Taking great pictures is really like any other creative skill. You have to practice, keep practicing, and learn from your mistakes!

There are many ways to get new photos into a gallery, but most of them require you to use Photoshop or another similar photo editing software. This can be tricky for some people who have never used it before.

If you’re one of these people, don’t worry! In this article, I will go over several different free online tools that do not require photoshop access. These tools can easily take care of putting all of your images into one beautiful album or slideshow.

I will also include some tips and tricks as well as important notes so that you know what to look out for while using each tool.

Put your photos in order of importance

how to get photos in a gallery

The second way to organize all of your pictures is by organizing them according to how important they are to you.

If you’re ever looking to get rid of some pictures, can easily remove ones that are not very important to you, then re-arrange the rest of the pictures so that the most significant ones come first.

This will make it easier to find a place for them. For example, if you have a picture of yourself with friends, putting that photo before work or school pictures would be smart.

It may take a little time at first to do this, but eventually you will figure out which pictures mean the most to you and you will get better at knowing what kind of pictures to put where.

Use the quick fix button

how to get photos in a gallery

There is an easy way to get rid of all of these error messages with little-to-no effort. The hard truth is that Google takes time away from developing their own apps to creating a better experience for you as a user by offering the app store!

Most of us have at least one photo stuck in a gallery or collection program we use. It’s probably there because we accidentally pressed the “add to album” or “save to computer” button instead of going into camera mode. Or, it could be due to moving onto another website quickly without taking time to manually remove each item.

Whatever the reason, those unwanted photos can easily be removed using the quick fix option. You will need to do this before importing new images or else your pictures will not organize properly.

Use a photo editing program

how to get photos in a gallery

In this article, we’ll be talking about an easy way to organize all of your pictures into albums and galleries.

There are several good free and paid picture organizing software that can help you manage and access your photos easily.

Most have features such as creating new groups or collections, adding photos to these groups, moving around and copying files. Some even allow you to upload videos!

We will focus on one type of organization here- how to get photos in a gallery. This is where you choose which album should receive newly uploaded images and what name those albums use.

You can also create custom lists using the same tool, which then give you the option to add those apps to make it easier to find each album. These could be via search or by looking at all of the app’s functions.

Use a software program that lets you edit your photos

how to get photos in a gallery

Having a nice collection of pictures is very important, but having a good picture editing app can be tricky! Most big brands have an application or two that are widely used, so choosing one of their apps may help you find the right pictures faster.

There are many applications that let you organize and edit all types of files, not just photo albums. These include simple image viewers, light editing tools such as red eye fixers and contrast/brightness adjustments, and more advanced features like color correction and video recording.

Some of the most popular file organizing apps are Gimp, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Picasa. Each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and what functions you need often depend on what type of edits you want to make.

Google’s free Google Photo is a great option if you don’t have any other apps yet. It doesn’t offer too much beyond basic editing, but it does give you space to save and share up to 32 GB of images easily.

Use different lighting

how to get photos in a gallery

A good way to begin is by using your computer’s editing tools to lighten up, brighten up or darken down already have photos you love. You can then use one of those pictures as a source image for creating new photos with similar styles!

Another way to start is to take more organized trips outside so that you are not confined to the park next door. Take longer walks at night, or during early morning and late afternoon hours when there are less people around.

You will also need to be careful how much exposure time your camera has before it needs to be shut off. This depends on what mode you used to take the photo, but general rule of thumb is faster modes like action require shorter exposures while still images require longer ones.

And don’t forget about backlit situations; these occur when part of the photo is blocked by something (like a tree) and the sun is directly behind it, making the other parts of the picture very dark. Backlighting creates interesting effects and pretty kaleidoscopic shades.

Use different backgrounds

how to get photos in a gallery

Choosing your gallery background is an integral part of designing your new album!

You can use various styles, textures, colors, and shapes for your cover photo or individual photos within the album.

By using several different backgrounds, it creates a nice flow and eye-wash effect. Your audience will enjoy looking at all of the beautiful features you included in the album!

There are many free picture resources and apps that allow you to create your own covers, headers, and thumbnails.

These can be modified and rebranded as needed so they do not cost anything!

General tips: if you are having trouble choosing which style looks best, take your time and try changing around what you have already with little changes.

Do not feel obligated to include everything in the world in your album! Keep it natural and organized to look better.

Make your photos brighter

how to get photos in a gallery

The color of most pictures is not very interesting, which is why they look so bland! Most people take their pictures during autumn or winter months, when the weather is mostly gray or white. If you are taking sports pictures, then going outside with a good camera that has fast autofocus may help you get those beautiful action shots.

If you love nature, then spring and fall are great times to take some pictures. Or if you like still life photography, then picking up random objects and putting them together creates an interesting picture. When editing your pictures, try adjusting the hue, saturation, and intensity (aka brightness) to make them more striking.

This will depend on what type of photo you want to edit. For example, if you wanted to brighten up a dark picture, then decrease the intensity is best. To reduce red tones, lower the hue and increase the intensity is better. To remove green shades, decrease the hue and increase the intensity. This way your image does not feel garish.

General tips: use a tripod to prevent blurry images, keep yourself from moving while photograping, and remember to be engaging! Your audience can sense time passing and this will influence how interested they are in the photograph.

Use a big photo editing program

how to get photos in a gallery

A very common way to organize pictures is by using an app that allows you to add photos into specific groups or categories. These apps typically have a feature where you can choose which type of group or category each new image should be added to.

Some examples of this are Grouper, Allergen-free, Food, Travel, and Kids. Once your picture fits one of these, you can move onto organizing other images!

These organization tools cost around $10 per month (which is about half a price of most paid smartphone plans) but they are totally worth it. Not only will it save you time in the long run, but you will also get more done as you’ll have less looking for pictures taking up your time.