When you land your first dream job or get posted to a work location away from home, one of the major concerns is finding the right place to stay. Starting out on your own can be quite challenging.

But for a single person, the best option is to share an apartment and limit living expenses. Do you know how to find a roommate for an apartment? In this article, we will discuss 5 of the easiest ways to search for a reliable roommate.

These include traditional methods such as word of mouth and networking through friends and family. You may also consider using various social networking platforms including, Padmapper and Roomie Match.

Whichever criteria you use, ensure you take the necessary steps to stay safe with a compatible roommate.

By Word of Mouth

Are you a social person who is always interacting with people?  Put these skills to use to find a roommate for your apartment.

But first, you have to determine the type of person you want for a roommate. Similarly, it’s important to understand the value you will also offer your potential roommate. Ask your neighbors, real estate agents, church members or anyone else within your social circle.

Once you find a couple of potential roommates, conduct face-to-face interviews to know these people better. Take note of any red flags during the meetings.

Finally, conclude your search by signing an official roommate agreement. This agreement should include reasonable boundaries and rules for a smooth apartment co-sharing.

finding roommates

Close Friends and Family

Don’t just inquire from any of your friends. Find those with whom you have the most in common. Such friends may be in the same industry as you. They may know other relevant friends who may be interested in sharing an apartment with you.

Use both face-to-face meet-ups and online shout outs to quickly get a roommate without spending any extra money. Apart from your closest friends, you may also consider getting in touch with members of your extended family.

The advantage of using friends and family is that you have higher chances of finding a trustworthy roommate. They also know your likes and dislikes so they tend to recommend people with similar traits.

Alumni Networks

If you are a recent graduate, it’s likely that your former classmates are also searching for roommates as they settle into their new jobs. Finding a roommate from your alumni network is one of the safest and most trusted methods you can ever use.

You already know the background of the potential roommate. The process, therefore, becomes more reliable and faster.

To start your search for a roommate through your alumni network, ensure you are an active member of your alumni association. Get involved in online discussions on these alumni network platforms.

For example, start by posting a request for a roommate on your former school’s Facebook page. Get to know which of your former classmates resides nearest to you.

Once you get a response or recommendation from your former classmates, arrange to meet them over breakfast or lunch. Use this meeting to catch up with one another. You could also discuss your future goals to determine whether you are suitable roommates for each other.

How to Find a Roommate for an Apartment

Choosing a roommate from your alumni networks has a high likelihood of settling for a person that will cheer you up after a long day’s work. is one of the most extensive online classifieds listings with a global reach. It is also an excellent platform to find the perfect roommate who shares your interests.

Like any other online shopping platform, it is always advisable to do a background check before responding to any advert of interest on Craigslist.

To begin your search, you need to post an ad. Make sure the grammar is precise and clear without typos. Upload clear photos of your proposed apartment to attract a compatible roommate. Alternatively, you can peruse the current listings from other persons looking for roommates on Craigslist.

One way to check whether a potential roommate is right for you is by trying to read between the lines of the adverts. Is the advert well thought out? Does it have obvious spelling errors and mistakes? Any good roommate will invest in adequate time making a full advert.

Once you settle for a particular potential roommate, plan to meet him/her in person at a public place. Make sure one of your friends accompanies you to this first meeting.

After the first meeting, plan a date to go and view the proposed apartment. Once you are both happy with your choice, come up with a written agreement on terms of how the two of you plan to share the apartment. Have the deal signed in the presence of a witness.


Roomster is an online networking platform where you have to pay a subscription fee to use the service. Unlike the other free platforms, only a genuine person will spend his/her money to look for a roommate on Roomster.

How to Find a Roommate for an Apartment

Additionally, Roomster maintains a large database about your potential matches that you wouldn’t find on other free platforms. The information also includes their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Use Roomster when you want to avoid scammers, or if you are planning to move abroad. 

Start your search on Roomster by signing up for a basic account. You can opt to upgrade later to full membership. Now use your active profile to search the database for potential matches. Deactivate your Roomster account once you find your roommate. 


Finding a roommate for an apartment is an excellent option to maintain tabs on your spending when you have student loans or other immediate financial obligations. Use the above methods to search for your perfect roommate in the shortest time possible.

In your search, rely on your sixth sense to identify the right person. Observe due diligence at all times. And as you explore ways to find a roommate for an apartment, aim for a roommate with shared interests.

And don’t forget to research different neighborhoods before moving in.

A roommate who is easy to live with may even end up being your best friend. Happy searching!