you can create an artistic showcase online by doing the same thing!

You can pick any genre or style of artwork that inspires you, then edit it to make it look more professional. Add decorations, special effects, and even new fonts to give it some personality.

Many websites offer free space to share your creative works so others can enjoy them.

Add items to the gallery

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

The next step in displaying student work is adding items to your virtual gallery. You can add pictures, videos, documents, or anything else that will help people admire their work!

Add media to the Media library. Make sure to use the “Add” button first then go into each module (like Creative Writing) to upload there.

In WordPress, you can easily access these modules by going into Settings -> Media Library and choosing one of the galleries to view all of the settings for it.

You can also drag and drop files directly from your computer into the Media Library which works well if you have lots of materials.

After everything has been uploaded, you can switch over to the Grades toolkit to organize them!

Grades allows you to sort and display files using different criteria such as year, type, and content. For instance, you could create an album called Spring Term Papers and put all of the papers together under that.

Connect the virtual gallery to a blog post

how to create a virtual gallery to exhibit student work

Now that you have your own studio, you can start creating! You will want to connect your computer software to a website or platform where you can exhibit your work.

A great way to do this is by creating a virtual art gallery. Companies make money with online galleries because people are able to view and purchase their artwork free of cost.

Virtual art galleries are very popular these days so there are many ways to create one. Most come with all sorts of features and tools designed specifically for artists.

Some give you your own domain name, others let you use theirs, some even allow you to add text and descriptions about each piece. Some even offer payment processors such as PayPal which most people already have.

There are plenty of options out there, but none compare in price to what we recommend here today! What we will do now has no upsells or gimmicks, it is totally free.

Update the blog post

After you have gathered your student work, it is time to start thinking about how to showcase this collection. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most popular is creating a virtual gallery.

A virtual art gallery is an online space where students can display their work. Some examples of this include YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, or even blogs with dedicated galleries.

By using these as exhibition spaces, people can easily access all of the student’s artwork and watch or read posts related to the artist. This is very helpful for those who are not able to visit the school to see the work being displayed!

There are several reasons why having a virtual art gallery is a great way to show off student work. One of the biggest is that it gives artists a place they own to show off their talent free from restrictions such as budgets or locations.

By owning the gallery, students will gain inspiration and encouragement to keep producing more artwork. Also, there are no costs associated with running the space – you can run it totally by yourself!

To create your own virtual art gallery, there are two main components. First, you must pick a medium to share your artwork. Second, you must find a platform to use for the self-introduction and featured item sections.

In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to create your own virtual art gallery. We will also discuss some benefits of doing so.