Running your own gallery is an incredible way to show off your artistic talents and showcase what you have been creating for years! With the right set up, it can be very popular too. Having your work displayed is a great way to gain exposure and credibility for your art.

Running your own exhibition takes time and effort to get ready, but it is totally worth it. You will need to make sure everything is properly prepared before showing your paintings at the event. This includes buying enough space at the venue, finding appropriate walls or panels to display them on, and ensuring that everyone involved has done their part.

At the end of the day, running your own exhibition is mostly about sharing your creative spirit with others and having fun doing so.

Contact the owner of the gallery

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

After you determine if there are any openings or exhibitions that focus on your style, what mediums you use, and whether you have already been featured, then it is time to contact the owners of those galleries!

Many art museums and organizations hold an exhibition every year where new artists can show their work to the public for critique. These shows usually take place during off-season months, so May through September would be a good time to apply as an artist.

Artists get really helpful feedback by meeting with other artists in the field, getting suggestions for how to improve their craft, and learning more about how to market themselves. For some people, it’s just the fact that they feel motivated when they look at someone else’s work.

By reaching out to these experts in the field, not only will you gain knowledge, but also connections that could help you grow as an artist.

Provide your website and social media profiles

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

If you are trying to get your work exhibited, then it is time to update your online presence!
Having an active Instagram account is a great way to expose yourself to new audiences. You can pick up followers, start conversations, and create some buzz around your artwork.

Your audience will also be able to see all of your art and materials as well as comments and reviews you have posted about your craft.

If you already have an Etsy or Amazon store, make sure to include links to those accounts where people can find out more information about you and your products.
You should also include links to your studio space, blogs, and other websites and forums that discuss your medium.

Offer to pay a fee

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

Even if you are not rich, offering to cover the costs of an exhibition is always a good way to get your work into a gallery. This can be done as a pro-bono show or through sponsored shows where you receive payment for your artwork.

Most art galleries hold open calls every few months when they invite artists to apply to exhibit. These applications usually require that you list all the locations where your work can be seen and some form of media (paintings, sculptures, etc.) that represent you as an artist.

Your application should include links to your social media sites, examples of work, and anything else that supports who you are as an artist.

Appeal to their sense of generosity

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

A gallery is an open space where artists display their work for the public to admire and/or buy it. As an artist, your talent should be displayed to as many people as possible!

Gaining exposure through a gallery is one of the most effective ways to get your artwork seen by more people. By appealing to their sense of generosity, you’ll win them over and eventually showcase your art somewhere else.

By creating and exhibiting your own work, you’re already putting yourself out there. But if you want bigger opportunities, then starting your own exhibition isn’t too difficult or expensive.

You can create your exhibit anywhere – even your house! All you need are some plain white canvas sheets, paper, pens, markers and anything you desire to include (such as pictures) within the boundaries of the rules set forth by your local authorities.

Ask for samples of your work

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

A very popular way to get your artwork published is to ask artists or art collectors to show an interest in you by offering your work as a piece for exhibition.

Artists are usually happy to share their collection, so don’t be shy! Many museums will allow you to take some pieces home for later study, which is always helpful.

If you’re still skeptical about whether or not this works, then just spend time looking through pictures and studying paintings, try reading up on famous painters, and thinking about what you want to do next.

Prepare your work

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

Before you even approach an art gallery with your work, you have to make sure it is ready! This means ensuring that your media is stable, editing and enhancing photos, and preparing your space for showing off your pieces.

If you are looking to show your landscapes or still life photographs, then quality photo equipment must be used. Make sure to research good settings before investing in new gear.

For conceptual photography or artistic images, additional materials can be needed to describe the image. These include posters, magazines, or anything else related to the concept of the photograph.

When exhibiting large paintings or sculptures, buying a frame is the best way to go. There should be an adequate amount of room around the piece to display it properly.

Art galleries will ask if you are affiliated with any arts organizations so they can connect you with others in your field.

Arrange the exhibition

Now that you have your work, it’s time to think about where to show it! The first thing is to decide if you want to hold an open-view or close-view event.

An open view event means there will be a space at the exhibition venue that can accommodate your display. This is usually through having a wall of glass or a large window looking into the room.

Alternatively, for a closer engagement with the audience, we suggest holding a closed-view event where people must come up to your exhibit to see all of it. This may not be suitable for some works that are displayed as art pieces, but rather promotional tools for a business or product.

You should also consider how much space you have available at your own home or studio. If you do not have enough room to set up your work then thinking about hosting it elsewhere is best.

Lastly, make sure the location you choose is safe and comfortable for both you and attendees. Some places might not be appropriate for certain types of artwork or nudity.

Tell your friends about it

how to get your work exhibited in a gallery

Running an art gallery doesn’t just happen by having a bunch of artistic people who like you, showing up at the right places at the right time. It takes effort to get work into the exhibition space.

Starting with telling your close friends and family members that you want to have an art show, then spending time talking to them about how they can be involved as contributors or attendees, is one of the first things needed to start promoting your event.

Once you have their support, tell other people! Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful way to spread information. Talk to your colleagues and anyone around you to see if they know any artists or potential audience members. You would probably surprised how many people do!

By letting others know what you are doing, they will help promote it for you. People are usually willing to share knowledge and/or resources so don’t hesitate to ask for theirs!

If someone you talk to happens to know of an organization that could use some new artwork, invite them along – and maybe even pay their bill! Or better yet, contribute something yourself and let them praise you for it.