Doing an art gallery show is a lot of work, but it’s also one of the most rewarding ways to expose your talent as an artist. You will need to manage your space, design your exhibition, source appropriate materials and have a plan for how to market and promote your show.

Running an art gallery show isn’t easy, which is why so many people with creative talents don’t try it. But if you are really passionate about making art and sharing it, then this is something that you should consider doing.

There are several types of art galleries, such as ones that focus more on fine arts or conceptual art. This article will go into detail about how to do a general art gallery show, what things you will need to know, and some tips.

Make a list of artists you like

how to do an art gallery show

Now that you have your starting materials, it’s time to choose which artists you would like to feature in this show!
You can pick any artist you admire or even ones with similar styles as yours.

It is not necessary to be professionally trained to do art, but having some basic skills will help you create more interesting pieces. Many people start drawing and painting at a young age, so if you want to get into it, there are many resources available online and through school and community centers.

There are also plenty of adults who begin practicing their hand-eye coordination by creating artwork. By looking at examples of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, you can learn how to use different tools and techniques to mimic what they did.

Make a list of artists you would like to show

how to do an art gallery show

Now that you have your space, your artist, and your time, it is time to think about what kind of art you want to display!

You can choose to do either still life or landscape paintings, sculptures, mixed-media work, or even illustration!

And while they are not necessarily expensive, most art does cost money!

So how do you know if this artwork is worth investing in? You should always look at and compare prices online before buying anything.

There are many ways to source high quality art inexpensively, so do not feel like you need to buy everything new immediately! Many museums and foundations run sale events every year, where all their leftover art is given away for free or heavily discounted.

Create a website for the show

how to do an art gallery show

Now that you have chosen your media, determined how many people will be attending, and picked a time and date, it’s time to create or update a web page to showcase your art and inform attendees of the event.

You can use our free online tool to quickly get started creating your gallery site here. Once completed, we will switch you over to our domain and parkpage hosting so you can begin building out your site! We also have some helpful tips in this article as well.

Tell all your friends about the show

how to do an art gallery show

After you finalize the art, do something important! Announce the exhibition with a tweet or Facebook status update and tell everyone where they can see the artist’s work and how people can attend the opening night if they are interested.

Some artists ask for pre-orders or enquiries so be sure to follow through with these! If possible, include links to the artist’s website and/or social media sites so that people can stay in touch.

By letting your audience know what you are doing, they will want to get involved and help spread the word. Let them know when and where the event is as well – this will give them time to prepare.

Include information such as when and where the event is happening, any activities planned, and who the organizer is. Many venues have free entry policies at around 6pm, which is a great way to attract new attendees.

Plan your the opening of the show

how to do an art gallery show

After deciding what kind of art you want to display, the next step is to determine how you will organize the show. Will it be by medium or genre? Or both?

You can use all sorts of organizing systems when displaying your gallery show. There are no wrong ways to do it as long as you like them!

Some people put up one type of artwork (such as pictures or sculptures) along with some writing related materials suchas a short description or interview. Others may group similar genres together or have separate sections for different types of media.

Whatever system you choose make sure it’s comfortable to look at and easy to rearrange if someone wants to add or take away something from the show.

Pick a theme for the show

how to do an art gallery show

Choosing a topic or them is what is called a art gallery show. This is how you can describe your exhibition. You pick one thing that revolves around, and then all of your pieces are related to that!

For example, if your exhibition was about fashion, you could design some new fashions and put those in the exhibit. Or you could use clothing as inspiration for designs and so on.

This way, people will know what to expect! And since it’s focused on one thing, their attention won’t be distracted too much.

And don’t forget to talk about your concept and exhibition style! People might want to join in your project or take up similar themes.

Choose your pieces of art

Choosing artwork for a gallery show is very different from choosing posters or t-shirts as your marketing material. When organizing a exhibition, you will first need to determine what kind of exhibit you want to do. This can be either a collection of works by one artist or several artists, a survey of styles or genres, or even creating your own genre!

Your next step will be deciding which artists you admire and who you would like to work with or learn more about. You can then search their social media accounts to see if they have anything posted online that could help inspire you for your exhibition.

Once you have chosen your area(s) of focus, it’s time to start gathering your materials. If you are looking to showcase an individual artist, then their published work is easy to find and almost cost free. But if you wanted to include many different artists in your exhibition, then investing in some new paintings or sculptures is needed.

And don’t forget to rate and review all of the art you add to your collection! That way, other people can get helpful information too.

Choose your display location

how to do an art gallery show

Once you have determined how many pieces of art you will be displaying, choose where to hang them! There are two main types of gallery displays: framed or unframed. For each kind, there is an advantage and disadvantage.

If you decide to frame your artwork, make sure it has plastic coverings on the back so that the hanging materials can fit. This way, you don’t have to buy extra covers for the frame, which cost money. However, this requires you to purchase new framing material, which costs more money.

Unframed artwork comes with their own hanging supplies, but you would need to find a space big enough to lay the artwork down and have room to move it around. You also have to worry about getting wet if water gets onto the wall.