When you are trying to get into photography as a career, there is always one thing that gets in your way-gallery exhibiting! Fortunately, it is not for too long, only about a year at the most. The rest of your life is beyond setting up shows!

There are many ways to exhibit photographs, so this article will go over some basic types, and then talk about which ones are best for beginner photographers.

Plan your exhibition

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

After you have the space, time, and equipment to showcase your photography, what next? While most people start by thinking about how they want to display their work, it is important to consider where you will put up these displays first.

Will there be enough room for all of your pictures if you do not take down anything else at that location? Will your visitors feel comfortable walking around the displayed images? These are very important questions to ask before deciding where to hang your photos!

Another good idea is to think about the types of galleries you have visited or seen photographs like those of and learn from them. There are many styles and concepts of gallery layouts that can help make your own look more unique.

Prepare your exhibition space

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

Before you pick up your camera, you will need to make sure that you have enough room for all of your photographic supplies as well as an adequate amount of space to display your work.

You do not want to be confined by walls when you are trying to showcase your talent!

When looking for a venue to show off your photography skills, there are several things you should consider.

Does the area contain natural light? If so, is it sufficient lighting? Does the environment give you the chance to use interesting backgrounds or striking contrast settings?

These questions can help determine if the place is suitable for showcasing your photographs. Many museums include having their art displayed alongside nature or other types of pictures for additional inspiration.

By being aware of the surroundings, you will know what to do with your photos! By investing time into finding a setting that fits your style, you will feel more relaxed about showing off your talents.

Decide which of the gallery’s space you will use

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

Now that you have your light, your camera equipment, and your studio space all set up, it is time to decide where these items will be displayed!

You will want to make sure that everything is visible to anyone looking at the artwork, so choose a setting that is appropriate for how people display art. For example, if the artist used props or references during the process of creating their work, then those should be included in the exhibition.

If there are any materials or pieces of the photographer’s gear left over from taking pictures, they should also be shown off rather than stored away.

Choose your exhibition display materials

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

For many people, displaying their work in galleries is the next natural step after taking pictures. But getting into a gallery can be tricky! There are so many different ways to exhibit your photos that it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

The first thing is deciding what kind of show you want to put on. Do you just want to share your favorites with everyone? Or do you want to showcase an event or topic more closely?

For example, if you wanted to show off your favorite nature shots, then there are some great online resources where you can find free picture material to use as backgrounds and/or props. You could even make your own slideshow or photobook using those images!

Another way to organize an exhibition is by making lists. Maybe you have a list of artists you admire, events you would like to cover, or locations you want to include photographs of. Make these easy to access and edit so you don’t lose track of anything!

When it comes time to choose how to present your work, remember that anything non-digital (brochures, magazines, etc.) will take up physical space and therefore costs money. So keep this coming back to budgeting. Also, consider whether it’s better to invest in expensive glass or plastic panels or in cheap cardboard or paper ones.

Finally, think about what style of photography you already do and see if there are any patterns or concepts you could build upon.

Organize your exhibition

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

After you have picked your location, determined how many people will be attending and organized your equipment, it’s time to start thinking about organizing your exhibition!

You should now have at least one very good photo that you can use as an illustration or for initial inspiration. It would make sense to edit this photograph and add some effects to showcase its beauty and style.

After editing, save the new image and then upload it into your computer-based software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Then, go through all of the other photos you have and organize them by type (background, event, personal) and season (summer, winter, fall).

Once these are done, you can choose the best organization method for your exhibition.

Tell your friends about the show

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

Now that you have prepared the space and gathered all of the necessary materials, it is time to tell people about your exhibition! Let everyone know via social media, chat with colleagues, post on forums – there are many ways to spread the word.

It is important to let your supporters and followers know so they can come see the exhibit while it’s up! Many museums offer free entry during their open hours, which will give your audience a chance to check out your work.

Some may even be interested in buying some pieces! By letting others know what you’ve got going on, you increase your exposure, which is always a good thing.

Try to get the gallery’s website address

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

Many professional galleries have a web site that features pictures of their exhibitions, as well as information about who the artist is, what kind of photography they do, and how people can buy prints or attend events.

If you are ever asked for the space’s contact info by someone doing business with the gallery, ask if there is an online store or whether you can find it on their social media sites (they will probably tell you).

Alternatively, they may give you the address directly!

In either case, take notes so you know how to spell the place name and state correctly.

Contact the gallery and set up an appointment

how to exhibit photography in a gallery

After you have done your research and determined that this is a worthy venue for your work, the next step will be to contact the gallery and make an appointment. This is very important as they may already have their exhibition schedule filled.

Most galleries offer at least one opening night event or evening reception where people can view the exhibits. This is a great way to meet other artists and get some feedback about your work.

Some venues also offer informal open hours where visitors are allowed to explore the exhibit free of cost. Many museums do this so individuals can learn more about the artwork and how it influenced the artist.

These events are a good opportunity to promote your work while interacting with others who appreciate artistic expression.