As we already discussed, being an artist is more than just putting your heart into creating art. It’s also about exposing your work to as many people as possible so that it can be seen and appreciated.

Running out of space in your home or apartment is totally normal! Most creative types find a way to make room for their craft by getting rid of unneeded materials, decorations, or even giving some away.

And while donating artwork to a museum or gallery is great, you don’t have to donate anything beyond your time to get its value. In this article, I’ll go over all the ways you can showcase your artistic talent and get your work admired and recognized.

You will learn how to:

Use social media to promote your art

Create a smart online portfolio (and update it regularly)

Find free events that feature creative expression

Get exposure through blogs and forums

Influence others with your creations

These are all very simple things you can do to spread the word about your talents and grow your audience.

Be consistent

how to get art displayed in a gallery

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to displaying your art in a gallery. This includes consistency in how you present yourself, how you prepare for an exhibition, and what kind of media or materials you use while exhibiting.

If you are consistently putting effort into your artwork, then people will notice and want to see more of your work!

Artists’ studios often showcase pictures of their latest projects, so why not do the same? Take some time each day to put aside some time to focus on your artistic project, and eventually, you will have enough quality content to show off.

And don’t forget to keep daily notes about your project! Make sure to note down any ideas you may have as well as anything you need for the next stage.

Tell your friends about the gallery

how to get art displayed in a gallery

When you have an art show, one of the first things you should do is tell people about it! You can post about it on social media, put up posters, spread word via email– this all starts with telling someone!

By letting others know, they may be interested in attending or supporting the exhibition for its own sake, but more likely, they’ll share your love of art and/or contribute something new to your collection.

If there are any openings or events related to the exhibit, let other people know so that they can attend if they want to.

Dress the part

how to get art displayed in a gallery

When it comes to displaying your art, you want to make sure that you look like you know what you’re doing! Fortunately, creating aesthetically pleasing framed artwork is pretty easy if you are trained as an artist.

All too often, people start putting together frame and mat materials without first figuring out how to display their work properly. It can get confusing quickly because there are so many different styles!

If you are starting from scratch, here are some things you should be aware of. These tips will help ensure your gallery looks professional and well-designed.

Research the gallery before you visit

how to get art displayed in a gallery

While going into a new exhibition is a wonderful way to spend your time, there are some things that must be made conscious for you to see and enjoy it.

First, research the artist or artists. You want to know what their story is, how they use materials, and if there are any publications or videos about them. The works of art themselves should also look authentic and well done!

Second, make sure the context of the artwork is clear. What era was this piece written in? Was it painted in front of a computer screen or did the artist actually paint it by hand?

Third, find out if the organization hosting the show has an online platform where they offer information and resources. Many have Instagram accounts and YouTube channels which feature more content than just the show!

Last, but not least, bring an open mind. Even if you don’t like all the pieces in the exhibit, take lots of notes and pictures so you can come back later and really study each one.

Let the gallery know you are interested in displaying your work

how to get art displayed in a gallery

Before putting your art up for display, there is one more thing you will need to do – let the curators of the show know that you want your artwork displayed!

Most galleries have an exhibition coordinator or manager who handles all of the logistics of the event. This person typically has their phone number posted online so you can call them directly to make this introduction.

Offer to show your work to the gallery

how to get art displayed in a gallery

When you are dedicated to creating art, it is important to get exposure for your work. Galleries want to include new artists, so they often open their doors to people who share their passion for painting or sculpture.

By offering your own artistic creations as a display, you will give yourself more credibility as an artist. If you’re looking to increase your creative confidence, this is an excellent way to do so!

Trying out your skills by making your own artwork is a great way to start. By doing so, you can focus on how you organize colors and shapes, not just what materials you use.

Some easy ways to learn about displaying your artwork includes having friend or family members that are professional artists. You can ask them if there are any resources available to help you improve your style, or even if they could be willing to talk with you about it.

Charge your devices

how to get art displayed in a gallery

Even though you probably already have an art gallery app on your phone, it is important to realize that most of these apps require you to use their free or paid platform through their website or mobile app.

Most large museums will ask for a fee to display their work so remember to check out the costs before creating an account!

Some may even take up to two years to approve your exhibition ideas so make sure to budget time accordingly.

This can be tricky since some must be approved months in advance but you’ll need this to develop more creative ideas.

Communicate with the gallery members

how to get art displayed in a gallery

As mentioned earlier, showing your work is the most important part of getting it displayed. But before you even approach a venue to show your art, you must first communicate with other artists about how they organize their displays.

By talking to people in the art community, you will know what types of galleries exist, what services they offer, and whether or not they are looking for new pieces.

This way, you can choose to apply to only those that fit you, or use all opportunities available to you!

And don’t forget to keep yourself open for possible collaborations as well! Many artist look through each others work to find inspiration or learn new techniques.