A gallery exhibition is when an artist or group of artists display their work in public for viewing. Artists typically organize and prepare the exhibit themselves, but they may also hire professionals to help them with this process.

Most often, artists use galleries as a way to spread word about their work and expose it to new people. Some even consider it their main marketing tool since you can’t buy their art directly!

Getting into a gallery is not easy, however. It takes time, money, and persistent networking. But if you are passionate about your artwork and want to see it exposed to more people, then there are many ways to get started.

In this article, we will discuss some simple ways to get your artwork shown at a museum-quality gallery. We will go over how to choose a genre that is popular now and what to do next to ensure its success.

Approach the artist or gallery owner

how to get a gallery exhibition

A good way to get your work into a exhibition is by approaching an artist, member of the artistic community, or studio owner. If you are passionate about your art and want it to be seen, then sharing it with others will help it find its home!

Artists are always looking for new material to showcase their skills so this can be done in many ways- through submitting artwork online, sending off materials via mail, creating a social media profile, and/or attending events such as open nights at museums and galleries.

Prepare your artwork

After you have completed all of your projects, it is time to start thinking about how to get them shown! The first thing to do is make sure that your art is in good condition.

Take some time to clean and organize your supplies so that they are nice and tidy. If you want to show off your work, then make sure that it looks its best.

You can also take your time to think about how to promote your exhibition. Many artists begin doing this at the beginning when their career was just getting started.

Plan your marketing campaign

how to get a gallery exhibition

After you have done all of the hard work by creating engaging images and writing compelling descriptions, it is time to start promoting them!

You will need to pick which platforms can be used to promote your artwork and what mediums you will use to do so.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the most common ways artists market their works.

Many people begin with social media as a way to spread the word about their art and themselves as artists.

But sometimes, in addition to giving credit to the artist, it is also important to talk about the gallery that represents the artist or the exhibition space that they are hosting their work at.

This article will go more into detail on how to get exposure through these different channels and how to manage your followers and engagement on each platform.

Create a website

how to get a gallery exhibition

Starting your exhibition is by creating an online gallery where people can view your work and contribute to the show!

You will need to have a stable internet connection to make this possible, as well as access to a computer or device with web-browser software (like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

After that, you’ll want to pick a platform where artists can share their art and be found by potential viewers. There are many free options available, but paid ones may offer more features.

Most good galleries allow users to upload artwork and add comments about the pieces. This helps spread your artist name exposure and encourages discussion!

Some give users the opportunity to connect with other users through social media sites like Facebook, which help promote engagement. By adding them as a friend, you get the same effect.

If anyone wants to contact you for more information or to buy your work, they must first become a fan of your gallery account.

Buy promotional materials

how to get a gallery exhibition

Next, you will need to buy some material to promote your exhibition. This can be done by buying framed art or prints, displaying banners, starting a social media campaign, or doing interviews on radio and/or television.

Most artists start off selling their artwork at local art events or through online marketplaces such as ArtAscent, eBay, or Amazon. By creating a website and marketing it, you can increase exposure for your work and get more people to visit it!

By having an online presence, people will be able to learn about you and what you have to offer. Many people make a lot of money via sales on sites like Etsy, so why not try it out?

Running your own business takes time, energy, and dedication, but in the end it’s worth it if you want to keep growing as an artist. You will also meet new people and enjoy the process.

Distribute promotional materials

how to get a gallery exhibition

The next step in getting your work seen is promoting your exhibition. This can be done many ways, but one of the most effective is by distributing promotional material and/or posting about it on social media sites.

You should definitely promote your artwork on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have a website or digital art that you’re trying to get exposure for, add a “About” page or link to that from all of these sites.

Your followers and friends will also help spread the word!

By creating an interactive community, people will want to join and talk about your art, which may lead to more traffic for yours site or business. Supporting others is another way to gain exposure.

Connect with other artists

how to get a gallery exhibition

A good way to get your work into a gallery is by creating an online profile or website for your art. This can be as simple as sharing your artwork on social media, having a YouTube channel, or writing about your artistic process.

Artists are constantly communicating with each other so it’s a great way to make connections. Many galleries will look at your online presence when considering whether to represent you.

By giving them access to all of your materials, videos, and writings, they can help you spread your message. And since they’re representing you, they’ll probably want to see what kind of material you keep up-to-date!

Connecting with others in the art community is a perfect way to gain exposure while promoting yourself. Plus, everyone needs a friend who knows how to put their money where their mouth is :).

If you’d like to take things one step further, there are many ways to earn extra income through exhibiting and selling your work. Read more about that here.

Be consistent

how to get a gallery exhibition

As mentioned before, being persistent is one of the most important things for your art career as a photographer. If you are not able to commit to showing your work at least once a month, then don’t bother trying to get into the studio or gallery. You want to be sure that people will see your artwork, you need to show it to them!

If you feel like you can’t make your exhibition happen, try organizing a free event first. This could be anything from holding an open night at your house to hosting a flash mob in-store. The best way to organize this is by word of mouth – if someone else has done something similar, they’ll let others know about it, and hopefully inspire more people to contribute.

Now, hold another event two weeks later and advertise both events together. People will come because they want to see your work, so why not help them out? By letting other people use your artistic skills, you’re promoting yourself.

Another way to promote your exhibition is through social media. Create a Facebook album, tweet about it, write a blog article – whatever works for you.