Running your own gallery is an incredible way to showcase your artistic talent and share your art with the world! Having your work displayed in a non-for-profit exhibition gives you two main benefits: it helps you promote your artwork and yourself as artist, and it brings in new fans who can then start exploring your creative talents more.

Running your own gallery doesn’t necessarily mean putting up your work for all to see, but rather creating a space or event where people can view your creations and meet you face to face. This is usually done through social media sites like Instagram or YouTube, or even setting up a website that features your work.

Getting started running a gallery isn’t difficult if you are willing to put in the effort, and there are many ways to get started depending on what kind of artist you are. There are plenty of resources available to help you launch and grow your gallery!

This article will go over some tips for getting your first show lined up, from choosing an audience to finding inspiration for your displays. We will also talk about how to spread word of your exhibit and what types of rewards you may be able to offer guests at the event.

Make a list of images you like

how to get a gallery exhibition

After deciding what kind of artist you want to be, it’s now time to pick your medium. Some artists start with pen and paper or watercolor before moving onto oil paintings, while other people begin with collages.

Whatever style you choose is up to you, but make sure you feel confident in yourself as an artist! Now that you have your medium, it’s time to find out about another important term — exhibition.

An exhibition is when one individual (the artist) shows their work to a second individual (a viewer). An exhibition can take place at a museum, online gallery, or even at someone else’s house. It all depends on the artist and the space available to show off their work.

If you ever wanted to get into art, this is a great opportunity to do so. There are many ways to gain experience as an artist by creating your own exhibitions. You don’t need any formal training to put together an exhibition, but there are some things you should know.

Make a list of images you would like to show

how to get a gallery exhibition

Now, this is the tricky part! You will have to pick which pictures you want to include in your exhibition. Start by making a list of all of the pictures that make up your life or that mean something special to you. These can be family photos, funny/interesting stories related to you or your career, significant milestones, etc.

Next, go through each one and determine if it’s appropriate for your exhibition. If so, add it to the collection!

But what about those pictures you already have? Why not upload them onto a website or app designed specifically for creating art exhibitions? There are many free tools available, such as Adobe Spark, Canva, and PicMonkey.

Once you have your collection of pictures ready, it’s time to prepare your gallery!

You will need an area with enough space to display every picture clearly. Try using a wall, shelf, or even the floor as vertical spaces. You don’t want anyone to be able to slide the pieces around, though! As for horizontal spaces, I recommend using a table or other object that people use regularly.

Produce good quality images of each of your paintings

After you have completed all three steps, it is time to showcase your work!

The first thing people will notice about your painting is its cover. This is an important part of your exhibition because it tells the public what genre of art yours is. For example, if your artwork is landscape, then your audience can assume that it is also scenic.

Knowing which genres are popular at present means that you can choose to show off your skills in those areas or find ways to combine different styles into one new style.

Create a website

how to get a gallery exhibition

A gallery exhibition is an online platform where you can share your artistic work with the world! You will need a web space or website to create a gallery for yourself.

You can use free websites like Google Sites, WordPress, or another popular website-platform to get started. Pick any genre of art (sculpture, painting, photography) and start creating!

After you have created your site, then it’s time to pick which styles of artwork you want to include in your gallery. These should be your own works or pieces that are under a creative commons license so people can easily rebrand and distribute them.

Artists often make their own accounts on sites such as Pinterest or Flickr to feature their work. By doing this, they increase exposure for themselves while at the same time promoting the site!

If you would rather not run your own account, you can also find artists with large followings on social media sites and promote their work through that.

Write up your exhibition announcement

how to get a gallery exhibition

After you have written an introduction about your exhibition, it’s time to write its body or “promo-paragraph.” This is your main goal for announcing your show as everyone will be able to read it!

The promo-paragraph should tell people more about your exhibition and who you are as an artist. Make sure to include how long your exhibition will run, when it will be hosted, and where it will take place.

Also, make sure to include what materials and decorations you will provide so that they are easily accessible to visitors. These can include things such as paintings, magazines, and notes you wrote down while brainstorming ideas for your exhibition.

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You may also want to link your social media accounts in this section to increase engagement.

Tell all your friends

how to get a gallery exhibition

After you have done some research, gathered some materials and prepared for your show, it’s time to tell everyone! Spread the word through social media, invite people to visit your website or exhibition space, let them know when the show is happening and hopefully they will come check it out!

By sharing information with others, more people will learn about your art and get inspired by what they see. This could be someone who has a similar style to yours, or maybe something new they never thought of before.

Plan your exhibition

how to get a gallery exhibition

Now that you have chosen what kind of art you want to exhibit, it’s time to think about how to get an exhibition! First off, you will need to decide where best to show your work.

You can choose either online or in-person exhibitions. An online exhibition is great because you don’t need a space with a lot of room, nor do you require a large audience. You can create your own website or use a free site like Etsy to showcase your artwork and start making money!

In- person exhibitions are another way to spread your creative wings – just make sure your house is in order first!

Next, you will want to pick your opening night. This is when people come to see your art and enjoy yourself while supporting you as an artist. Pick a day and time that is most convenient for both you and your visitors.

After your opening night, you will need to consider the logistics of hosting the event. Will you be donating items to your venue? What if someone buys all of your paintings?!

And lastly, you will want to plan the after party. This gives other artists a chance to meet each other and chat, which is always fun.

Organize your exhibition

how to get a gallery exhibition

Now that you have picked your genre, determined how many artists you want in your show, and gathered some supplies, it’s time to start organizing your exhibition!

You will need to find a space where people can view your work. This could be at a museum, art gallery, or public park with free access. Many universities also allow students to use their art galleries for exhibitions so this would be our best bet.

If using an art gallery as your venue, you must gain permission from them first. Tell them about your project and why you are entitled to use their space and what kind of exposure your artwork gets. They may even offer you sponsorships or loans of materials to use in the exhibition!

Another way to get your exhibit set up is by agreeing to do a mobile exhibition. You create the display yourself and take it somewhere closeby to promote it.